Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theory is fun and makes people feel “in the know.” But it’s also hard to prove any of it.

In the end, the only thing that makes sense is the grand conspiracy.

The “grand conspiracy” is the age-old battle between God and His armies and the forces of evil – the devil and his armies.

So many other conspiracy theories are interesting but, in my humble opinion, are largely flawed in one respect: they typically see all the “layers” above the presidents and prime ministers as marching in lockstep, somehow, and all following orders without wavering, presenting one unified masquerade for us all to see as reality.

But it seems the reality isn’t that cut and dried. People move in all kinds of directions, partly out of loyalty to ideologies and partly for competing self-interests. The “powers that be,” so to speak (and I do subscribe to a theory of unseen players pulling strings) do not issue orders and decrees that are always followed unwaveringly because of a belief in the cause; they are sometimes followed for self-interest; they are sometimes serving conflicting interests.

Think of the players pulling the strings from the top giving “suggestions” and enticements; playing to people’s greed, desire, etc.

And there is always the battle with those with altruistic motives and hearts to do good in this world and to follow hard after God, even as they see Him in all kinds of different ways.

Bottom line: it’s messy.

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