Where Can I Get Ivermectin

A common item on the mind of the health-conscious consumer who is in the know on all treatments Covid is Ivermectin. There are multitudes of studies and health care professionals that attest to the effectiveness of Ivermectin in treating Covid. The question on everyone’s mind, though, is “where can I

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The Amazing Benefits Of Chlorine Dioxide Therapy

Chlorine dioxide therapy recently came across my radar as a potential treatment for all kinds of health issues. I’ve written elsewhere of the benefits of vitamin C, selenium and magnesium chloride as an “antidote” of sorts to the Covid mRNA vaccines. And many of my readers are already aware of

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NIH Article Condemns The Campaign For mRNA Vaccines As Worst Medical Disaster Ever In Vaccines.

National Institute of Health Article condemns the propaganda war that falsely promoted safety and efficacy of the mRNA vaccines. In one of the most damning articles I have yet seen to date, retired neurosurgeon R. L. Blaylock ripped into Pfizer, Moderna, the CDC and the NIH among others, voicing concern

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Are The COVID19 Magnetic Jabs Claims Real?

Published on June 5, 2021 Inspired by an article by John O’Sullivan in “Principia Scientifica.” I’ve seen several videos lately that purport to show that people are holding magnets up to their Covid vaccines and the magnets are sticking to them. The question is, is there a magnetic attraction in Covid

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My Response To A Critic Regarding Dr. Bryan Ardis

People like Dr. Bryan Ardis are a lightening rod when discussing Covid. I get the controversy. He is, after all, not a “real doctor,” depending on your perspective. He’s “only” a chiropractor. So what does he know about immunology. Right? I appreciate my critics, too. Even if they don’t know

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Is there a better way to dental care

The Covid Response Should Make You Think Twice About Your Teeth

Anyone who has been paying attention to the "big Pharma" response to Covid should realize that some of the people we trusted just maybe shouldn't be trusted. So now, many of us have a newfound healthy skepticism about western medicine and how they deal with symptoms rather than root causes.

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