Timothy Dixon With Brand New Prophecy: The Window HAS CLOSED!

I can’t wait to hear the entire message…it’s fantastic.
Timothy Dixon shared his brand new prophecy, and you have to watch it!
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It is one of those videos where he isn’t talking but directly sharing LORD’s words!
You know that we never paraphrase Dixon’s words because I don’t want to take responsibility if I misinterpret something! So, you have to hear the message from the LORD.
It’s not something good for the Deep State, nor for those who oppose God’s plan!

Dixon stated that the window had closed.
There won’t be a delay anymore, and the Red Sea is closing now!
Take a look at the video below:
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For the past 16 years I have spent one week of the year gathered together with other prophets and highly prophetic people at the School of the Prophets. When my friend Dano McCollam and I envisioned what we desired this school to look like, we saw prophets from all around the world coming together to pursue the Kingdom of God, creating a healthy prophetic community, and running after the prophetic together as a global family of prophets and prophetesses. It is remarkable how the Lord moves every year with unprecedented revelation and with unparalleled outpouring. Every year School of the Prophets feels like a prophetic family gathering where we laugh with joy, discuss the hard things, and grow in our divine gifting and calling. This past week we did not shy away from much-needed conversations as a prophetic family. Instead, we felt the need to open up time for students to ask the hard questions and discuss the challenging aspects of the call of a prophet. I wanted to share with you some of the questions we discussed this week and how our speaker team answered those tough questions.How do you not have resentment towards leaders that don’t see you from a heavenly perspective?It is important to acknowledge that your offense towards others will keep you from your purpose and destiny. Just think about how the enemy accuses you day and night; he also accuses your friends and family too. The enemy’s goal is to keep you from your destiny and he will use offense to do this. However, the truth is we were forgiven and are required to forgive. In Matthew 5 Jesus says: “Therefore if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First, go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift.” The point here is that reconciliation is more important than worshiping God; God seems to care a lot about people being reconciled. -Kris VallottonWhat are some distinctions you see in this next generation of emerging prophets?I believe that we are moving from those that are identifying the problems to those that are identifying the solutions. I do believe that we are fully exploring what it means to fully be a new covenant prophet. I also believe that we are moving from prophetic celebrities to communities. I believe this is a season of the saints, we are moving from demonstrating the prophetic to training the saints in the prophetic. -Dano McCollamI would propose we are moving from a ministry to the saints to a ministry of the saints. I think sometimes we think that the prophet or prophetess has the more accurate words, but I think we are seeing that those with the gift of prophecy but not necessarily the calling have just as accurate prophetic words. -Kris VallottonI think this generation has become the generation of influence and they are looking for the authentic and very real Jesus. There has been so much diversification in the streams of spirituality that our generation has become quite lost and they are starting to realize they cannot move without the power of Jesus. -Hayley BraunDoes being called to be a prophet mean that one day I will have a big ministry platform?The amount of people who follow you on Twitter does not mean you will have a large influence. Some of the most powerful prophets in the Bible did not even have a public ministry. Think about Nathan and Gad. Their whole call was to direct David — they were specifically assigned to one person. Nathan called David back to righteousness when he had committed adultery. I believe some prophets have been called to one person or one small area. If God gave it to you that is the most powerful thing you will do. – Kris VallottonIf I am called as a prophet how do I find a spiritual or prophetic mentor?I think it’s important to acknowledge the best mentor for you might not be a prophet. Sometimes you are looking for someone like you and oftentimes the mentor you need is someone that can lend to your weakness or where you need strength. The best mentor I ever had in worship could not sing or play an instrument. But, he knew how to lead people and he knew how to read the Spirit. -Dano McCollamI think sometimes we miss a whole demographic of mentors. A lot of times, moms and dads are running already and are active. What we miss out on are the grandmothers and grandfathers who have lived a lot more life, have a lot more wisdom, and history with God. How many of you know it is easier to receive correction from grandparents, but with moms and dads you feel a need to fight back or prove a point?
-Ben ArmstrongHow do you differentiate between pleasing men versus growing in favor with man?There is a very real opportunity to pick between pleasing and growing in favor and I think a lot of it has to do with our hearts and where we put our trust. If our goal is to use our freedom to serve ourselves we will begin to become manipulative. Any promotion in the body is a promotion into servanthood; Jesus modeled that by washing the disciple’s feet. We must keep our hearts in check before the Lord.
