I’m NOT A Liberal

I have to chuckle at how badly people can take something you say and mangle it beyond recognition. I recently had occasion to be a “victim” of misunderstanding on a recent post I wrote as a guest-blogger on another site. I wouldn’t have even written this post, perhaps, except an article that I wrote for Eagle Rising got over 13,000 shares on Facebook. And so, it seemed perhaps I should take some of the comments into consideration here and respond.

I’m NOT a liberal, no matter what they say…

The post basically was an opinion piece, stating that Donald Trump is saying some things that the public connects with, and that we really do need to consider some of his points – especially when it comes to things like immigration and border security.

Besides, for all his failings, Trump’s stunning popularity is not merely because of his “showman” personality. He is popular because he is saying what a lot of people on the street believe is true. He is saying what the career politicians seem reluctant to say, and what the media seems to avoid like the plague (perhaps, because much of the senior staff in the media are married to staffers or are former staffers themselves). People are tired of the constant race-baiting from the current administration – the double-standards about white-on-black crime vs. black-on-white crime and the like. People are tired of the constant pandering to special interest groups. Yes, I do believe this is it.

And I might have to go so far as to say I agree with Trump when he says we should build a wall.

I often say it’s everybody’s lot in life to be misunderstood once in a while. And I suppose, if I think about it, maybe the misunderstanding is partly my fault. But if people were paying attention to what I actually said, they would have realized that some of the accusations they made were kind of baseless. But once someone calls me a liberal, they’ve hit below the belt. So let’s clear this up once and for all:

I’m NOT A Liberal

This isn’t so much about defending myself or clearing my name as it is a concern that some stupid comments were made, and I’d hate to think that people can get away with not thinking clearly. Some of these comments betray either a lack of clear thinking or a short attention span (or both). And I like the idea of thinking CLEARLY. Check my web site and you’ll see that thinking CLEARLY is what that is all about.

The article was about Donald Trump’s stance on building a wall along the Mexican border. Now, I don’t REALLY think the U.S. should build a wall, necessarily. Not a REAL wall. The idea is good in theory; but there are tunnels, too. And a wall would be so blasted expensive. The POINT is that the southern border needs to be a lot less porous. And I think THAT is a great idea to implement. And not even for the illegal Mexicans coming in so much as for the radicals that are coming across the border every day and night. THEY have plans to harm us. That is a bad thing. In case you were not aware of a recent interview between Greta Van Susteren and Representative Duncan Hunter, it went like this:

Van Susteren: Hold on. Stop for one second.

Hunter: They are going to be bombing American cities coming across from Mexico.

Van Susteren: Let me ask a question. You say that they are coming in the southern border, which changes all the dynamics Do you have any information that they are coming in through the southern border now?

Hunter: Yes.

Van Susteren: Tell me what you know.

Hunter: At least ten ISIS fighters have been caught coming across the border in Texas.

Van Susteren: How do you know that?

Hunter: Because I’ve asked the border patrol, Greta.

Van Susteren: And the border patrol just let’s ISIS members come across the border?

Hunter: No. They caught them at the border. Therefore, we know that ISIS is coming across the border. If they catch five or ten of them, you know that there are going to be dozens more that did not get caught by the border patrol. That’s how you know. That’s where we are at risk here, is from ISIS and radical Islamists coming across the border. Once again, they don’t have a navy, air force, nuclear weapons. The only way that Americans are going to be harmed by radical Islam — Chairman Dempsey said the same thing. He said that’s where the major threat is here, that’s how these guys are going to infiltrate through America and harm Americans. 

Ya know, most of the stuff that the politicians promise when they’re debating is stuff I seriously can’t see they have power to enforce. The fact is, though, that one thing the president has is the ability to affect the frame and the tone of the debate. And we sure do need to be talking about this. These people are not a “J V” team.

I’M NOT A LIBERAL. REALLY. For the record, let me state my positions on a few key points. And after that, if you STILL want to insist I’m a liberal because you MISUNDERSTOOD what I said, you’re still entitled to be wrong; but you’ll have to live with that.


I’M PRO-LIFE: the woman’s right to choose ends with the baby’s right to live. Period. Look, I realize there are (relatively rare) cases of rape and incest; but two wrongs don’t make a right. And we, as a society, have probably fallen down badly when it comes to making a place for these little ones when they show up, and showing love, support and compassion for the mothers who carry them to term. But killing them is not the answer. For the record, I will say that I think abortion done for the profit of the clinic is one of the biggest abuses of women going, all in the name of “helping” them. It just exchanges one problem for another.

