January 7

Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage and Ministry

If you’ve made it to this post, there is a good chance you got here by way of a blog I used to do a long time ago over at BlogSpot.com, where I dealt with the theological pretzel of marriage, divorce and remarriage. I was dealing specifically with the topic of “remarriage as a state of perpetual adultery that needed to be repented of.” The problem is, it’s been so long ago since I was even over there that I can’t even remember how to log into the account to do updates or to redirect over to here any more. But the blog was called

Knowing His Ways.

I started the blog because I was wanting to work through my concerns about my marital status at the time and how to make sure I was walking in the path that God wanted most for me to follow.

I was divorced and remarried, and was struggling with the theological position that said I was living in a “perpetual state of adultery” and that I needed to repent of that by divorcing from this “adulterous marriage” and to try to restore the marriage with my original spouse.

You, too, might even be struggling with a concern that must end your current marriage and return to your previous spouse.

If you’ve found your way here from that other blog (knowinghisways.blogspot.com) then you’ve gotten to the same guy.

I keep a pretty low profile on here about who I am. But if you got here from there, I want you to rest assured that I’m working on this for you – as a resource for how to sort through the theological issues to understand God’s heart in the matter.

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And that is a good thing. God has shown me a freedom to move forward an I am since remarried, happily, and knowing that God put it together.

The short answer: God loves you.

God’s intention was never to leave you feeling condemned. There are answers. And due to the fact that this old web site keeps getting hits and keeps getting people posting comments over there with burning questions about this issue, I realized that maybe I need to address the issue.

That is what this will be about. But it will take a while.

In the meantime, if you need to contact me or have questions, feel free to reach out:

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