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Big Pharma Should Make You Think Twice About Your Dental Care

Anyone who has been paying attention to the "big Pharma" response to Covid should realize that some of the people we trusted just maybe shouldn't be trusted. So now, many of us have a newfound healthy skepticism about western medicine and how they deal with symptoms rather than root causes. But what about your oral care? Can you trust the dental profession?

Think about it. If big bucks drives big Pharma in medical treatment, then ask yourself: do big bucks drive dental treatment too? Is there a better way?

We all have areas in our life where we don't always think consistently. I've long ago recognized that I'm a fan of natural medicine and have a real hesitancy to western medicine and pharmaceuticals.

But I recently came across something that made me realize I've been trusting the dental profession all my life. And I shouldn't be trusting them at face value.

Think Flouride is good for you? Think again. It's not even all that good for your teeth.

We have accepted that gum disease and tooth decay are inevitable. But are they really?

I've never been on any kind of prescription on any regular basis in my life. I'm sure part of that is good genetics. But it's also because if I've become aware of a health issue I'm dealing with, I've always QUICKLY looked for a natural way to deal with the issues.

When I was made aware that I was showing slow kidney function, I found natural remedies that fixed it and found out what was necessary to make it better.

But until recently, I always just assumed (dopey me?) that the way my dentist explained what was going on in my mouth was the whole story. I accepted the idea that gum recession was inevitable and that tooth decay was inevitable for the same reason.

Then I discovered that there is a whole world out there that sees it differently.

Why is it they've discovered many full skulls from thousands of years ago with perfect teeth? Why didn't they lose their teeth?

Is there a natural approach to dental health

Over at "RooNinja," (a newer site for older, savvy people) I saw a link to a  video presentation recently from a doctor by the name of Drew Sutton. It's a real eye-opener.

He's not a dentist. He is an "autolaryngologist." That is, he is a "head and neck" surgeon. In that video, he gives quite an education regarding teeth and tooth decay.

But in the course of doing research for a personal friend and this friend's issues with his degrading oral health, Dr. Sutton discovered human skulls from thousands of years ago with perfect teeth. 

These people from millennia ago never had toothbrushes or fluoride. But they died with perfect teeth. Why was that?

Truth is, until I saw this, I wasn't even aware that losing teeth to gum disease and tooth decay doesn't have to be a "normal part of life." But if there were societies in the past that had people who died with perfect teeth, then it wasn't because of fluoride and toothbrushes.

So, it begs the question....

Are fluoride, deep root planing and scaling really the best we can do?

What if there's a better way? What if there is a more natural approach to oral care that deals with a TOTALLY DIFFERENT APPROACH to caring for your teeth and gums?

The fact is most of our modern oral care is driven by something he refers to as "germ theory" But he discovered some research that flipped the tables and gave him an insight into a totally different way of considering oral care and how to do it.

Enter the concept of "terrain theory."

You need to understand the competing scientific concepts of "germ" theory and "terrain" theory. So what the heck is "terrain" theory?

This was an eye-opener for me. But it makes perfect sense.

In short, germ theory says we need to constantly try to reduce or eliminate the harmful bacteria in our mouths that produce the acids that destroy our teeth and gums. We all understand the concept because we've heard it all our lives.

On the other hand, terrain theory says that there are also good bacteria in our mouths. And these "good" bacteria counteract the "bad" bacteria. In short, terrain theory says your mouth is a battlefield of sorts.

And like in war, we need to overwhelm the bad bacteria in our mouths by overwhelming the battlefield with good bacteria so the bad bacteria simply can't survive.

It's a simple concept. It's revolutionary. But it makes perfect sense.

(Disclaimer here. The link here is an affiliate link. If you watch the video and decide you want to pursue what he offers, I do earn a small finder's fee for turning you on to the information and the product he provides.)

But I think the product is worth a serious look. And for what it's worth, I NEVER endorse anything I don't believe in. But I ordered this stuff myself, and so far I'm really impressed with the offer.

Anyway, you're all grown-ups. But take a look. Hear him develop the idea for you. It's a NATURAL approach to improving your gums and teeth. Dr. Sutton is qualified to tell you that gum disease IS treatable and reversible. Your teeth can be saved.

Click on this link to watch the video. It's worth the time.

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