I’M PRO-2ND AMENDMENT: I don’t pack a pistol, and don’t have any intent to do so. In fact, where I live, it’s illegal right now anyway. But I’m thinking about how the idea is appealing with all of the nonsense that the government is pulling lately. Look. I realize that letting everyone carry one is letting the criminals have them too. But they have them anyway. (I know, I know, it’s a weak argument… maybe. But access to arms doesn’t translate into crime by itself. Lawlessness does. If you have a lawless society because of an unrealistic sense of entitlement, THAT might be the biggest contributor to the gun violence problem. And THAT is taken care of as a byproduct of a good spiritual revival.) Guns are hard to come by in Mexico; they are easily obtained in Switzerland, and nobody gets hurt. And the 2nd amendment is to protect people from an overreaching GOVERNMENT. You’ve got an overreaching government NOW.

I’M PRO-REPBULICAN: Jeez, Louise, when I said I was an “undecided voter,” it DIDN’T mean that I was torn about whether, given an opportunity, I would vote REPUBLICAN or DEMOCRAP. FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD. In the context, the remark was about not knowing whether Trump or Cruz would ultimately be the better candidate to DEFEAT Hillary. The WHOLE POINT is that either one is a whole lot better than HILLARY. My concern was about which one could do it. (Read the article again, if you missed that, ok? For your own good.)

By the way, on the Trump vs Cruz gig, you have the added benefit with Trump that he’s already said if he’s elected, he will prosecute Hillary. That’s gotta be worth something right there.

I’M PRO BORDER SECURITY: NO deals on illegals, ESPECIALLY until AFTER you secure the border. THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE ARTICLE. It WASN’T about building an actual, physical wall. (It might be a great idea, but somebody’s gotta PAY for the stupid thing, right?) Look, Trump said we’ve got to slow the flow through the border until we know what’s going on. And Cruz is saying we need to increase police patrols and police presence in these neighbourhoods. They’re BOTH getting flack from the bleeding hearts. And they’re both RIGHT. PROFILING isn’t always a bad thing (unless you’re a liberal).

I don’t know that I would normally write an article like this one, except that it will be a handy reference point for future posts when I need to explain my positions on things.

And like I said, in case you missed it, I’m not a liberal. Hope I cleared that up.

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God is Moving Among Gen Z.

NOTE: This is a reprint of a post from the Kris Vallotton's website. Kris is a member on staff at Bethel Church in Redding, California. I share his posts here because I am always amazed at the insights the Lord gives him.



Every generation is marked by significant societal moments, clear characteristics, and distinctive difficulties. Every era is given the opportunity to set its own precedence in discoveries, technologies, and knowledge based on the foundation the previous generations paved. An ecosystem that is often not acknowledged, but rather the contrasting belief systems, attributes, and cultures are found in tension with each other. 

It is evident that in this very moment in history, we have seen the hand of God on the youth of this generation; Gen Z. From the Asbury revival to student-led outpourings all over the nation, He obviously has a clear plan to touch the hearts of youth. Yet, as a man well into my sixties, it is evident to me how different my generation is from the current one we are living in. I have eleven grandchildren that I love dearly and I often stand fascinated by the life they live; it sometimes feels as far different from mine as night is to day. And I am certain it goes both ways. Sometimes the passing generations just don’t understand each other. Yet, after my recent conversation with Night Norona and Josh Altamura, the hosts of the popular podcast Juvy, a podcast dedicated to breaking the stereotype of Gen Z, I left inspired, fascinated, and curious. I felt prompted to peer into the minds of the youth of this day and age to seek to understand rather than make judgments and broad statements. While we were talking, Night Norona stated, “If we are going to have the conversation about Gen Z, let’s have it with the goal to seek to understand each other, not trying to prove each other right or wrong.” After this riveting conversation, I couldn’t agree more, by the end of the conversation I actually began to think we may just find there is more we have in common than in contrast. What I am getting at is heart longings, difficulties, and desires ring true throughout every generation – we need each other, it’s the Lord’s divine design for humanity. Just think about when you open your Bible, you resonate with people’s lives that lived 2,000 years ago in a completely different culture.