-Hayley Braun When I catch myself needing something from prophetic ministry — needing to be right, having a good word, or receiving esteem back — I know I am performing. If I begin to feel the pressure to perform I take a moment to readjust and lean back into His love. Love is the river that spiritual intelligence flows from in the first place. It comes down to the source and the motive.
-Dano McCollamIf you were unable to join us at the School of the Prophets this year but are eager to accelerate your prophetic calling, it’s not too late! You still have the opportunity to access all of the sessions and powerful moments that happened this week. Prophets and prophetesses just like you walked away touched by God, surrounded with a prophetic community, and accelerated in their prophetic calling. I believe this is available to you as well. My prayer is that you would encounter the Lord through the teachings and be accelerated in your own prophetic gifting and call. Learn and be activated through video and audio teachings, activations, and more from speakers like Kris Vallotton, Dano McCollam, Bethany Hicks, Ben Armstrong, and Hayley Braun.
Purchase between now and August 13 to receive 30% off the audio version—use discount code SOTP302021. You can check out the purchase options for the audio and video sessions from
School of the Prophets 2021 here.


We were made to have connection and community; the need has been built into our DNA. God created Adam and with no time wasted created his partner Eve — that they wouldn’t be alone was part of God’s original design. On my journey in becoming a prophet, I noticed my lack of prophetic community. It was extremely challenging to not have a company of prophets surrounding me!. Not only because I felt alone in my process, but because there was actually a deep need to be surrounded by other prophets and be sharpened by my peers. Along my journey, I began to meet other prophets and recognized the immense enrichment this brought to my calling. My good friend and prophet Dano McCollam has been an incredible leader in cultivating and stewarding a prophetic community. If you have followed my ministry for very long you may know of Dano because he and I founded the School of the Prophets together over 16 years ago. When I met Dano he did not consider himself a prophet even though I saw it written all over him. Dano explains that he counted himself out of being a prophet because he had a preconceived idea of what a prophet was supposed to look like. He had placed the role of a prophet in a box without realizing there are many different shapes and sizes in the call of a prophet; every prophet’s assignment and calling is unique. Now Dano is an acknowledged prophet, teacher, and leader with a unique and diverse prophetic ministry scaling beyond the four walls of the Church that impacts society in very practical ways. He has founded the ministry
Prophetic Company that trains, equips, and provides a healthy prophetic community for prophets and prophetic people all around the world. Dano has been a continual support, strength, and significant voice in my calling and life. I am excited to share with you a conversation I had with him this past week on the call of a prophet, cultivating prophetic community, and our ability to train people in the prophetic.(You can listen to my whole conversation with Dano here)How did you know you were called to the office of a prophet? You told me, Kris! I remember you called me up and asked me if I wanted to start an intensive training school for prophets. I told you I am not a prophet, but I have a few things I could teach on at the conference. It was actually not until the second year of the conference that the call on my life became very clear to me when another prophet called me out from the stage. He began to explain to me what my ministry was, and acknowledged me as a prophet. I think it was initially hard for me to adopt the idea that I was called to the office of a prophet because I had a preconceived idea of what a prophet was and I counted myself out because I did not look like that. I realized that there are different flavors of prophets with different calls and assignments on their lives. I began to realize the idea that I had in my head was not actually what the call of a prophet was. I had thought a prophet’s whole ministry was based on judgments and filtered through doom and gloom. But, then I heard you speak on the difference between an
