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Alternative News

Great Reject: Alternative news source. Looks heavier on politics, right leaning.

Rebel News: Ezra Levant is the founder of this site. Rebel News is sometimes accused of being a little bit sensational. And some of their reporting seems like it could be branded that way. But they bring up a LOT of stuff that just doesn't get covered elsewhere.

SGT Report: Sean from SGT Report has a wide ranging audience and many guests in the alternative universe. His guests vary in quality. But worth a listen. He's big on uncovering the Covid scams, government corruption and the like. He is a brother in Christ and I think he has a heart for God and truth. Worth checking out.

Quite Frankly: This guy has quite a following and is a firm believer in Jesus and the need for the church to influence the culture. He is an occasional guest on SGT Report. Check it out.


Every Home For Christ: The web home of Francis Frangipane, author of "The Three Battlegrounds." Wonderful brother in Christ with a depth of insight and a love for Jesus.

Covid Resources

How Bad Is My Batch? You might find this site helpful. It seems a bit scattered (but then, so is mine... still and always in development). "Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines." Plus a multitude of resources regarding the theory that some vax batches are more dangerous than others.

Open VAERS: If you've been following the mRNA and viral vector vaccine wars of the last couple years, you're also likely to know about the VAERS database. VAERS is the CDC database for keeping record of adverse events and reactions to vaccines. By comparison "OpenVAERS is a private organization that posts publicly available CDC/FDA data of injuries reported post-vaccination. Reports are not proof of causality."

Interesting Statistics

This is a general listing of sites that post statistics that are informative and worth a look.

Transparency International is a site dedicated to openness and honesty in reporting. Not sure of their bias on issues like race/gender, but worth a look. For instance, here is a page that shows where countries rank in the world regarding how transparent they look regarding their own internal affairs. (Very damning for the west, I might add.) For what it's worth, they seemed to be a little "anti-Trump," but from what I could see, complaints they had about him might have been warranted, and I didn't find anything there about the "Russia, Russia, Russia" stuff.

Educational Resources

Prager U

Dennis Prager is a Jewish man and a great thinker. Along with his talk show, he does a lot of writing and speaking. This guy and his site have been put on some "watch lists" for "right wing extremism." And it's no wonder, with the current Biden administration. They seem to be weaponizing the department of justice to go after anyone who disagrees with their coverups and one-world agenda. Some great training resources. Check it out.

Hillsdale College

This is a conservative Christian college, heavy in a good emphasis in the founding fathers and the history of the United States and its constitution. They offer free online courses, worth their weight in gold. Worth a look.

Political Resources

Freedom Watch USA

These guys have been pushing to take the government back from the "USA corportation" and put it back in the hands of the people. They may be onto something. I just don't know how they can get it to work.

Citizen's courts seem to be making some headway in recent years, and if they can make this work, there may yet be justice in the land. They are "trying" Fauci for his knowing cooperation in the killing of millions with the Covid vaccines. I'm just not sure how they can enforce a conviction.

But if they do, go in God's name.

Check it out.

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