This post, "God is Moving Among Gen Z.." is an excerpt (part or whole) from Kris Vallotton's website, ""

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Leading in Your Metron || the Prophetic Beyond the Pulpit With Lindsey Reiman

NOTE: This is a reprint of a post from the Kris Vallotton's website. Kris is a member on staff at Bethel Church in Redding, California. I share his posts here because I am always amazed at the insights the Lord gives him.



In today’s world, the Church at large has diminished and disregarded the role of prophets and prophetic ministry outside the four walls of the church. It can leave you wondering “Where did all the prophets go?” and questioning the significance of prophetic ministry. 

It is common in prophetic culture today, for prophets to simply make powerful prophetic proclamations from the podium. But, I’d propose that we have diluted prophetic ministry in the 21st century — the role of a prophet is so much more than making forth-telling statements. We see in the Bible that rarely were prophets confined to church settings or congregations but rather lived outside of the four walls shifting culture and shaping history. 

I’d like to point out that in the days of the prophet Elijah, there arose a company of men who were called the “sons of the prophets” (Kings 20:35). 

These men traveled throughout the world ravaging the powers of darkness and wreaking havoc on evil kingdoms. 

They had no tolerance for the destructive behavior of wicked kings but rather turned many to righteousness.

They raised the dead, healed the sick, parted rivers, destroyed false prophets, and saw revival spread throughout their land.
They were feared by many and respected by all. They walked in great purity, and God was their friend. They were cultural catalysts, not just prophets behind a pulpit.

Consider the life of Joseph — he influenced the king of his day, by not just interpreting his dream, but by providing solutions and strategies for the seven prosperous years and seven lean years the nations would face (Genesis 41). 

I recently sat down for a conversation with Lindsey Reiman, Director of Prophetic Ministry at Bethel Church. Lindsey has ministered prophetically in multiple metrons and spheres of authority. In our discussion, she brilliantly explained how to navigate stepping into your unique sphere of influence as a prophet. She stated, “Language is a gateway to trust. We must be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” I highly encourage you to watch the entire interview below.

This post, "Leading in Your Metron || the Prophetic Beyond the Pulpit With Lindsey Reiman." is an excerpt (part or whole) from Kris Vallotton's website, ""

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Stand Up Straight

When I was in Grade four and being bullied on my way home
from school or as a young adult in the workplace, I learned to stand my ground
until I was overpowered or outnumbered. Then, I learned to cower and retreat.


When Moses sent twelves spies into the Promised Land to
bring back reports, over 90 percent of them were intimidated and said they felt
like grasshoppers before these giants. God had promised to give the land to
them, but only Caleb recommended facing the giants and the walled cities.


The others assumed God had brought them here to be destroyed
by enemies. Why did Caleb and Joshua find favour with God and receive an
inheritance? It was because they trusted in God’s promise and were willing to
face the challenge.


In the challenges of our day, it is essential that we follow
Jesus into the battle. It is a spiritual battle that wants to mortally injure
our heart and minds. Only the fear of the Lord can help us to stand tall on the


Because David feared the Lord, he could stand against the
odds of Goliath’s defeat. Only the fear of the Lord could give him the
assurance that five smooth stones were enough. Only the fear of the Lord could
help him to reject wearing Saul’s oversized armour and use Goliath’s sword to
finish the battle.


Child of God, what exactly are you afraid of? Who has
intimidated you and made you feel ashamed for not being compliant with the
bully’s taunts? You are facing an inevitable battle against some very sinister
ideas and those that enforce them.


I am not Rob Roy, and I cannot inspire you to a war against
other people. But I can implore you to be filled with God’s Spirit and to stand
tall with your shoulders braced.


We are equipped for the war that is before us. Evil days
will always come, but you trust in God.



Ephesians 6:

10 Finally,
Let The Lord Make You Strong. Depend On His Mighty Power. 11 Put
On All Of God’s Armor. Then You Can Remain Strong Against The Devil’s Evil
Plans. 12 Our Fight Is Not Against Human Beings. It Is Against
The Rulers, The Authorities And The Powers Of This Dark World. It Is Against
The Spiritual Forces Of Evil In The Heavenly World. 13 So Put
On All Of God’s Armor. Evil Days Will Come. But You Will Be Able To Stand Up To
Anything. And After You Have Done Everything You Can, You Will Still Be



In the 1800’s, a Presbyterian pastor named George Duffield had
an Episcopalian pastor friend named Dudley Atkins Tyng that lost his place of
ministry for speaking out against slavery. Duffield and Tyng were part of a
revival movement in Pennsylvania.