Old Testament and a New Testament prophet. I began to realize that a New Testament prophet’s ministry was of reconciliation — while yes, we believe in warnings, judgments are not in line with reconciliation. You have developed a global prophetic community. What inspired this and how have you seen this impact the world? Yes, about seven years ago I saw a shift in the prophetic — I heard the Lord say, “We are shifting from building prophetic celebrities to prophetic communities.” Now what I mean by that is from now on prophets would equip the saints in the gift of prophecy so that prophetic communities would begin to flourish. It became apparent through scripture that the healthiest times in the Bible were when there were prophetic communities. There are multiple examples of this from Elijah and Elisha who went to Bethel and said we should stay here since there are other prophets. We saw in 2 Samuel 20 that there was a group of prophets prophesying and anyone that came into their atmosphere also received a grace to prophesy. It is obvious that prophets are meant to live in a company of prophets. Is teaching and training people how to prophesy Biblical? Yes, there is no doubt that training prophets and prophetic people is Biblical. It is the prophet’s responsibility to equip the saints (Ephesians 4:11-13). How does a prophet do this? He teaches and trains others to prophesy; to walk in the gift that has freely been given to them through the power of the Holy Spirit. No, prophets cannot give the gift of prophecy, but they can help facilitate the gift. One of the greatest examples of this was King David’s 24/7 prophetic training in worship school (1 Chronicles 25). The whole emphasis was to train people how to prophesy with their voices in songwriting and with instruments. As Believers, we know in part and see in part (1 Corinthians 13:9). When we live in community we have a greater and clearer view of what God is saying. When we talk about the School of the Prophets and training prophets we are talking about training people to recognize the voice of God. The challenge is never to get God to speak; He is always speaking. The challenge is recognizing it and choosing to obey. The Lord does not speak one-dimensionally; we must learn the multidimensions in which He speaks. The rate of your obedience determines the rate of your acceleration, but if you are not aware of how He speaks it makes it more challenging to respond quickly. The point of prophetic training is to learn to recognize the voice of God so we can respond quicker in obedience and with prophetic training we receive protocols that leave room for accountability that ultimately provide a healthier prophetic community. What are prophetic finders?I felt the Lord as me: “Dano, what would prophecy look like as a life skill and not just a ministry skill?” I began to pursue ways that we can use the prophetic for non-Church-related needs. In the exploration, I began to have a burden for missing children. I remembered that in 1 Samuel 9-10 they called in the prophet Samuel when they were missing donkeys. The mandate of Jesus Christ is that He came to seek and to save that which is lost; not just who is lost, but that which is lost. Therefore, there is an anointing for anything and anyone that is lost to be found. We began to experiment with that by praying over missing children’s posters. Someone on our team received information about one of the children that were missing for over two years. The reality of finding a missing child after two years is very rare. We weren’t quite sure what to do with the information that our team member had been given by God, so we just began to declare it. It was so crazy, but two days later that child was found.
This is what led me to speak with the senior leadership team at our church — their son was the police chief who was willing to meet with me. I asked him what it would look like if we were to actually help the police find missing children. He gave us a list of guidelines and protocols, but then told us there are actually two children in our county right now that are missing — one of them has special needs and needs medication in the next couple of hours. We began to pray and ask the Lord for a word, for clues, and insight. One of the girls on our team began to receive clues about where these two children were. She began to describe a green house she saw on a street that starts with J and is somehow connected to someone who claims to be a family friend. Right then and there the police chief called the parents and asked if this was a possible lead. Long story short, yes they had a friend that lived in a green house on a street that started with J, and both children were found within 24 hours. This was the start of prophetic finders and hundreds of circumstances where we have worked with the legal system to find missing people and to help solve crimes. I hope Dano’s stories inspired you and reminded you that there are so many amazing unique and multidimensional ways God is speaking. In closing, my prayer for you is that you become more aware of the creative ways God is communicating with you. May the voice of God in our lives become the leading voice for change in this generation, giving us unique strategies, and creative solutions. 


