NAD supplements can help restore age-related muscle loss

NAD Helps Restore Age-Related Muscle Loss

NAD+ can help restore muscle loss due to aging

We all know we need to exercise. But we don't always do what we need to do,

The problem is that if you don't, you have an increased risk of developing a debilitating condition called sarcopenia. That is muscle loss that comes with age.

Exercise can help. But NAD supplements can also help maintain muscle mass and function.

Here's the deal.

  • Your cells tend to have a breakdown in the reproductive process as you age (your mitochondria tend to malfunction. Heard of those?)
  • NAD+ is a naturally-occurring substance in your body that is produced, consumed and rebuilt in your cells.
  • studies have shown that NAD+ boosting molecules such as NR ("nicotinamide riboside"), NMN ("nicotinamide mononucleotide"), vitamin B3 and niacin all help your body do this better.

According to Dr. Mercola, of all these supplements, "NMN appears to be the best, as it activates the NAD+ salvage pathway and is a direct precursor to NAD+." 

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Is an NAD+ supplement the best way to boost your NAD+?

The short answer is NO. Although your cells need lots of NAD+, the problem is that the NAD molecule has to be built inside the cell. As it turns out, taking an NAD supplement is a very inefficient way of supplementing your NAD levels. Why is that?

The problem is an NAD supplement won't get into your cells directly.

You see, the NAD molecule doesn't "fit" through the openings in your cell walls. So if you take an NAD+ supplement, your body has to break it down into other things (like NMN) and then rebuild it inside the cell, from NMN to turn it back into NAD+. 

NAD cannot get into the cell. Your cell needs NMN that is turned into NAD inside the cell.

If you take an NAD supplement, it doesn't penetrate your cells where they can use it. Your body has to take that NAD and "break it down" into smaller parts that then (sort of) get back to your cells and then get turned back into NAD inside the cell.

So, you don't want an NAD+ supplement. What you really want is a NMN supplement.

NMN is a "precursor" to NAD+. That is, NMN is an essential component your body uses to make NAD inside your cells.

So the trick is to take an NMN supplement to allow your body to assemble the NAD inside your cells. It's the better supplement. It's the better way to supplement NAD.

The problem is that if you take a typical NMN, some of it gets broken down by your digestive tract. 

Although NMN is the better supplement, some of it doesn't make it past your stomach into your gut where your body can best absorb it.

But there is one manufacturer out there that has figured out a way around this problem.

The solution is "Liposomal NMN."

What is "Liposomal NMN?" It's actually a brand name for an NMN supplement that has been uniquely designed to deliver NMN in a way your body can absorb it.

NMN is a naturally occurring substance. And these guys have found a way to package the NMN in a "liposome."

A "liposome" small "casing" of sorts that protects the NMN from your digestive tract so your body can absorb all of it out of your digestive tract, after it passes the stomach and the stomach acids, so your body can absorb it.

I take Liposomal NMN, and I notice a difference.

I've been taking it for just a little while, now, but I'm already noticing a difference. 

I'm finding I have more energy and less "crashing" through the day.

This stuff seems to actually be helping in that area. I'm taking NMN along with resveratrol and the combination seems to be having some positive results for me. (You can see an article I wrote here that talks about resveratrol, quercetin and NMN and how the medical experts talk about how they work symbiotically.)

But doctor David Sinclair who pioneered the research in this stuff at Harvard, has done extensive work regarding this stuff. The benefits of NMN include:

  • feel younger and more energetic
  • maintain muscle mass as you age
  • protect brain health
  • helps with heart health and circulation
  • studies show it may help the body resist diseases like cancer

I'm not a doctor nor the son of a doctor. And you should always consult a medical professional about any supplements you plan on taking. I'm only relaying my personal experience here, as something you should research and follow your own conclusions with your doctor.

I believe Liposomal NMN is the best and most "bioavailable" NMN supplement on the market.

There are a number of NMN supplements out there. But the trick is not just "how many mg of NMN you're getting." It has to be "how many mg of NMN you actually ABSORB so your body can use it."

That's the difference. "Bioavailability" means "your body can actually USE the stuff." Other NMN supplements might give you more NMN, but without the liposomal coating, most of it gets broken down by your stomach acid.

