Church For the Big Screen TV

Church For The Big-Screen TV

There might be something wrong with pastors in America. But you could be doing some things that don’t help. And maybe, you could do something to make a difference.

In a recent post by Mario Maurillo Ministries about why American Preachers will not unify against the anti-God White House there were some thought-provoking points made about what seem to be some critical problems with the church in America.

Church For The Big-Screen TV

In brief, Pastor Maurillo mentioned what he thought were 7 specific reasons why church pastors in America shying away from standing boldly as a united front against the godless agenda that seems to be spewing out of the White House and the administration and plowing across so much of what the church holds precious. His 7 reasons, in brief, are these:

  • Fear of losing non-profit status – losing status means probably losing revenue;
  • Many do it because it is merely a paycheck – apparently, 50% of pastors would do something else if they could;
  • Some are as racist as those to whom they preach – self-explanatory, and sad but true.
  • Many do not value or even believe in the inspiration of scripture – many do not see the bible as “good news” so much as good advice; so the thorny issues might not be worth dealing with if we can’t even really know they are that big of a deal.
  • Many do not value that America is great because of the history of the church –  and if they don’t appreciate how America came to be great, they won’t recognize what will take her down.
  • Apathy, whether from exhaustion or from self-sufficiency – some feel it’s pointless; some feel there is no problem – we are just all golden children of God, no matter what.
  • Competition – sometimes pastors are not in it for God as much as they are in it for themselves.

It’s quite a list. There is a lot to think about there.

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