As I have been preparing for
School of the Prophets 2021, I’ve been reminded of the desire to see prophets equipped to lead in wisdom and power that birthed the school over 16 years ago. With this in mind, this past week I sat down with Lindsey Reiman — a powerful, young prophetess with a unique gift to train and equip others in the prophetic and one of our speakers at this year’s School of the Prophets — to discuss keys for walking in the call of a prophet. I hope this conversation brings clarity to the gift of prophecy, helps you steward the call on your life, and discern the prophetic words you have been given. In this week’s vlog, you can hear the whole conversation on stewarding and training in the prophetic with Lindsey Reiman.How did you know you were called to be a prophet?It truly is a wild story, but in short, one night I was at an outdoor movie in West Hollywood when I bumped into a friend of a friend. She began talking about how she was going on a trip to Thailand next month. I blurted out in response, “We should travel together!” Before I knew it I had been invited on a mission trip — let me tell you I was not a Believer and had no real context for mission trips. Yet, before I knew it I was interviewing for a mission trip and boarding a plane with 12 strangers; 11 of which happened to be graduates of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, the 12th being the Holy Spirit. Fast forward, I returned from a life-changing trip and applied to BSSM. I started BSSM and for the first time, I heard people use the words like prophet and prophecy. It was not until my second year of BSSM that I had a “calling encounter.” I did not walk away from this encounter and immediately know I was called to be a prophet, but it was the start of the Lord uncovering to me the call that was on my life. This led to a series of encounters, dreams, and conversations with the Lord that pointed back to my calling. I walked around with the revelation in my heart but did not know what it all really even meant. I knew God had confirmed to me I was called to be a prophet, but I had no idea what and how that would happen — even when people all around me began to acknowledge the call on my life.(in this week’s video blog Lindsey shares the story in full detail —
click here to watch.)How did you go from the encounters to the call? The encounters with the Lord did not launch me into my calling but began to teach, equip and prepare me. One day I was sitting in
Ben Armstrong’s class in BSSM when he began talking about how there is a biblical model of trees that represent leaders.I began to realize that all the dreams and encounters I was having were pointing to the book of Daniel. The Lord connected dots and clues (which is still the way he communicates with me) until it became clear to me the call on my life was similar to the call that Daniel had. From my own encounters and journey I had a passion to help equip and activate others in the prophetic — this is what launched me into my calling and when I created the Prophetic Labs.What are the Prophetic Labs?The Prophetic Labs are a place where we research and develop what is possible in the prophetic. I was really intrigued by 1 Corinthians 12:9, “We know in part and prophesy in part.” This is what inspired the aspect of teams in the prophetic labs. Practically, what this looks like is multiple people blind prophesying over someone (meaning, they don’t know anything about them except their gender and age). The people on a prophesying “team” are not in the same location, often they are not even in the same state or country. Yet, the most incredible thing we see is that the teams will receive similar words or have similar themes within the words they receive for the person. What does it look like to investigate and interpret prophetic words?In the beginning when I did prophetic “reports” I just wrote out three prophetic words. However, I kept feeling there was more to why the Lord had told me to create reports. One day I was just thinking about what it meant for me to write prophetic reports. I realized that within a prophetic report I was handling information. This is when I felt prompted to search “who does information reports” and the results included the CIA. I realized I was handling heavenly information or in other words spiritual intelligence. In an encounter with God, I realized that He had called me to greater depths with these reports and began to prompt me to research the methodology they use when gathering information for central intelligence reports. This is when I discovered the methodology I use now to investigate and interpret prophetic reports. I want to encourage others to do this with your own prophetic words that you have received.  Collect: gather all your heaven intelligence
Analyze: pull out the keywords about identity, gift, and skills, place all the foretelling on one page.Evaluate: judge the information and bring in wise counsel to judge it with you and determine what is for later.
Disseminate: adopt and receive the prophetic words in faith.
One of the most encouraging parts of my life and job is seeing others discover their calling and step into it with boldness and faith. Lindsey Reiman is an incredible example of what it looks like to steward and respond to the office of a prophet and it was an honor to be able to interview her. I hope that this conversation encourages you in your journey and brings greater revelation to the office of a prophet. In closing, my prayer for you this week is that the Lord begins to share a greater revelation with you and that you would begin to have Kingdom revelation and that He would increase your spiritual intelligence. 


Transition and change are inevitable — yet, it can feel so uncomfortable, unbearable, or even painful. Have you ever considered that transition is the human condition? We all experience it in more ways than one. You might not be able to remember taking your first steps or saying your first words. But, you probably remember the big unknown of what was to come in the awkward stage of teenhood. No longer is someone holding your hand ensuring each step is landed as it should. Instead slowly but surely as you become more confident in your ability to stand you then find your footing, discover your voice, determine your place.
Change and transition is the very thing that brings you into your divine destiny and deploys you into your sanctified calling.I recently was preparing for a meeting with multiple leaders in the Bethel environment. I had jotted down the word “transition” on the top of my notepad. I knew I needed to discuss the obvious change of leadership we were all experiencing.
