The Bible As Revelation From God

A unified worldview recognizes the bible as revelation from God


The Bible Is A Reliable Revelation Of God's Nature And Character

Part of the problem with humans is that they do not learn from their history and their mistakes. And one of the problems I see so often, especially in this "information overload" society in which we live, is a great misconception about what the bible is and whether or not we can trust it to be "God's word."

The church has historically held the bible to be "the word of God."

In case you didn't know it, there have been many people throughout the centuries who fought (to a sometimes slow and painful death) to maintain a clear message that the bible is true and that it proclaims Jesus is Lord.

From the early church days, when almost all of the apostles were eventually martyred for their faith in Jesus, through the middle ages where men were tortured and killed for declaring the bible to be true, it was preserved at great cost.

People in the church went to great lengths to preserve this revelation from God.

If you want to question why certain books, like "The Book Of Enoch" or "The Epistle Of Peter" or "The Gospel of Thomas" are not part of the bible we have today, its understandable that you'll want to ask those questions.

But when you do, do not underestimate people's motives for why they do what they do as a testimony to the importance of what they did.

No one willingly dies for a lie without some greater motivation for being willing to give up their life.

Believers in Jesus throughout the ages have been willing to maintain the integrity of the bible to the point of being willing to die to make sure that the book did not.

There are countless saints throughout history who have been tortured and killed even for attempts to publish contemporary translations for the people of their generations.

The bible is made up of different kinds of writings from a broad stretch of history.

Church councils throughout history have met to determine what God had already revealed to be true about this collection of writings we call the bible.

The council of NIcea didn't meet to "add and take away" books from the canon. They met to commit in a decree what they believed the church had always said about the canon.

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