gender identity and redemption

Gender Identity And Redemption

I don’t identify in any way as homosexual, trans-sexual, gender-fluid or any other thing than heterosexual. I’m happily married. And I can be honest enough to admit I don’t understand much, either of the identity or of the issues that go along with the trans-sexual- or homosexual-identifying members of our world.

I speak of “gender identity and redemption” in this article as a total outsider to the mindset, the struggle, the feelings, the hurts and the understandings of people that feel this way. I am a total outsider to being able to speak to how the people who identify in any of these ways understand themselves, or the way they feel so badly misunderstood by so very, very many in the heterosexual community.

Everybody Has An Opinion

Since so many others are weighing in on this issue these days, due to the supreme court ruling, it seemed best (perhaps by way of an analogy to which a good number in the heterosexual world can relate) to speak a word of understanding to others like me. It’s the best one I’m capable of offering with feeling and compassion, and without judgement; at least, without judgement as far as I can tell. And my heart, as I speak, is directed to others, like me, who have never struggled with these issues. Those of you who have, please be patient with me for what I am trying to say.

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