Islam, Special Interests, And The End-Run Around The Church

Islam and Special Interest Groups

I wouldn’t say that it’s a partnership, to be sure. At their core beliefs, if these groups (the groups like gay rights groups, black lives matter, etc. and hardline believers Islam) were to compare notes, the former groups would be killed by the latter group if the tables were turned and the same players were … Read more

Are The Coronavirus Fears Justified By The Numbers?

Is the Coronavirus the apocalypse or a big nothing burger? Are the Coronavirus fears that are being propagated in the mainstream media justified by the numbers coming back from the test results? Depending on how you read the results, (or, more likely, depending on who you listen that is interpreting them, since most people never really … Read more

Did The World Health Organization Change The Definition Of Herd Immunity?

If you’ve read my posts here much before, you’ll know that I’ve documented elsewhere on this site their ties at the top with Communist ideology. And it is frightening where that could go. But I’ve seen many posts lately on some of my more favoured sites out there, asking the question, “did WHO change the … Read more

What Kind Of Muslims Are We Importing Into The West, Anyway?

What Kind Of Refugees Are We Bringing In

There has been a massive migration, of late, of Muslims into countries in the west; particularly now, in large part, because of the crisis of war-torn Syria. In 2010, Europe had a Muslim population of about 13 million people. Now, according to Pew Research, it’s over 20 million. There is a similar phenomenon of an increased … Read more

How Communist China Has Infiltrated The World Health Organization

If you’ve been a fan of the site for any length of time, you’re probably up on a lot of the stuff going on these days with the whole Covid-19 mess. But the reasons why the world has gotten into this whole global financial meltdown over something that really shouldn’t have gone this way are … Read more

Are Coronavirus Patients Being Murdered in New York City?

Nurse Practitioner speaks out about why the death rate is so high in New York City Hospitals

Are Covid-19 patients being “murdered” in NYC hospitals during this crisis?If you run a blog long enough, or even if you’re just someone who digs long and hard about certain things, you become a lightning rod for getting stuff sent to you from your “fans.” And I got one of those “things” sent to me … Read more

The Questions About Covid-19 No One Is Asking

There are a number of questions no on seems to be asking about Covid-19.Our news stations and websites are bombarded for weeks now about the coronavirus – the number of confirmed cases; the number who have died. We hear reports of people on ventilators and see recycled pictures in the news about ICUs overflowing with patients … Read more