Part 1


The Problem

Chapter 1 – The Problem

This issue of understanding God’s sovereignty and man’s accountability in the process of some coming to salvation in Christ is not an easy one, when you dig down deep. But this chapter takes a look at the history of this problem in the church to set up the following chapters.

Chapter 2 – Calvinism As A Calvinist

A quick look at what the Calvinist believes about God’s sovereignty and how He chooses some to come to a saving faith in Christ

Chapter 3 – Arminianism As An Arminianist

A quick look at what the Arminian believes about man’s responsibility to respond to God’s call to salvation.

Chapter 4 – The Real Problem

A look at the passions that run deep on both sides of this debate, and a deeper look at what seems to be at the heart and soul of why this is such a difficult issue to process when you look at it from more of a passionate perspective (rather than just an academic one).

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