Liposomal NMN is able to get past your stomach into your digestive tract where you can ABSORB it.

And that is the biggest benefit of THIS brand. It's the one that ends up giving you the best bang for the buck!

So, what does it cost?

 For what you actually get, it's pretty reasonable. A two month's supply is $69.95 USD. That's just a little more than a buck a day.

Of course, the more you buy at a time, the cheaper it is. A one year supply is $349.95 USD. That's about 95 cents a day to feel better, to maintain youth and vitality, to win the battle against aging.

You can check it out here, risk free. And with all products from this company, it comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee.

Check it out. Click HERE to learn more.

Liposomal NMN and where to get it

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Best defense against spike protein and spike protein shedding

A Supplement To Minimize Spike Proteins And Effects Of Shedding

In another post I wrote about how to protect yourself from the spike protein, I wrote about a protocol that Dr Bryan Ardis had developed to prep your body if you were going to have to get the dreaded shot. That post generated a lot of attention.

But now that most have gotten it, there is another, more pressing need: for most now, the need is "how to protect yourself from spike proteins," whether from what you've had put into you or what you might pick up from others in the course of "shedding." (More on that in a little bit.)

Your approach (according to the experts) to how to prep, or fight, or take supplements seems to depend on where you are in the process of dealing with spike proteins.

Standard Disclaimer: I am not a doctor

I am neither a doctor nor the son of a doctor. I have medical professionals in the family and I have my share of experience with both typical western medicine and natural approaches to health and healing.

But I only do research and present my findings.

Always check with your health practitioner or the medical people in charge of your care before embarking on any kind of a medical program or treatment, or before using any supplement.

But look at my findings for information to consider with your medical professional. It's just there for you to consider. You should always make informed decisions.

Here are the different considerations.

According to the medical experts I have come to trust over the last few years (I'm not a medical professional; I just do a lot of research) there are several things to consider when dealing with this whole problem of the vaccines and the whole approach from the mainstream medical community.

If you're prepping ahead of getting one of the shots or boosters

If you're in the "pre" stage, then according to doctors like Dr. Bryan Ardis, you'll want to do a specific protocol of supplementation prior to getting the shot. It gives your body the best nutritional supplementation to help minimize the negative side-effects. 

In short, his protocol consists of supplements both before and after the shot of Selenium, Magnesium and rather large doses of Vitamin C. You can read more about that protocol HERE

If you've already had Covid or already had the shots or boosters and want to protect yourself from spike proteins

There are a group of doctors who historically seem to have had the best understanding of where all this vaccination program was going and where it might actually end up, due to the whole problem of "a day late and a buck short." Among them are Dr. Peter McCollough, Dr. Geert Vandenbosch, Dr. Ryan Cole and others.

According to these doctors, the best natural supplements that will help the body to minimize long term effects are these:
  • Nattokinase - from fermented soybeans. Research shows it assists the body's natural ability to deal with blood clots and dissolve spike proteins.[1]
  • Dandelion root - research shows that dandelion root can assist your body's biochemistry to prevent spike protein from binding to your cells.[2]
  • Selenium - helps reduce stress, aiding in helping the body repair itself and recover. (This is also one of the prep ingredients Dr. Bryan Ardis recommends in prepping for the shot if you have to get it.)[3]
  • Black sativa extract - may facilitate cellular repair.[4]
  • Green tea extract - research has shown it is a great anti-oxidant and is good for scavenging for free radicals.[5]
  • Irish sea moss - mineral-rich and can help rebuild damaged tissue and muscle.[6]

These supplements have demonstrated some wonderful health benefits in keeping your system normal after exposure to spike proteins.

But the thing is if you're trying to get all these supplements in one fell swoop, it can be costly.

Solution: Spike Support

There is a fantastic (and fairly new) supplement manufacturer out there called "The Wellness Company" started by none other than people like Dr. Peter McCollough (world famous and highly published caridologist) and Dr. Harvey Risch (renowned epidemiologist).

Their mission, from their website:

By unequivocally and unapologetically standing up for medical freedom and the right to affordable health care, our company’s vision champions the right to make one’s own choices for their body.

We strive to build a new health care system that earns people’s trust, governed and operated with transparency, and offering the highest quality practitioners who align at their core with our fundamental belief – to put the patient first.

