Letters For My Sons

When my boys were young, I thought I would write letters to them as they were growing up. My idea was that I wanted to leave a legacy of sorts – a catalogue of my thoughts about them and about what God was doing in their lives as they grew up.

My deepest regret is that I did not pursue this more faithfully. In the busyness of life, I failed to follow through on this project.

Recently one of my boys – Wesley – asked if I was still writing these letters. I explained how it fell through the cracks of the business of my life and he asked me to continue the practice. So now, in my later years, I decided to follow through on this intention. I want to redeem the days that I have left by leaving as much of my heart for my sons in writing so they have a way to continue to know me better going forward.

Michael, Wesley, Nathan and William: this is for you – because you know who you are.

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