Sweden And The Corona Crisis


Has Sweden Lost It's Collective Mind?

Or has Sweden maybe just never developed an unrealistic, collective fear about this virus and how to handle it?

John Fund and ​Joel Hay at National Review wrote an interesting article about Sweden's approach to how to handle this virus.

Essentially, they've decided not to go crazy with the quarantines. Check out the article above to see. But they've not closed the bars and restaurants; they're only halting events with over 50 people. 

"Lots of people are rushing to discredit Sweden’s approach, which relies more on calibrated precautions and isolating only the most vulnerable than on imposing a full lockdown. While gatherings of more than 50 people are prohibited and high schools and colleges are closed, Sweden has kept its borders open as well as its preschools, grade schools, bars, restaurants, parks, and shops."

These guys ask a bunch of fair questions:

"In the rush to lock down nations and, as a result, crater their economies, no one has addressed this simple yet critical question: How do we know social-isolation controls actually work? And even if they do work for some infectious epidemics, do they work for COVID-19? And even if they work for this novel coronavirus, do they have to be implemented by a certain point in the epidemic? Or are they locking down the barn door after the horses are long gone?"

Give the article a serious look.

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