When Tyng was injured in a farming accident and would die a
few days later, his parting words to his father were, ‘Tell my brethren of
the ministry, wherever you meet them, to stand up for Jesus.


George Duffield took those words to heart and wrote the hymn
Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus’.


Up! Stand Up For Jesus!

Soldiers Of The Cross.

High His Royal Banner,

Must Not Suffer Loss.

From Victory
Unto Victory

Army He Shall Lead,

Till Every
Foe Is Vanquished

Christ Is Lord Indeed.


Up! Stand Up For Jesus!

Trumpet Call Obey,

To The Mighty Conflict

This His Glorious Day.

That Are Men Now Serve Him

Unnumbered Foes:

Courage Rise With Danger,

Strength To Strength Oppose.


Up! Stand Up For Jesus!

In His Strength Alone.

Arm Of Flesh Will Fail You

Ye Dare
Not Trust Your Own

Put On
The Gospel Armour,

Piece Put On With Prayer.

Duty Calls Or Danger

Never Wanting There!


Up! Stand Up For Jesus!

Strife Will Not Be Long.

Day The Noise Of Battle,

Next The Victor’s Song.

To Him
That Overcometh

Crown Of Life Shall Be.

With The King Of Glory

Reign Eternally


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Climate activists steal thunder from the pride parade.

Climate vs Gender: The Left Are Eating Their Own

The left destroys everything it touches. And pretty soon they will be destroying each other. It's what they do.

I saw this recent headline from an article on MSN:

Climate activists disrupt London Pride march to protest corporate sponsorship

You'd think these groups would co-ordinate better with each other.

I don't think they can. Here's the story.

The technicolor, dance-filled London Pride march briefly came to a halt Saturday as climate activists blocked a Coca-Cola float to protest event organizers accepting sponsorship money from “high-polluting industries.”
Seven members of the group Just Stop Oil were arrested for public nuisance offenses, police said.
The demonstration was the latest in a long line of actions by the group to stop traffic or disrupt high profile events as part of its campaign to stop new oil and gas projects. Two protesters were arrested earlier in the week after charging onto the pitch of the Ashes Test cricket match at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London.
“These partnerships embarrass the LGBTQ+ community at a time when much of the cultural world is rejecting ties to these toxic industries,” the group said. “High-polluting industries and the banks that fund them now see Pride as a useful vehicle for sanitizing their reputations, waving rainbow flags in one hand whilst accelerating social collapse with the other.”

That last part, they got right.

Notice what they said: banks and industries see the pride movement as "a useful vehicle for sanitizing their reputations, waving rainbow flags in one hand whilst accelerating social collapse with the other."

“Pride is a protest and pride is a celebration,” De'Athe-Morris said. “Anyone who tries to disrupt that protest and parade is really letting down those people who use this space once a year to come together to celebrate and protest for those rights.”

Some thoughts from Cogny here:

The problem is bigger than that. People in these movements are passionate about making their points. They just don't always see that their own actions are at least as destructive as the things they're protesting.

From a Christian prespective, it would be nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the show. But that is not an option for the church

The pride movement long ago served its original purpose, which was to de-vilify homosexual behavior as unacceptable in our society. It seems long ago already that they acheived that end.

And however self-destructive you might think these behaviors are, it seems in a pluralistic society, they've already achieved a status of "live and let live."

But if something is off, it won't be satisfied with the same old, same old. Perversions always need a greater and greater endorphin high to exist. Or they eventually die. But the death is painful.

And there are some in the gay community that are getting frustrated with the transgender movement. 

I said 30 years ago that "equality" was not their end goal. Their end goal was eventually to be able to muzzle the opposition and to be able to villify any who would even dare to suggest their behavior is wrong.

Sow to the wind, reap to the whirlwind. I've been told (but only indirectly, so I can't state it as fact - yet) that there are many in the gay/lesbian community who think the whole LGBTQ2SP++++ movement has gone way too far.

Sometimes, these things have a way of "working themselves out."

