Good News For Sexual Minorities


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NOTE: THIS ARTICLE is a reprint from the blog of reverend Kevin Rogers of New Song Church in Windsor, Ontario and is reproduced here for your convenience. You can visit the his blog called "The Orphan Age" HERE.


If you belong to any type of minority group, you may see
yourself as an outsider or as an elite. You can wrap yourself in shame or you
can wrap yourself in pride. But neither of these wrappings clothe you


A life surrendered to God is wrapped in the healing garment
of God’s love. The virtue that we put on in the morning is the robe of Jesus.
He was stripped of his robe when he was crucified, and it is mysteriously
wrapped around sinners that come home to God.


The prodigal is given a new robe and welcomed back into the
family with forgiveness and reconciliation. Like the prodigal son, a
sober-minded disciple of Jesus returns from his ruination with an apology and a
self-judgment of unworthiness.


But how does the Father respond to the returnee? How does
God treat the child who makes their way back home after experiencing the fruit
of their rebellion? He runs to us and clothes us with affection. He celebrates
that we are alive again.



Isaiah 56:

an outsider wants to follow the Lord.
    Then that person shouldn’t say,
    “The Lord won’t accept me as one of his people.”
And a eunuch shouldn’t say,
    “I’m like a dry tree
    that doesn’t bear any fruit.”

Lord says,

“Suppose some eunuchs
keep my Sabbath days.
    They choose to do what pleases me.
    And they are faithful in keeping my covenant.
Then I will set up a monument in the area of my temple.
    Their names will be written on it.
    That will be better for them than having sons and
The names of the eunuchs will be remembered forever.
    They will never be forgotten.

outsiders want to follow me

serve me.

They want to love me
worship me.

They keep the Sabbath day and do not misuse it.
they are faithful in keeping my covenant.

Then I will bring them to my holy mountain
of Zion.

will give them joy in my house.

They can pray there.
    I will
accept their burnt offerings and sacrifices on my altar.

My house will be called
house where people from all nations can pray.”

The Lord and King
will gather

who were taken away from their homes in Israel.

He announces, “I will gather them to myself.
I will gather others to join them.”



Can we see ourselves in the eunuch that
wants to please God? Can we see the love that the Father has for the outsider
and the minority? God proclaims a place in His House for every child to be
loved and remembered.


Let your Kingdom come, and your will be
done on earth as it is in Heaven. Every sin is forgiven in the Father’s House
when the prodigal comes home with a humble heart and wants to be restored.

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