"Spike Support" is a formula developed specifically to compliment the natural processes your body is trying to take to deal with the spike proteins that may be in your body, from any cause: whether from the vaccine, from covid, from shedding from others.

Spike Support Helps to deal with spike proteins

The advantage of this product is that the amounts and proportions of these different components in this formula are optimized for the specific task of equipping your body to deal with the effects of the spike proteins, whether from the vaccine, or from covid, or from shedding from others.

Look at this list of ingredients:

Spike Support List Of Ingredients

If you're concerned about shedding

If you're concerned about shedding, then according to doctors like Dr. Peter McCollough, the protocol for keeping yourself safe from the effects of the spike proteins is pretty much the same as you would follow above.

The only reason I mention it as a "separate category" is that many people are concerned about being exposed to these spike proteins from shedding that occurs with being exposed to others.

Whether you realize it or not, shedding is a thing and always has been. It's apparently partly how viruses spread, mutate and eventually die out of any population.

So, the protocol really is the same. I just wanted to mention it separately here in case anyone had the idea it needs to be some distinctly different treatment. Apparently, this is not the case.

Get Spike Support HERE. Use the code word "COGNY" for an additional 10% off your purchase price.



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Natural Dental Care For Better Teeth

Big Pharma Should Make You Think Twice About Your Dental Care

Anyone who has been paying attention to the "big Pharma" response to Covid should realize that some of the people we trusted just maybe shouldn't be trusted. So now, many of us have a newfound healthy skepticism about western medicine and how they deal with symptoms rather than root causes. But what about your oral care? Can you trust the dental profession?

Think about it. If big bucks drives big Pharma in medical treatment, then ask yourself: do big bucks drive dental treatment too? Is there a better way?

We all have areas in our life where we don't always think consistently. I've long ago recognized that I'm a fan of natural medicine and have a real hesitancy to western medicine and pharmaceuticals.

But I recently came across something that made me realize I've been trusting the dental profession all my life. And I shouldn't be trusting them at face value.

Think Flouride is good for you? Think again. It's not even all that good for your teeth.

We have accepted that gum disease and tooth decay are inevitable. But are they really?

I've never been on any kind of prescription on any regular basis in my life. I'm sure part of that is good genetics. But it's also because if I've become aware of a health issue I'm dealing with, I've always QUICKLY looked for a natural way to deal with the issues.

When I was made aware that I was showing slow kidney function, I found natural remedies that fixed it and found out what was necessary to make it better.

But until recently, I always just assumed (dopey me?) that the way my dentist explained what was going on in my mouth was the whole story. I accepted the idea that gum recession was inevitable and that tooth decay was inevitable for the same reason.

Then I discovered that there is a whole world out there that sees it differently.

Why is it they've discovered many full skulls from thousands of years ago with perfect teeth? Why didn't they lose their teeth?

Is there a natural approach to dental health

Over at "RooNinja," (a newer site for older, savvy people) I saw a link to a  video presentation recently from a doctor by the name of Drew Sutton. It's a real eye-opener.

He's not a dentist. He is an "autolaryngologist." That is, he is a "head and neck" surgeon. In that video, he gives quite an education regarding teeth and tooth decay.

But in the course of doing research for a personal friend and this friend's issues with his degrading oral health, Dr. Sutton discovered human skulls from thousands of years ago with perfect teeth. 

These people from millennia ago never had toothbrushes or fluoride. But they died with perfect teeth. Why was that?

Truth is, until I saw this, I wasn't even aware that losing teeth to gum disease and tooth decay doesn't have to be a "normal part of life." But if there were societies in the past that had people who died with perfect teeth, then it wasn't because of fluoride and toothbrushes.

So, it begs the question....

Are fluoride, deep root planing and scaling really the best we can do?

What if there's a better way? What if there is a more natural approach to oral care that deals with a TOTALLY DIFFERENT APPROACH to caring for your teeth and gums?

The fact is most of our modern oral care is driven by something he refers to as "germ theory" But he discovered some research that flipped the tables and gave him an insight into a totally different way of considering oral care and how to do it.

Enter the concept of "terrain theory."

You need to understand the competing scientific concepts of "germ" theory and "terrain" theory. So what the heck is "terrain" theory?