Unfortunately, at this point, as a society, the only way for this to course-correct is if we sit back and watch them eat their own.

Or hit our knees and pray for revival. There's always that.

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Spiritual Apathy

We Have Been Comfortable For So Long

“If the world hated me, it will hate you, too.” (John 15:18)

Our 21st century, North American culture is a veritable “freedom utopia” for Christians, at least as far as it compares to the rest of the world. (So far, anyway. It appears that voters in the US signed themselves on for some drastic changes in the last number of years; Canada has recently joined the fray with the young, boyish, idealistic and inexperienced Trudeau junior, and it’s going to change the political and “political-correctness” landscape very quickly, and for a bunch into the future. I wish them luck.)


Christians have long been imprisoned, tortured and killed for their faith in other societies, both throughout history and in our modern world. Christians in China, not too long ago in Soviet Russia, and currently and in other places like North Korea suffer persecution and abuse at the hands of atheistic tormenters who hate Christianity and want to wipe every trace of it from their cultures. And these communists see the torture and abuse of other people as a necessary evil to rid the world of the fantasies of religion.

From a Christian perspective, Europe is in shambles, falling fast to the influences and the dominance of Islam. Places like Denmark and Norway are overrun by Muslims dominating the culture. The police in Oslo, for instance, will tell you that they have lost the city to the Muslims. Churches in England lay dormant and are selling on a regular basis to Muslim groups who are turning them into mosques and Islamic outreach centres.


Here in North America, we seem to be on the downward slide in many ways. We have been living on the fruit of our forefathers faith and relative spiritual righteousness for some time; but the fruit is rotting on the vine. The influence of political correctness has overrun the political system. And people (the majority of them, anyway) have abandoned a biblical world view. The fringe elements (as measured by their percentages in the population) have screamed the loudest, and politicians, for whatever reason (whether through ignorance or a wish to satisfy the loudest screamers to maintain their hold on power) have catered to the 3% minority at the expense of the other 97%, with the result that we are in a mudslide toward a moral abyss.

Gay rights and other special-interest groups are finding ways to have their proclivities entrenched in law, with the end result that people are effectively being muzzled from even having a legal right to speak freely to the fact that they believe what these groups are doing is immoral. It is now labelled “hate speech” to say that you think what they are doing is wrong, even if you try to tell them with the best of intention and with concern for their soul because of a biblical world view.


Not all is lost. God is on the move. There are places where the church is exerting influence in the culture. There are churches and Christian groups that are taking it upon themselves to go to city and state capitols, simply to be present there to pray for the leadership of the cities and states. It is not with an agenda to evangelize; it is to lift these people up and bathe them in prayer because of their responsibility to govern wisely.

South Korea is a majority-Christian population. One of the fastest growing churches, according to some statistics, is the church in Iran. Christianity seems to flourish in countries where persecution runs high; pain drives us to our knees, and so, in times of desperation, the church grows strong with the Spirit of Christ moving them to selfless love and hearts of worship and praise. But that only explains Iran. The current church in South Korea is not because of persecution, but because of prayer, in spite of their freedom, but because of their zeal.

Here in North America, there are churches that are burgeoning at the seams because they were incubated and bathed in prayer. If you stop in for a visit on a Sunday morning at Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York, you will be blown away at the passion these people have for praise and worship. They are over-the-top in love with Jesus, and the hands are raised and the faces are joyful, even at the back of the auditorium, even from the very first song. And they’re not in a hurry to leave that service early, either.

There are churches like Bethel in Redding, California that are mega-centers of revival and outreach, seeing miracles taking place, reaching their communities and seeing the miraculous, seeing lives changed, seeing people coming to Christ on a regular and consistent basis.

However, it is critical that we do not miss this point:


Many in the North American church seem to feel that if we can just get the right guy in the Oval Office, we can get legislation in place to stop the moral decay in the country. It is true that when people do not live holy lives within the liberty that the Lord provides, it is necessary to restrain lawlessness from the outside, lest people who are self-serving and bent on evil will make the world a bad place for those who will be taken advantage of.

But there have been pro-life presidents in the White House over the last number of decades, on and off. And yet, they have never had the political capitol and/or the political will to force sufficient change through the courts and/or through the legislature to turn that ship around. Millions of babies have been sacrificed on the altar of convenience over the years since Roe vs. Wade, and there doesn’t seem to be much standing in the way of that. Republican presidents haven’t done much more about that than democratic ones. The same record has happened in Canada. For all the years there was a conservative prime minister in parliament, abortion laws never changed to where it became illegal to kill a baby in the womb.

