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Health Experts Admit Outdoor Mask Wearing Is Ridiculous

Smart people have always known masks don't do much. And outside, they don't do anything.From an article at NOQ, at a glance:According to an expert on viral transmission mechanics, brief outdoor encounters present a “very low risk” for transmission of COVID-19. Viral particles quickly disperse in outdoor air, so the [...]


As Many People Have Died From The Covid 19 Vaccines As From All Vaccines In The Last 20 Years Combined

I firmly believe the numbers have reached the point where we now have as many people who have died from the vaccines as have died from covid.That is my personal opinion. But it's not without merit. I don't believe it is.Dr. McCollough is a world-renowned cardiologist and virologist. He has [...]


Aloe Vera – Effects on Blood Glucose and Benefits

Aloe Vera for blood sugar management? According to an article in Principia Scientifica, there are a number of studies that show Aloe Vera is good for managing blood glucose levels. From the article: In a 1999 study, researchers indicated that oral aloe vera “might be a useful adjunct for lowering [...]


NAD Helps Restore Age-Related Muscle Loss

NAD+ can help restore muscle loss due to agingWe all know we need to exercise. But we don't always do what we need to do,The problem is that if you don't, you have an increased risk of developing a debilitating condition called sarcopenia. That is muscle loss that comes with [...]


Fascism And Our Milk Supply

When government employees become lobbyists and visa versa, we all suffer. [...]


A Supplement To Minimize Spike Proteins And Effects Of Shedding

In another post I wrote about how to protect yourself from the spike protein, I wrote about a protocol that Dr Bryan Ardis had developed to prep your body if you were going to have to get the dreaded shot. That post generated a lot of attention.But now that most [...]


Lancet Publishes Paper Showing 3 Out Of Five Deaths From Vax And Then Withdraws The Paper

Dr. Joseph Mercola had a recent article[1] about another switcheroo just pulled by "The Lancet." They published a paper (preprint, which I will explain briefly) and then, in a flash, withdrew it from publication. You have to wonder if it was anything other than political pressure from Big Pharma.The summary, [...]


BMI Is Not The Best Indicator Of Health

I wasn't aware of debate in the health community about measuring body mass (BMI) and how it is being used as a reliable indicator of a person's health. While it has been used that way for over a hundred years, it seems to miss much, such as frame size or [...]


The Amazing Health Benefits Of Chlorine Dioxide Therapy

A hard look at the benefits of Chlorine Dioxide therapy - from the "establishment" perspective and that of the alternative health care community.Chlorine dioxide therapy recently came across my radar as a potential treatment for all kinds of health issues.I've written elsewhere of the benefits of vitamin C, selenium and [...]


How To Protect Yourself From Vaccinated People (And From The Vaccine)

Dr Bryan Ardis On How to Counteract the COVID Spike Protein and How To Protect Yourself From Vaccine SheddingPlease Note:This post has become pretty popular, and for good reason. But I have to say it's a bit "outdated," because it was written primarily for those "prepping" because they knew they [...]


Why Costco (And Other) Rotisserie Chicken Might Not Be Good For You

This is another example of the high price of "low-cost" commercial farming.In a recent article, Dr. Mercola discussed the problems with rotisserie chicken from Costco.Although he discusses Costco's rotisserie chicken specifically, I would not be surprised if the problem may be common to many, if not most of similar products [...]


Dr Scott Jensen: Medical Journal Articles About Covid Are Disappearing And No One Is Talking About it

Dr. Scott Jensen says medical journal articles are disappearing, and no one is talking about it.It should come as no surprise that there are some nefarious things happening with regard to the ugly history of the failed Covid vaccine program.Now that it's off the radar, because Covid seems to have [...]

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