New York Times Reporter’s Biased Temple Mount Piece Latest in History of Misinformation

In anticipation of the concurrence of the upcoming Jewish holiday of Passover and the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, as escalating tensions could possibly spill over into further violence, the New York Times’ Palestinian affairs correspondent, Raja Abdulrahim, recently published a piece on the fears of the Muslim artisans who renovate the Muslim shrines on […]

Hollywood-Style ‘Documentary’ Invites Sympathy for Paranoid Palestinian Terrorists

Imagine a scenario in which a global news organization released a slick movie trailer that glorified a murderous terror group like ISIS, for example.  Picture the outrage as viewers were invited to sympathize with balaclava-clad militants as they sharpened their blades before executing a weeping hostage crouched before them in an orange jumpsuit. Unfortunately, one […]

Whitewashing Terror, The Guardian Lumps Together Palestinian Murderers and Their Victims

The demise of Al Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh during an Israeli counterterrorism raid in the West Bank city of Jenin has been the subject of disproportionate scrutiny by the media, with countless outlets producing one-sided “investigations” into the events of May 11, 2022. Some ten months after the fact, The Guardian opted to join the chorus against the Jewish state, publishing a […]

Ken Roth & Peter Beinart Gaslight Jewish Community With Antisemitism Tweets

In two separate tweets, Ken Roth and Peter Beinart, both known for their animus toward the Jewish state, addressed the noticeable rise in antisemitic incidents in the United States and around the world.  Both public personalities, however, used their popular social media platforms to gaslight the Jewish community and belittle its concerns about the increase […]

VICE ‘Investigation’ Alleges Conspiracy to Cover Up Palestinian Rioter’s Death — But Fails to Prove Anything

Almost a year after skirmishes on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem ended with one Palestinian rioter critically injured under disputed circumstances, VICE News continues to demonize the Jewish state over what experts familiar with the case believe was a medical emergency unrelated to Israeli police actions. In a 43-minute documentary that aired on March 18, 2023, […]

Associated Press On Palestinian Terror Wave: ‘Many Settlers Carry Guns’

In an article about Palestinian terrorist attacks, which have repeatedly targeted Israeli drivers on the highway crossing the West Bank town of Hawara in recent weeks, the Associated Press inserts a claim that could be perceived as an underhanded jab at some of the terror victims: Hawara lies on a busy road in the northern part of […]

New York Times Publishes Creepily Compassionate Piece About Genocidal Iranian Regime

A recent New York Times article opens with what could almost be described as a lamentation inviting sympathy from readers:  For years, Iran’s standing as a Mideast power has been battered on a number of fronts.” Detailing these power-diminishing forces, journalists Farnaz Fassihi and Vivian Yee refer to Israel’s fostering of new relationships with Arab […]

Obstacle to Peace? Palestinian Authority Approves ‘Terrorists-only’ Settlement

Israeli communities in the West Bank are, perhaps, one of the media’s favorite talking points. In the first quarter of 2023 alone, 18 top-tier news websites produced over 500 articles that raised the issue, blaming much of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict almost solely on Jewish settlers and settlements. However, as a result of this incessant fixation […]

A Year of Palestinian Violence: The Numbers Behind the Headlines

This March marks one year since the beginning of the current wave of anti-Israeli violence and terrorism that has claimed the lives of 45 Israeli citizens and residents of the Jewish state and has wounded scores of others. While the international media have reported on major instances of Palestinian terrorism, the vast majority of violent […]