Our country is divided because the heart of the people is divided. Everyone does what is right in his own eyes, and not many are willing or even interested in voting for the greater good of the society in general rather than voting on the basis of “what’s in it for me.”

The bottom line is these problems will not be fixed in our courts and legislatures but on our knees.

If my people, who are called by my name, humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. (2 Chr. 7:14)

But it will take a LOT of prayer – the kind of prayer that breaks us out of our complacency, our self-serving, our desire for ease, comfort, safety and security. As goes the Church, so goes the culture in which it blooms (or withers and dies).

Be the change. Be the church.

And if we, as the church, do not learn to take seriously our calling to prayer and to holiness, God will not be stopped from conforming us to His image. He may just end up using the pain and suffering of persecution to put us there. Either way, God will have His way in us, if we want Him to move.

(Last updated by The Cognitive Man – 2016-07-09)
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Wokeism is killing our culture

Wokeism Will Kill Our Culture If We Don’t Kill It

Wokeism Is Killing Our Culture

Victor Davis Hanson, in his op-ed piece in the Toronto Sun says,

America realizing wokeness will kill civilization.

As he says, in the piece, "Wokeness was envisioned as a new reboot of the coalition of the oppressed."

He's right. As with many movements in history, so many of these movements are started in the name of righting a wrong. But they're so often movements rooted in hate and perceived injustices as a result of unfairness.

I've written about this elsewhere - about how our culture has been going down the toilet. I've seen the wheels coming off for a long time now. One of the symptoms is that this wokeism is killing our culture.

In fact, there is another recent article I've written about a biology professor who purportedly got fired merely for suggesting that gender is a matter of chromosomes rather than a matter of personal choice.

It's much about perceived "victimhood."

Those purportedly victimized by traditional America would find “intersectional” solidarity in their victimhood owing to the supposed sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and other alleged American sins, past and present.
The so-called white male heterosexual victimizing class was collectively to be held responsible for their sinful triad of white “rage,” “supremacy” and “privilege.”

Class doesn't matter anymore. Sometimes. Ironic how LeBron James and Oprah Winfrey can take up the cause of the woke and yet they get to keep their millions, I suppose because "they care."

The new transgender canon mandated three sexes. Sex is socially rather than biologically determined. And there is a large, oppressed and transgender population, which presents the next great civil rights struggle for America.
Historical wokeism lodged a list of grievances against the supposedly flawed American past. Indicting the dead required statues to be toppled. Names had to be changed. Histories were to be rewritten. Even the foundational date of America was to be reconsidered and altered.

Yet, the rainbow fabric of woke is now fraying — for a variety of reasons.

There seems to be hope on the horizon - that people are coming to their breaking point over it all.

Part of it seems to be from shock after people see what has come up after the lockdowns:

For one thing, woke took off after the perfect storm of the COVID-19 pandemic, the devastating lockdowns, the 120 days of violent rioting and looting following the death of George Floyd, and years of endemic Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Most of those catalysts are waning. Temporarily unhinged Americans are slowly reviving.
Millions of the comatose are waking up to normality – and don’t recognize their own country.

Hey. Cogny here. If you drop in your best email, I will send you my "almost weekly" updates. Stay informed. I promise not to spam you.

Part of it is because woke is retrogressive, reactionary, and anti-civilizational.

Decriminalizing the legal code, defunding the police, failing to apply norms to the homeless population and destroying meritocracy have all hollowed out our major cities.
San Francisco was a far cleaner, safer and kinder city 20, 40 or 80 years ago than it is today.
A woke FBI, Pentagon or airline industry becomes a matter of life and death.
Three, in modern America, class is now a far more accurate metric of oppression than race or gender.

This is classic. Obama was "teflon man," in part, because no one on the left or major parts of the right wanted to be seen as dumping on the "first historical black president," (although he's almost not really the first one. But technically he is, but I shouldn't digress too much). 

But whether Obama is the first or not, it's pretty obvious no one wanted to critique him, much because they didn't seem to want to tarnish the first "black presidency." And now, out of that history, come some telling ironies.

