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Rebel News

Ezra Levant is the founder of this site. The site specializes in coverage of Canadian events (though not exclusive to it). I believe he is a Jewish guy. Some good stuff. For instance, they brought up the now very real issue of “Covid internment camps” in Canada in October of 2020.

Rebel News is sometimes accused of being a little bit sensational. And some of their reporting seems like it could be branded that way. But they bring up a LOT of stuff that just doesn’t get covered elsewhere.

Overall, it’s pretty good.

How Bad Is My Batch?

You might find this site helpful. It seems a bit scattered (but then, so is mine… still and always in development).

But the byline on this site is “Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines.” And I believe they have a multitude of resources regarding the theory (perhaps quite strongly supported) that some vax batches are more dangerous than others.

In addition, they have a multitude of entries including videos with discussion about this issue.


If you’ve been following the mRNA and viral vector vaccine wars of the last couple years, you’re also likely to know about the VAERS database. VAERS is the CDC database for keeping record of adverse events and reactions to vaccines. But there is a huge concern about suppressed reports and denial of many reports as being “legitimate,” according to the CDC.

By comparison “OpenVAERS is a private organization that posts publicly available CDC/FDA data of injuries reported post-vaccination. Reports are not proof of causality.

In case you’re wondering who is behind the site, they say this:

OpenVAERS is a project developed by a small team of people with vaccine injuries or who have children with vaccine injuries. We do not accept donations or solicit fees. There is zero monetization of this site. It is purely created in order to help others browse the VAERS records and to identify the reported signals that may otherwise get missed.

Who is behind OpenVAERS?

Read it. And weep.

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