Where Can I Get Ivermectin

A common item on the mind of the health-conscious consumer who is in the know on all treatments Covid is Ivermectin. There are multitudes of studies and health care professionals that attest to the effectiveness of Ivermectin in treating Covid. The question on everyone’s mind, though, is “where can I get Ivermectin?” Let’s consider what … Read more

REPORT: People Are Dying In the Hallways and Waiting Room At St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tucson, AZ Due To Staffing Shortages Caused By COVID Restrictions (AUDIO)

Tucson’s KNST host Garret Lewis spoke to Kathleen Winn, a Congressional candidate from Southern Arizona, to discuss the death and destruction caused by disastrous COVID restrictions. Lewis started the show talking about Arizona Attorney General Mark “ nunchucks ” Brnovich and his failure to update the public on his 2020 election investigation or talk about […]
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Rep. Jim Jordan Tells Jan. 6 Panel to Pound Sound, Rejects Legitimacy of Investigation

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) told the January 6 panel to pound sand after they asked him to provide information about his communications with Trump about the Jan. 6 Capitol protest. Rep. Jordan formally responded to the January 6 panel in a letter to the committee’s chairman, Rep. Bennie Thompson. “This request is far outside the […]
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Jamie Raskin: Exactly How The Dems Will Try Stopping President Trump in 2024

Raskin is a member of the House Judiciary Committee since January 6 and a former House impeachment manager.
By his personal observations and opinion, the Democrats and people who oppose another Trump term in the White House would have the Constitution on their side.
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On ABC’s “This Week,” Raskin explained that “Section 3 of the 14th Amendment states that anyone who has sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution, and who violates and betrays that oath by participating in an insurrection and rebellion against the Union shall never be allowed to hold public office again.
The Republicans, particularly the radical Republican Party, embraced this position after the Civil War and throughout the Reconstruction era.” It was used then, and it may certainly be used again, depending on what we discover about Donald Trump’s actions, to prevent him from ever being able to run for office again.”
When asked by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos if he had any proof that President Trump was involved in the uprising, Mr. Raskin mentioned the House’s second impeachment of Mr. Trump, which took place after the January 6 disturbance.

Mr. Trump was eventually found not guilty by a unanimous vote in the Senate.
In Mr. Raskin’s words, “the issue is whether he was involved in the organization of the incident.”
“And that’s precisely what the select committee is looking at as we carry out our mandate under House Resolution 503 to investigate all of the facts that contributed to the events of January 6th, as well as the causes of those events.”

Rep. Jamie Raskin “delighted” to hear Republican lawmakers give consideration to prosecuting former Pre. Trump if evidence shows he aided and abetted the Jan. 6 insurrection. https://t.co/iZSgsWrRDF pic.twitter.com/pHu1DVhrue
— This Week (@ThisWeekABC) January 9, 2022


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Senator Ron Johnson Appears to Be Breaking His Promise, and I’m Okay With That

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How to Win the War Against Tyranny

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The January 6 “Narrative” Is Soviet Propaganda Writ Large

I object to the outrageous government propaganda regarding January 6.  A full day of speeches to mourn an “insurrection” that nearly destroyed “democracy”?  Eminent historians drafted for the occasion to “establish and preserve the narrative”?  Moments of silence every other moment to remember the bravery of heavily armed officers who beat and shot unarmed…umm…“soldiers”? So much praying.  So many […]
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Jan. 6 Witch Hunt Committee Is Now Targeting MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell

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Propaganda and Gaslighting: How Our Government Is Handling January 6 Like China Handled Tiananmen Square

Two symbolic events in the struggle for human freedom over oppressive government transpired last month with barely any notice from the American media.  The first was the thirty-year anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union.  The second was the Chinese Communist Party’s removal of monuments commemorating the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre that occupied sacred ground on Hong Kong university campuses, […]
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President Trump’s History With Vaccines and New Theory Confirmed!

Published on January 1, 2022Written by dailyusa24.com

We continue to report on the #1 story on your mind these days which is:  “Why is President Trump pushing the vaccine?”