This was an eye-opener for me. But it makes perfect sense.

In short, germ theory says we need to constantly try to reduce or eliminate the harmful bacteria in our mouths that produce the acids that destroy our teeth and gums. We all understand the concept because we've heard it all our lives.

On the other hand, terrain theory says that there are also good bacteria in our mouths. And these "good" bacteria counteract the "bad" bacteria. In short, terrain theory says your mouth is a battlefield of sorts.

And like in war, we need to overwhelm the bad bacteria in our mouths by overwhelming the battlefield with good bacteria so the bad bacteria simply can't survive.

It's a simple concept. It's revolutionary. But it makes perfect sense.

(Disclaimer here. The link here is an affiliate link. If you watch the video and decide you want to pursue what he offers, I do earn a small finder's fee for turning you on to the information and the product he provides.)

But I think the product is worth a serious look. And for what it's worth, I NEVER endorse anything I don't believe in. But I ordered this stuff myself, and so far I'm really impressed with the offer.

Anyway, you're all grown-ups. But take a look. Hear him develop the idea for you. It's a NATURAL approach to improving your gums and teeth. Dr. Sutton is qualified to tell you that gum disease IS treatable and reversible. Your teeth can be saved.

Click on this link to watch the video. It's worth the time.

Click on this link
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Red Algae As A Calcium Supplement

Icelandic Red Algae Review – Is It As Good As The Reviews Suggest?

Icelandic Red Algae Calcium is a plant-based calcium supplement sourced from Icelandic Red Algae

This is an interesting product. Although it's actually only been out for a couple years now, it's a product developed by Leading Edge Health - a company that has been developing cutting-edge supplements since 2001.

If brand records were the only way to rank this product in a review, "GenF20 Calcium" would get high marks simply because of the company that brought it to market.

In case you weren't aware, "Leading Edge Health" is the same company that offers plenty of other helpful products for men and women, such as "The Brain Pill." (Think "Limitless.") You can find their other organic products on sexual health, skin health, anti-aging, and general health on their website.

How does Red Algae Help You?

Red Algae Calcium is a rich, natural source for calcium and magnesium - two nutrients your body needs on a regular basis for optimal joint and bone health. Many people are unaware that you need a diet rich in calcium and magnesium.

Why do you need calcium and magnesium in your diet?

It's simple, really. If you don't have adequate amounts of these minerals in your diet, your body will try to maintain the levels of these nutrients in your system.

But if your body can't do that by supplying your bones and joints with these minerals from your diet, you parathyroid glands will produce other hormones, triggering "hyperparathyroidism." This is one of the causes of bone density problems and fractures.

Try Icelandic Calcium with free shipping

What about Glucosamine?

Glucosamine does actually help with bone health and joint pain. But a study performed at the University of Minnesota actually proved that even though glucosamine helps lessen joint pain and improve bone health, red algae was even more effective than glucosamine at relieving joint pain.

So, what is in the GenF20 Icelandic Red Calcium Supplement?

  • Calcium and Magnesium: Harvard University studies show these nutrients to be essential in a balanced diet. The calcium and magnesium in Icelandic Red Algae is an extremely "bioavailable" form - easily digestable and absorbable.
  • Vitamin K2 and D3: optimizes the body's ability to absorb the calcium in the red algae.
  • Organic VEGAN blend of flavinoids: for those who are interested in maintaining a strict vegan diet, Leading Edge has kept this in mind and made sure all the ingredients meet this strict criteria.

What else should you know about GenF20 Red Algae Supplement?

What about side effects?

Fair question. But this stuff is made of all organic ingredients. So side effects aren't likely to be an issue.

But if you're using other supplements, be aware that excessive levels of calcium or magnesium may cause:

  • Constipation
  • Weakened bone structure.
  • Kidney stones.
  • Interference in the heart and brain relationship (hypercalcemia)
  • Possible migraines

The recommended daily dose of calcium supplements is 1,200 mg and this supplement has 1,000 mg. It's the quality and bioavailability that is the big difference here.

Always consult a health care practitioner before taking a supplement.

What is unique about GenF20 Calcium?

The Red Algae Calcium is the most bioavailable of any calcium supplements. And Leading Edge Health has a reputation for outstanding consistency and quality control.

Money-back guarantee for 67 days.