However, as I stepped into the meeting, I glanced at the top of my notepad expecting I would be prompted to talk about transition when instead I heard the Lord say, “You are not going through a transition; you are going through a metamorphosis.” Now, you might think that metamorphosis is simply just another word for transition, but I would propose that a metamorphosis is not a regular part of the human experience. Rather, it is the transformation that happens from the inside out as you become a new creation. This is the believer’s condition stated in Roman 12:2: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The word “transformed” in Romans 12 can also be translated to the word “metamorphosis.” I would propose that undergoing metamorphosis entails changing the way you think. The challenge is that often we undergo a metamorphosis and treat it as a transition by relying on the muscles that bore the weight in the past to move us forward. We end up in the old gym training the old muscles we use to need to succeed instead of changing our training regiment.
The truth is, often our greatest resistors in a season of metamorphosis are the successes of the past. Consider the life of a butterfly, one day they live on the ground believing their purpose is to crawl and not to fly. However, suddenly they are wrapped in a cocoon undergoing a metamorphosis that will cause them to transform into a butterfly. How ineffective and insignificant is the season of the cocoon if, as they are released, they try to crawl instead of fly?
This is the very thing I see happen when we label transition as a change when actually the Lord is preparing the way for a complete paradigm shift. I’d like to remind you, you are no longer a sinner saved by grace, but you are a saint. (2 Corinthians 5:15-16)(In this week’s vlog, I shared more about the metamorphosis season and the word I received from the Lord.)Have you found yourself in the comfort cocoon; committed to the past success to get you by? Confident in your ability to walk but uncertain if you truly can fly? Or maybe you are a leader experiencing a shift and trying to gather people after the circumstances we all faced in the midst of a global pandemic. The truth is, often a season of metamorphosis is uncomfortable and stretching or even unnerving and scary.
What I am getting at is without vision for the future you can make the comfort cocoon your new home when it was meant to be a purpose propeller. How do you gain vision for the future when the present feels unstable and the future feels murky?
I would challenge you with this: what if we saw our circumstances by the spirit and not just by the flesh?
We don’t have to be confined to the circumstances in front of us when we have been given the gift of prophecy through the power of the Holy Spirit. The prophetic is a gift; it relieves the heartaches of uncertainty as you call out the gold that exists even in the turmoil of transition or in the midst of chaotic shifts. What does this look like practically? For starters, I would encourage you whether you’re a leader, parent, or a friend to begin to see the people around you through your God-given lenses. You might begin to be surprised with the unexpected of who God has placed to make a change and bring clarity to the uncertainty of the future vision. Have you felt you are in the midst of a metamorphosis? I would love to hear how the Lord has encouraged you and given you vision beyond your current circumstances in the comments below. My prayer for you this week is that you feel encouraged, filled with hope, and expectant of what the Lord is working out in your midst. 


Can you remember as a child the wonder that filled your imagination as you dreamt of who you would become and what occupation you would have? Maybe you dreamt of being a superhero, fireman, or ballerina — didn’t the possibilities just feel endless? Often, I see believers eager and excited about the endless possibilities when they first receive a word from the Lord about their calling. However, sometimes the patience necessary for the process can actually become disheartening. Truthfully, I experienced this in my own life as I waited over 20 years to be acknowledged as a prophet. The truth is, the gift of prophecy brings clarity to our call and purpose to the process. Maybe you’ve had a dream or vision that you can’t deny was from the Lord about the call on your life. However, questions like
“How will it pan out?” or
“What will it look like?” might fill your mind even if there is a clear direction given from God. But, before accomplishing the call there is the process of preparing and priming for the purpose; layers are shed, seeds are planted, and roots are established. I did not know I was called to be a prophet until I was in my mid-twenties and it wasn’t until 20 years after that I saw any fruition of the promise. Anxiety and worry can easily fill the journey if you’re unaware you are in the process. However, there is peace before promotion when you are aware of your season. Are you aware of the part of the process you are in? This past week I had the opportunity to sit down with one of my spiritual sons, Ben Armstrong, and ask him questions about his prophetic journey. I have known Ben for over 30 years and have had the honor of watching him choose humility as he’s navigated the prophetic call on his life. Very often our journey is filled with layers of discovering and learning as well as challenges and overcoming. Ben has an inspiring story that I know will bring clarity and understanding to the role of a prophet. I believe his story will help many prophets in their own journey. In this week’s vlog, Ben Armstrong, who is also a speaker at