The multi-millionaire, and prep-school and Ivy-League educated former president Barack Obama may castigate the unwoke Senator Tim Scott, R-S.C., for his absence of victimhood. But from which of his three enclaves does Obama do so – the Kalorama mansion, the Martha’s Vineyard estate, or the restricted-access beachfront retreat in Hawaii?

In fact, it seems guys like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have long ago turned black grievance into an industry.

(I can get away with saying that. I even have black friends who tell me so.)

I'm funny because I got permission to be

Enter your text here...

Hanson continues:

Religions also trump race. Hispanic-American Catholics and Middle-Eastern-American Muslims have more in common with so-called white Christians than they do with an atheist, or agnostic woke elite who pushes the lie that the anti-religion Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a mere charity group.
Muslim-American communities in Michigan do not want children seeing drag queen shows or the Pride flag flying with equal status to the American flag. The Catholic Hispanic community of Los Angeles has little tolerance for lurid anti-Christian motifs that preview a Los Angeles Dodgers game.

Ironically, part of our hope comes from the fact that "the woke" eat their own.

Wokeism is cannibalistic. 

Even the children of woke architects with perfect SAT scores and 4.0 grade point averages are being rejected on the basis of their race at their coveted Ivy League schools.
Neither the mansions of Beverly Hills nor the estates of Presidio Heights qualify as sanctuaries from violent criminals, who are now exempted by the anointed from legal consequences.
The wokest of Hollywood celebs will soon lose movie roles and be disqualified for film awards on the basis of their race.
Even the most left-wing of movie directors do not want to be ordered by Soviet-style commissars to hire their crews, actors and writers on the basis of race.

Are we in trouble because of wokeism?

Maybe. As Hanson says,

The United States may have sponsored gender studies programs, flown Pride flags, and bragged of George Floyd murals in Kabul. But meanwhile, its military suffered the most humiliating defeat in a half-century, as it skedaddled from Afghanistan, leaving behind billions of dollars in deadly arms for terrorists.
Our elite work to ban plentiful natural gas, subsidize transgender activism abroad, and lecture on sexual identities in the military. China’s elite builds dozens of coal and nuclear plants, and doubles the size of its navy, while preparing to absorb Taiwan.

Is there hope in the fact that America is waking up to the idea that wokeism is killing our culture? Is it too late?

Hanson thinks America is waking up.

Americans are rejecting wokeism because they finally are realizing that if they do not, they will not have a civilization left.

Is it too late?

Cogny Mann response here.

Is it too late? I don't know. With me, in many cases, "hope springs eternal."

But history is replete with samples of kingdoms that come crashing down after a hundred or two hundred years or so. Canada became a conferation about 150 years ago. The USA has been around a lot longer than that.

But it doesn't take long. I saw this come up in a Facebook feed a little while ago.

It only takes one generation for a society to disappear or collapse

I don't know that a society survives just because some people in the society scream and yell enough about what other people in the society are screaming and yelling about.

I think a society can only survive and prosper because of things like Asbury.

I think the Asbury revival in Wilmore Kentucky and the many others like it that are springing up all over the place (stadiums in Canada and the US are filling up with kids who are hungry for more) are the reason we can be hopeful.

I believe there is yet hope for our culture to survive this and to see the tables turn. But it won't happen because we legislate it away by slim majorities. It will only happen as we see a groundswell of revival that has our society AS A WHOLE want to embrace these changes back to conservative values.

If that happens (and only if that happens) we may well see our society survive for our children and grandchildren.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. (2 Chr. 7:14).

But don't minimize it. We are in the death-throws of our culture with the fight of our lives. And we will ONLY survive this if survival becomes secondary to the desire to see God show up for HIS sake and not merely our own.

Cogny Mann

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Prostate Cancer in Men who Transition As Women

From an article by Dr Peter McCullough MD, MPH

Is this really surprising? Sow to the wind, reap a whirlwind.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. But we are complicated, too. And if you tinker with the mechanics and the biology, its like the sorcerer’s apprentice. You don’t know what your going to get.

Dr. McCollough writes:

More and more physicians will be managing the explosion of men who undergo transgender therapies and surgery for gender dysphoria

It is important to remember that these boys and men are still fully male and are susceptible to male cancers including prostate cancer.

Nik-Ahd et al, reported 449 men who undertook hormonal therapy, orchiectomy (castration) or both, yet developed prostate cancer after treatment for gender dysphoria.