I have more to add to the story tonight, starting with President Trump’s history on vaccines.
Some of you may not know or may not remember all the Tweets he sent out years before he was President warning of the dangers of vaccines.
While his Twitter account was infamously deleted, an archive still exists.
Let’s start by taking a look at what he had historically said:

To be fair, his Tweets in 2014 made clear he wasn’t against ALL vaccines….just against the large dump of vaccines all at once.
See this:

It’s a great point.
I am no big fan of vaccines in general, but at the very least why can’t we spread them out?
I have personal experience on this topic.
As a parent to young children, I asked my doctor why we couldn’t simply spread them out one week apart by each one….
He had no answer at first.
Then he tried to say it was “for my convenience”.
I said fine, I don’t care. I will bring them in for 38 appointments and I’ll pay the insurance co-pay each time.
Took that argument away, but he still didn’t have an answer.
Then he started to get mad.
It was at that point I found a new doctor.
But I will tell you something friends, I know just by my own experience something is not right here.
There is NO valid reason to not allow a parent to space these things out!
But now let’s advance the story.
So we have a President Trump who was never 100 percent against vaccines but was against the large dump of vaccines into small bodies.
That’s an important background for what comes next.
This is from Patel Patriot on his “Devolution Series” a truly incredible blog he’s been posting that is now on Part 15.
You can find the entire thing on Substack and Part 15 right here.
I encourage you to go there and read the entire thing, but right now I want to share with you a portion because it confirms exactly my theory that I posted a few days ago!
I was so encouraged when I saw this…
From Part 15 of Patel Patriot’s Devolution series read this:
So not only did EO 13887 establish a National Influenza Task Force that reported to the President through key people we know to be involved in devolution, but it also allowed for the Department of Defense to collaborate with the HHS to design and evaluate influenza vaccines.
This is massively important when we look at some news that just recently came out related to the Army and Vaccines. On December 21, 2021, Defense One published a bombshell of an article:

So in early 2020 (With Trump as President) the DOD began research on a vaccine that was effective against not just Covid-19 but all “previous SARS-origin viruses” and all future variants. They have been working on this for almost two years and nearly all of Walter Reed’s 2,500 staff have had some role in the development and this is the first we heard about it.
This vaccine would be the death blow to the NWO plans.The fact that this type of research was even happening was because of the door opened to the DOD from EO 13887. We need to look at this from a 40,000 ft view because the implications here are truly stunning.
Let’s recap our previous summary and add a brief timeline surrounding the release of Covid:

Two days after the moratorium on gain of function research was lifted, Fauci made the statement that “No Doubt Trump will face surprise infectious disease outbreak”
There are multiple examples of NGO’s and the political establishment holding “Pandemic exercises”
The United States Government was funding gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology through grant money originating from the Anthony Fauci led NIAID
Trump’s December 2017 National Security Strategy specifically mentions pandemics that “Take lives, generate economic losses, and contribute to the loss of confidence in government institutions”
Trump’s September 2018 NSPM 14 was specifically geared toward supporting national biodefense and was issued in conjunction with the National Biodefense Strategy
The National Biodefense Strategy discusses deliberate biological threats and outlines support and preservation of continuity of operations
NSPM 14 established a committee chaired by the Secretary of Health and Human Services that was tasked with implementing the National Biodefense Strategy
NSPM 14 established the National Security Advisor as the lead for policy coordination and review to provide strategic input and facilitate policy integration for Federal biodefense efforts

All the above show circumstantial evidence of a Deep State plan to release a pandemic on the world and evidence of Trump taking actions to prepare for such an attack. Now the timeline surrounding the “escape” of COVID-19:

September 10th, 2019 – John Bolton is fired as the National Security Advisor
September 12th, 2019 (on or before) – Covid-19 is thought to have “escaped” the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab based on a report by the House Foreign Affairs Republicans
September 12th, 2019 – The WIV’s virus and sample database was removed in the middle of the night
September 18th, 2019 – Robert O’Brien took office as the National Security Advisor. The National Security Advisor is the lead for policy coordination for National Biodefense Efforts and would later become a central figure to devolution under Executive Order 13961
September 19th, 2019 – EO 13887 is issued

It is no coincidence that EO 13887 was issued the very day after Robert O’Brien took office as the National Security Advisor. It has a similar feeling to Christopher Miller being appointed Acting Secretary of Defense the day after the Associated Press declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election.
Trump knew a pandemic was coming. He started to prepare the battlefield and as we can clearly see, EO 13887 plays a major role in that preparation. I believe this is only part of the bigger picture.
I’ve said before that if Donald Trump knew the election was going to be stolen and did nothing about it, then I would consider him complicit in the destruction of America. I’m going to say the same thing here regarding COVID-19.
If Donald Trump knew there was going to be a pandemic, which I believe he did, and he didn’t take steps to fight it, then I would consider him complicit in the destruction brought about by the pandemic as well.
I believe EO 13887 and the military vaccine that stemmed from it goes hand-in-hand with something Trump has been consistently touting as one of his greatest achievements – Operation Warp Speed (OWS).
Operation Warp Speed
I believe EO 13887 and OWS are the two primary steps Donald Trump took to fight Covid-19 and the plan of control brought about by the Deep State. I think we need to look at OWS a little closer for some context. Here are some screenshots from the Operation Warp Speed plan:

Operation Warp Speed established a partnership between DoD and HHS to support the development, manufacture, and distribution of vaccines. Remember why the DoD and HHS are so important:The Secretary of HHS is the chair of the Biodefense Steering committee tasked with implementing the National Biodefense Strategy that was established by NSPM 14The Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of HHS co-chaired the National Influenza Vaccine Task Force.EO 13887 allowed the Secretary of Defense to implement vaccine development within the DoD
Within the framework of OWS, the DoD and HHS are assisting Big Pharma in fast-tracking their vaccine development, manufacturing, and distribution. We know Big Pharma is part of the Deep State and would love to keep us in a perpetual state of vaccines and variants. If Trump hadn’t issued EO 13887 and then implemented OWS, it could have taken years upon years before we ever saw a vaccine, and that perpetual nightmare of variants and vaccines would have become a reality.
Just how long would they have kept us locked down? Instead, EO 13887 paved the way for fast-tracked vaccines and the DoD and HHS helped get these Big Pharma vaccines to the public ASAP. This heroically sabotaged the Deep State’s original plan. Their entire timeline was overhauled and replaced with Trump’s timeline.
Now this is where some minor speculation comes into play but I’m only speculating based on the evidence I have put forth.
I believe Operation Warp Speed to be two-fold.

Trump not only moved the timeline of their plan up by many years, but he allowed them to get their first vaccines distributed ASAP. That necessitated the acceleration of their phase two variant which brought about the need for new vaccines and boosters. This accelerated rollout made their plan obvious to the whole world. Endless variants and endless vaccines and the ostracization of anybody who didn’t comply. Exposes Fauci, Big Pharma, the Biden administration, Media, etc.

The second part is the behind-the-scenes production of an effective single vaccine that works against all future variants. This catch-all vaccine destroys their plan in one blow. While they are gearing up for a “Dark Winter” and more lockdowns, we get news of a vaccine that ends the current virus and all future viruses they could throw at us.

The point here is that while the DoD and HHS were helping to rush the ineffective Big Pharma vaccines to market, they were working on their own vaccine in secret. There were zero leaks and that tells me it was a White Hat operation. Part of the mandate for the DoD and HHS under OWS was to “assist in the development” of the Big Pharma vaccines but clearly Big Pharma wasn’t in the loop about this new military vaccine that could end the pandemic outright.
Everything we covered further solidifies that devolution is in play. Many of the same players we know to be involved with devolution based on what we discuss inDevolution – Part 13 also play significant roles in Trump’s pandemic countermoves. The operation Trump set in motion surrounding the pandemic and the devolution operation discussed in the Devolution Series are one in the same.
I posted a few polls to my telegram channel and we are able to come to some logical conclusions based on the data gathered:

When I look at the above results, it tells me that Trump’s pro-vaccine stance isn’t geared towards his base. A majority of his supporters will still vote for him regardless, and those same supporters still won’t get the jab even though Trump supports it. Trump knows all of this. Trump has taught his base to question what the mainstream media and government officials tell us. Trump has taught us to do our own research and use our freedom of choice to make the decision we feel is best.
So if his pro-vax stance isn’t geared towards his supporters, we can logically determine it’s for those who don’t support him.Clif High has presented what I would consider to be the best explanation of Trump’s pro-vaccine stance.  This brief 15 minute video outlines it. It’s a great theory that fits the facts available to us.
When Trump talks about the vaccines, we simply can’t take him at face value. EO 13887 and OWS dramatically accelerated all timelines, causing the Deep State to panic and go all-in on increasingly unhinged mandates, variants, and vaccines. Don’t forget what Trump’s ultimate goal here is – he is trying to unite America against those who seek to control and destroy us. He is engineering a mass awakening and he has to do so while carefully navigating the COVID and vaccine situation.
How do you reach the half the population who have been savagely indoctrinated by the leftist universities and mainstream media? They believe the vaccines are literally the only solution to ending the pandemic. How would the media react to Trump coming out against the vaccine?
We can speculate all day long as to why Trump is doing what he is doing but we won’t have the answers until the dust settles. If you’re looking for why he has been so consistent in his pro-vax stance, you won’t find the answer here but this is what I can tell you – Donald Trump knew a pandemic was coming and he took steps to prepare for it.
What his military vaccine news demonstrates to us is that we still don’t have the full picture of what is truly going on behind the scenes in the war against the Deep State. You know who does have the full picture?
President Donald John Trump
Let’s not lose faith in him now.
Read the rest here: dailyusa24.com
Header image: CNN
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