Covid 19 – Biological Scientist Responses

Medical Doctors have on-the-ground experience with treating patients. But there is a whole world of biologists and epidemiologists who are doing a lot of research regarding this virus and how it is being handled (very badly, in their opinions) by the World Health Association and the Center for Disease Control. Take a Look.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya , an M.D. with a doctorate in economics and is a professor of medicine at Stanford University.

Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution does an at-length interview here with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya. This guy understands the way this thing is being handled and the implications and impacts for the economy. He's not too impressed with how this thing is being handled.

In short, Dr. Bhattacharya seems to think that the biggest problem with the whole approach to how they are screen for this is that they are not doing enough random sampling to see how many people out there might have had the thing and don't even know they did. And understanding the odds of infection without knowing what that overall number is makes it impossible to do good science.

Point: We don't know how overblown this thing really is. It may be better or worse than the projections; but without better "pre-emptive" screening, we may never know.

Dr. Shiva, MIT Biologist, On Covid-19 and the over-reaction.

Dr. Shiva is a scientist in the field of biological sciences at MIT and is also a hopeful for a seat in the 2020 Massachusetts senate race on the republican side.

Give a listen to what this guy has to say about the Corona virus and about the “powers that be,” how they’re handling this, and what things look like when you follow the power and the money.

He gives an excellent rundown on the closest thing to a good “conspiracy theory” without theorizing. He just gives the facts. Plain and simple facts.

Point: Follow the money and the power. Be open to where it takes you.

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