You can see the details in the numbers if you look at the article on substack, cited below

But the gist of the story is this. As Dr. McCollough says,

My interpretation is that ~32 months of estrogen therapy and castration in two percent did not eliminate the burden of prostate cancer.

Indeed, it is possible that estrogen use drove a more rapid progression once the cancer formed.

These data suggest when it comes to carcinoma of the prostate, men are men, and need standard screening for prostate cancer including digital rectal exam and blood prostate specific antigen testing.

Doctors should not be confused into thinking the person in front of them is a women when he is not!

Unfortunately, unless we get our society back to a place where this is considered abnormal, we will continue to reap a whirlwind.

Pray for revival.

See the original article here on

Principia Scientifica is an interesting site with some good finds. It generally passes Cogny's "smell test." Read more here:

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besetting sins

How To Overcome Besetting Sin

How do you get victory over besetting sins – a sinful habit or way of thinking?

Many people know the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat over some particular struggle with sin; they feel good about themselves when they get it right; they beat themselves up over it when they get it wrong. It becomes a barometer for the measure of their holiness in life; after a while, it becomes the WHOLE measure of their success in life and the amount of holiness they have obtained, or else the WHOLE measure of their failure as a Christian and what a horrible person they still are. Ironically, in some ways this “measuring stick” becomes their God – it is their focus, their goal, their indicator of how good they have become when they succeed, and an indicator of the need for self-punishment and self-loathing when they fail.

The problem is, you don’t get victory over a besetting sin by beating yourself up over it when you fail any more than you stay in victory by getting all excited when you have some successes along the way.

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God speaks

God Speaks From Time To Time

There are some things that happen and they stick with you. I remember a moment very clearly that was one of those “stick with you” moments. Actually, it was fairly recently, and I hope it sticks with me forever, for the urgency it created in my soul at that moment.

I was listening to an audio version of a bible commentary on Romans, Chapter 9, written some time ago by a gentleman by the name of Andre Dellerba. And the point he made struck me in the moment as very profound.

God Speaks At Pivotal Points In Our Lives

What he said was that God speaks to us, occasionally, at pivotal moments in the history of our lives, and we are accountable for the decisions we make in those moments of time. Now, I know that the Holy spirit is constantly dealing with us as believers. There are times we hear Him nudging us in one direction or another – times when he convicts us of sin, or prompts us to contact that friend or relative that we just don’t enjoy spending time with, but they need us to do it.

Now, when Dellerba was discussing this issue of God speaking at pivotal times in our lives, he was speaking particularly about unbelievers, and how God will nudge them at particular points in their lives. His point was that God does not strive forever with man; and that as people harden their hearts to the promptings of the Spirit, God does not strive with people forever. God moves in specific moments and circumstances, and God will hold people accountable for how they respond to God in those moments when He speaks.

There Is A Price For Quenching The Spirit

As I was listening to this podcast, it struck me that there are times when God has spoken to me about issues in my life, and I chose to ignore those promptings of His Spirit. And I have to honestly say that in those moments in my life, where I knew that God was prompting me about a need to be obedient, and I chose to quench the Spirit about those issues where He was speaking to me, I’ve since had hard work to do in those areas in my life. I’ve had to turn over the fallow ground that resulted from my ignoring Him and choosing not to obey Him.

There is an even greater problem for the believer in ignoring those promptings of the Spirit that for the unbeliever, because the believer has an even greater witness. The believer has tasted, and has seen that the Lord is good. We walk not merely out of head knowledge or out of fear, but by the reality and the fellowship of the Spirit. The unbeliever, He prompts from the outside; for the believer, He is living inside, choosing to dwell with us, where He can be grieved in His very own home (John 1:14).

Do not forget that God’s purpose in saving us is not merely to get us out of hell. God’s ultimate purpose in saving us is to get the “hell” out of us. If we continue to ignore the promptings of His spirit, we can become ineffective and unproductive in our knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2 Pet. 1:8). And if we do, what a waste we make of the purposes for which Christ died to save us.

The level to which we rise in our walk with Him when no one is watching us is the level to which He will be able to promote us and use us in the world. Strive always to walk in the awareness that the God of the universe walks with you, moment by moment and step by step. Strive to please Him, even when no one is watching.

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