Backgrounder: 5 ‘New’ Terror Groups Threatening West Bank Intifada

Violence in Israel and the West Bank has once again spiked as Palestinian terror groups attempt to propel the region into a third intifada. Terrorism against the Jewish state continues to evolve, with genocidal groups like Islamic Jihad and Hamas making common cause to attract young Palestinians. The emergence of new terror militias that are […]

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Lamely Nods Along As Former PLO Adviser Diana Buttu Spouts Lies

Despite being, or perhaps thanks to her background as an ex-adviser to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Diana Buttu has managed to carve herself out a respectable career as an academic and a media rent-a-quote on all things Israel-related. Unsurprisingly, Buttu rarely has anything nice (or accurate) to say about the Jewish state. And her […]

Warped Headlines: How the Media Use Title Tricks to Shape Public Opinion

The headline is undoubtedly the most important element of a news story. In a few words, it should both summarize the piece and grab the reader’s attention. The headline may also be the only part of the story that gets read given the fact that studies indicate nearly 50 percent of news consumers scan the […]

Washington Post ‘Investigation’ More Hit Piece Than Serious Analysis

In its recent investigation of an Israeli counter-terror operation in Nablus at the end of February 2023, the Washington Post claimed to show that Israeli forces purposefully and needlessly fired into a group of civilians while exiting the West Bank city. However, a closer examination of the Post’s evidence and analysis exposes much more about […]

The ‘Apartheid’ Myth: The Improper Use of False and Misleading Claims Regarding Israel

The claim that Israel is an “apartheid state” is intensifying worldwide, even though it is demonstrably false and misleading and the improper use of such a serious moniker poses a danger to Israel, Palestinians and democracies in general. PA Foreign Minister Riyad Malki recently queried diplomats at the UN Security Council: “Will you accept [Israeli] […]

The Palestinian Refugees: 1948 to Today

In discussions about the decades-long Arab-Israeli conflict, one of the most heavily debated topics is that of the Palestinian refugees. Even today, almost eight decades after the Palestinian exodus, the issue of the refugees continues to be examined at academic conferences, analyzed in scholarly texts and profiled by mainstream media organizations. But despite the continued […]

Mohammed El-Kurd Destroys His Own Credibility With ‘Apartheid Israel’ Confession

If you heard a loud thud on Wednesday, that was the sound of the jaws of HonestReporting staff hitting the floor as we heard a shocking confession from the media’s most beloved Palestinian activist Mohammed El-Kurd: he knows that Israel is not an apartheid state. In footage of his virtual appearance at Adelaide Writers’ Week […]

How South Africa’s Anti-Israel PR Stunt Failed Spectacularly

On Tuesday, March 7, South African lawmakers voted to downgrade the status of the South African embassy in Israel as a “gesture of solidarity” with the Palestinian people. The National Freedom Party (NFP), which has just two seats in the country’s parliament, proposed the resolution and allied itself with the ruling African National Congress Party […]

AFP Publishes Weirdly Sympathetic Piece About Murderous Palestinian Teenage Terrorists

The latest example of “terrorism apologist journalism” came from the global wire service AFP, which published a piece this week that attempts to understand why young Palestinians have perpetrated several terror attacks. The article, “Hardened and hopeless, young Palestinians commit bloody attacks,” describes how over the past few weeks there have been a number of […]

Media Miss Mark Following ‘Surgical’ Anti-Terror Raid in Jenin

As Israelis celebrated the holiday of Purim on Tuesday, security forces entered the terror stronghold of Jenin with an eye to capturing a suspect in the murder of Hallel and Yagel Yaniv, two Jewish brothers who were fatally shot while driving through the West Bank on February 26. According to an Israel Defense Forces statement, Abdel Fattah Hussein Kharousha […]