Try it risk-free for 67 days.

People typically see results within two weeks. So with a 67-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee, you can try it and if you don't find the results you're looking for, you can return for your money back.

Try Icelandic Calcium with free shipping

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Why I take Liposomal NMN

Why I Take An NMN Supplement

YOU need an NMN supplement, too.

If you've followed this blog for any time at all, you'll know I'm into natural medicine wherever possible. You also know I'm not a fan of the BS the government tries to pass off as healthcare sometimes.

So I like to try to stay up on the latest health trends. And one I came across lately is this business of "NMN" and taking it as a health supplement.

I heard about NMN supplements a while back in a podcast. But I didn't really know what it was until I saw a post about it pop up on Roo Ninja's blog. He does a lot of stuff about health supplements and he made me realize I needed to try this stuff. 

I'm glad I did.

NMN gets some great reviews from patients on the Mayo Clinic site.

There is a "member" section of the Mayo Clinic with an interesting review. Someone had asked about NMN and NAD (we will get to this in a bit) to see if anyone had used it for treating long Covid. There was this comment from a lady named "Hollee."

I have been doing NAD
I didn’t think it was helpful so stopped
But recently started again
Because of how exhausted I am
A nurse also recommended
I’ve started this and do seem to have more energy

Read on to see what this stuff is, why you want to take NMN (and not just NAD, like Hollee did, for the best result) and why "Liposomal NMN" is the best formulation of this stuff you can get.

Liposomal NMN and why you need it if you've had the vax

What is NMN?

NMN is the short form for a chemical your body makes called "Nicotinamide Mononucleotide." 

You maybe don't know what that is. Neither did I. But basically, it's a chemical that your body ultimately uses to build your cells and maintain and repair their DNA.

(DNA breakdown over time is one of the reasons we age. This stuff helps your body keep it in better shape longer.)

What does your body do with this NMN?

Well, basically, your body uses this "NMN" to make another chemical called "NAD." (NAD stands for "nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide." But you don't need to know all that.)

So really, your body uses NAD to repair your cells and keep your DNA intact and not getting corrupted with age.

But your body needs the NMN to make the NAD.

Are there NAD supplements? Why not just use those?

Well, as it turns out, the body can't use NAD if you take it as a supplement. You see, the NAD molecule is too big to fit into where you need it if you take it as a supplement. Your body makes it "in place" from NMN.

You need NMN to make NAD because your body can't use NAD from supplements.

Now, your body can (and does) make NMN. But if you take this as a supplement, it makes it easier for the body to benefit from it. You give your body more NMN to work with when it's making the NAD inside your cells where you need it.

(By the way, that pic from Roo's blog is used by permission. He will let you use it, too, if you ask him and put a link in your article back to his post.)

The benefits of using an NMN supplement

Your body makes NMN. But there are health benefits to supplementing with NMN capsules.

There don't seem to be any negative effects from taking it.

And that would make sense, since NMN is something your body obtains from some of the foods you eat, and is able to make the stuff in your body anyway.

But there are noted benefits to taking it as a supplement.

So, why do I take "Liposomal NMN?"

There are several formulations of NMN out there right now. It's kind of new to the natural health market but there are a couple companies already making it.

But there is a specific reason I'm taking this one.

This "Liposomal NMN" is the most bioavailable formulation out there.

What does that mean? "Bioavailable" means it is the formulation of NMN that is most easily absorbed into your system.

The reason is because of the "Liposome" part of the Liposomal NMN formula. 

A liposome is a little "package" that is made from fatty lipids that encases the NMN so that it gets past your stomach and into your gut. The stomach acids don't break it down because of this liposomal coating on the NMN.

So then, after it gets past your stomach, into your gut, THAT is when it gets exposed to your digestive tract. And that is where your body can best absorb it.

There are other formulations of NMN out there. Some of them are combined with other stuff, and it's probably to help with absorption.

But the biggest problem is that if your stomach acid breaks it down before it gets to your gut where you can absorb it, then it probably doesn't make a lot of difference what you take it with.

Check out "Liposomal NMN"

This stuff comes with a 67-day, money-back guarantee. But you'll likely find what I have found: this stuff is the bomb!

Try Liposomal NMN.

Why I take Liposomal NMN
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