School of the Prophets 2021, shares vision for this year’s event that is happening this August 2-6, both in-person in Redding, CA, and online. Ben is the Prophetic Ministry Director at Bethel Church and has incredible wisdom and insight into the prophetic. Whether you have been called to be a prophet or are eager to gain a greater understanding of the prophetic, I pray this conversation is a blessing to you. How did you know you were called to be a prophet?The office of a prophet is a call not just established by an encounter from the Lord, but with the acknowledgment from another prophet. In my journey it was the opposite — I had not realized the call on my life until a leader saw it on my life. The first encounter I remember was when I was reading the Bible between the ages of 8-10 years old. It was the first time the logos Word of God became the Rhema Word of God as I read, “The power of life and death is in your tongue.” God told me “Ben, when you love people the way I love them and see them the way I see them, I can trust you with the secrets of who they are, not what they’ve done.” Before I even knew the call on my life the Lord began instructing and teaching me. Though I had many encounters in my life, the call on my life became apparent in a dream I had over 20 years ago. In the dream, I was sitting in the passenger seat of an old car and Jesus was in the driver’s seat. We were having a conversation and He leaned over to me and said, “Here comes your dad.” I looked over at the tree line at the edge of the park and I expected to see my earthly dad, but it was actually, you Kris.At the time, I wasn’t connected to you so I had no context for you being a father in my life at all. As you know, I was raised in Weaverville, CA, but I left for university before you ever started your prophetic ministry there. So, when Jesus told me you were my dad, I was surprised! In the dream, you walked over to the car and handed me a signet ring of gold with a black stone on it. You actually told me to wear the ring with the stone on the inside so I wouldn’t show it to people. Although I am a dream interpreter, sometimes the meaning of our own dreams is hidden from us. I think that is the grace of God, as there is a process that has to happen in us before the full understanding comes. What was your process like in stepping into the role of a prophet?  Seven years after having this dream I got invited to be a Revival Group Pastor at BSSM. Though I stepped into the role of a pastor, this is actually where I learned to be a healthy prophet. I learned to teach and equip people; I fell in love with people’s processes. How do you walk out the calling of the office of a prophet? Well, a prophet trains and equips people. The office of a prophet is also a governmental position; prophets grow in favor with leadership and community. This was a long process for me; from a young age the Lord began to teach and equip me, then I began to gain favor with leadership and community. It wasn’t actually until seven years after being hired as a pastor that I was publicly acknowledged as a prophet and became the Prophetic Ministry Director at Bethel Church. What has it looked like to have mentors in your life? First, I had to change my perspective of mentorship. We typically think of mentorship as one individual; we place them on a pedestal and desire the “top dog” to have influence and input in our life. However, if we take the approach that you can be mentored by multiple individuals and community — you will never be in lack. There were multiple apostles and pastors that molded me as a prophet. As I look back to my younger self I did not have a bad heart, but there was a lot of arrogance and pride. I learned over the years that receiving correction from the mentors in my life was fuel for my success. Now, I am eager to receive feedback — this is the very thing that helps us grow. I believe as prophets it is so important to surround yourself with a community of people that will love you and support you, but most of all are not afraid to correct you because they see the gold in you. 
What advice would you give other prophets stepping into their ministry? Quit trying so hard! I think sometimes we think that in order to be a prophet we need to prove to everyone that the Lord speaks to us. You don’t need to pressure the Lord to speak; He will give you a word in its right timing. I also believe it is easy to feel the pressure to fill the role of the prophet. You may even think in order to be a prophet you must look or act a certain way. But, the truth is, more than aspiring to be a prophet, you should aspire to be a good mother or father in your environment. You will realize that to be a prophet is to encourage, comfort, and call forth — naturally, this will happen when you are loving people really well.Has Ben’s story inspired or impacted you? I would love to hear in the comments below how you have navigated the call that is on your life or how you have humbly waited for promotion? Are you called to the office of a prophet or eager to gain clarity in your prophetic calling? Too often we miss out on the historic moments happening right in front of us and sit back as they pass us by. It’s time to step up to the plate! Join us this year at School of the Prophets in person in Redding, CA, or online from August 2-6 and find confidence and clarity in your God-given calling. In this 4.5-day intensive training, school get equipped and deployed into your divine destiny to influence Kings and bring light to even the darkest situations!