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Those who lead God’s people are often have a mix of God
speaking to them about some assignment and other leaders in the community
selecting them. It is rare that God would call someone to leadership and not
affirm it in the heart of others. God often will speak to those who lead about
who to call into their sphere of spiritual work.

Numbers 27:

18 And The
Lord Said To Moses: “Take Joshua The Son Of Nun With You, A Man In Whom Is
The Spirit, And Lay Your Hand On Him; 19 Set Him Before Eleazar
The Priest And Before All The Congregation And Inaugurate Him In
Their Sight. 20 And You Shall Give Some Of Your
Authority To Him, That All The Congregation Of The Children Of Israel May Be



Did you catch that? Authority is shared with the
appropriately called individuals. In case you think it’s simply a case of being
in the right circles or knowing the right person to get you in, consider the
case of Saul of Tarsus. Later he would be known as the Apostle Paul.


He was the early church’s enemy and was on a mission to
persecute the Christians. Jesus appeared to him in a vision that left him
physically blind. God then called upon a Christian named Ananias to come lay
hands-on Saul to heal his blindness. After his conversion to Jesus, Saul went
away and studied. When he came back, Barnabas brought Saul to the other
apostles in Jerusalem. After hearing him out, they laid hands on him and
commissioned him to be the apostle to the Gentiles.


The spiritual authority of God’s servants usually depends on
God’s call and the church’s affirmation. Years later, we see Paul mentoring a
young pastor named Timothy. In one part of his letters to Timothy he talks
about the character of someone who is chosen to be a pastor.

1 Timothy 3:

This Is A
Faithful Saying: If A Man Desires The Position Of A Bishop, He Desires A Good
Work. A Bishop Then Must Be Blameless, The Husband Of One
Wife, Temperate, Sober-Minded, Of Good Behavior, Hospitable, Able To Teach; Not
Given To Wine, Not Violent, Not Greedy For Money, But Gentle, Not Quarrelsome,
Not Covetous; One Who Rules His Own House Well, Having His
Children In Submission With All Reverence (For If A Man Does
Not Know How To Rule His Own House, How Will He Take Care Of The Church Of
God?); Not A Novice, Lest Being Puffed Up With Pride He Fall
Into The Same Condemnation As The Devil. Moreover He
Must Have A Good Testimony Among Those Who Are Outside, Lest He Fall Into
Reproach And The Snare Of The Devil.



If the character and integrity are key components to
selecting leaders, there is a developmental side of seeing the potential before
the maturity. Sometimes those who are inexperienced at leading need to be
encouraged and reminded of their calling and mentored in the finer details of
their own spiritual formation.



1 Timothy 4:

12 Let
No One Despise Your Youth, But Be An Example To The Believers In Word, In
Conduct, In Love, In Spirit, In Faith, In Purity. 13 Till I
Come, Give Attention To Reading, To Exhortation, To Doctrine. 14 Do
Not Neglect The Gift That Is In You, Which Was Given To You By Prophecy With
The Laying On Of The Hands Of The Eldership. 15 Meditate On
These Things; Give Yourself Entirely To Them, That Your Progress May Be Evident
To All. 16 Take Heed To Yourself And To The Doctrine. Continue
In Them, For In Doing This You Will Save Both Yourself And Those Who Hear You.



The laying on of hands for leadership is not the same as
being selected as the perfect blood sacrifice, but it is an affirmation of
suitability to be on display as a living sacrifice of worship to God. The
sacrificial leader is not affirmed once, but continually as their progress of
spirit becomes evident.


We are disappointed when someone in leadership is overtaken
by pride, power and lust and falls in humiliation. This is why the heart of a
leader needs to be continually nurtured and mentored in the way of Jesus. It
may be that we have sometimes authorized people more on their giftedness and
attractive qualities, than on the pure hearted potential to be like Jesus in
all their ways.


1 Timothy 5:

21 I
Charge You Before God And The Lord Jesus Christ And The Elect Angels
That You Observe These Things Without Prejudice, Doing Nothing With Partiality.
22 Do Not Lay Hands On Anyone Hastily, Nor Share In Other
People’s Sins; Keep Yourself Pure.


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