Pfizer and Moderna Are Rolling Out Catch-All mRNAs for ‘Pandemic Influenza’

Reprinted from NOQ report.

Pfizer, Moderna, and the mRNA gang are unleashing a new “vaccine” enterprise upon the public, and U.S. Government Health is all too happy to assist in the operation.

On Tuesday, The Biden Administration awarded Moderna with a $176 million contract purposed with developing a vaccine for bird flu. It serves as a much needed lifeline for Moderna, because after its failed mRNA Covid-19 gambit, the $45 billion company has once again found itself without any functioning products. However, given Moderna’s partnerships with the American government, the company has been able to sustain itself through regulatory capture.

But that’s not even the nefarious part of the story.

Both Pfizer and Moderna have expanded the mRNA pipeline through a catch-all label that they refer to as “pandemic influenza,” which can be identified as any current or future influenza-labeled “pandemic.” And the federal government is very much on board. […]

NOTE: The opinions expressed in the NOQ REPORT are not necessarily those of "Cogny Mann." But it is certain that we share a lot of overlap in our philosophies and worldviews.

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What Happens When An Elderly Woman Rejects The Covid ‘Vaccine’

Update 4: four of my mother’s “vaccinated” friends have died in the last six months Friend 1 (Pfizer shots 1 & 2, plus booster): turbo cancer Friend 2 (Pfizer shots 1 & 2, plus 2 boosters): aplastic anemia Friend 3 (Pfizer shots 1 & 2, unsure of how many boosters): blood clots and stroke Friend […]

Principia Scientifica is an interesting site with some good finds. It generally passes Cogny's "smell test." Read more here: https://thecognitiveman.com/feed/what-happens-when-an-elderly-woman-rejects-the-covid-vaccine/

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Did Highly Toxic ‘Blue’ Vaccine Batches Contain Pfizer, not BioNTech, mRNA?

As discussed in my last article, BioNTech, the German owner and legal manufacturer of what is more commonly called the ‘Pfizer’ COVID-19 vaccine, was determined to be not just the drug’s legal manufacturer but, at least in Europe.

Principia Scientifica is an interesting site with some good finds. It generally passes Cogny's "smell test." Read more here: https://thecognitiveman.com/feed/did-highly-toxic-blue-vaccine-batches-contain-pfizer-not-biontech-mrna/

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The Lancet Publishes and then retracts a daming paper about the covid vaccines

Lancet Publishes Paper Showing 3 Out Of Five Deaths From Vax And Then Withdraws The Paper

Dr. Joseph Mercola had a recent article[1] about another switcheroo just pulled by "The Lancet." They published a paper (preprint, which I will explain briefly) and then, in a flash, withdrew it from publication. You have to wonder if it was anything other than political pressure from Big Pharma.

The summary, from Dr. Mercola's paper:

July 5, 2023, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Roger Hodkinson, an expert clinical pathologist, and colleagues published a systematic review of autopsy findings in people who died after receiving a COVID shot on The Lancet journal’s preprint server
The autopsy review found that 62.5% to 73.9% of post-jab deaths were likely caused by the injection
Preprints with The Lancet pulled the study in less than 24 hours
The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) also rejected the paper, as did the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The preprint server medRxiv and others also refused to post it
Belgian researchers report that two doses of the Pfizer mRNA COVID jab induced lethal “turbo cancers” in a mouse. Two days after receiving its second dose, one of the 14 injected mice (7%) died suddenly. No clinical signs of illness were present before its abrupt death. Upon post-mortem examination, the mouse was found to have lymphoma in several organs, including the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen and lungs

Concerned about the spike proteins? About consequences from the vax? About "shedding?"

Dr. Peter McCollough and his associates have developed what I believe is the best detox formula out there for strengthening your immune response to the spike proteins.

The details of what happened

Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Roger Hodkinson, an expert clinical pathologist, and several other colleagues published an article on July 5th, 2023.

It was a systematic review of autopsy results in people who died after receiving a COVID shot.

They published it on The Lancet journal’s "preprint server."

What is a "preprint server?"

According to "Author Services," (a research publisher) "A preprint[2], also known as the Author’s Original Manuscript (AOM), is the version of your article before you have submitted it to a journal for peer review."

The paper was published by these doctors and the Lancet apparently pulled it because of the number of downloads that were obtained by the public so rapidly.

So, what, exactly, did the paper say? Read it for yourself.[3] (You can download the paper here, even though the Lancet pulled it from their server.)

We initially identified 678 studies and, after screening for our inclusion criteria, included 44 papers that contained 325 autopsy cases and one necropsy case. Three physicians independently reviewed all deaths and determined whether COVID-19 vaccination was the direct cause or contributed significantly to death.

The most implicated organ system in COVID-19 vaccine-associated death was the cardiovascular system (53%), followed by the hematological system (17%), the respiratory system (8%), and multiple organ systems (7%). Three or more organ systems were affected in 21 cases.

The mean time from vaccination to death was 14.3 days. Most deaths occurred within a week from last vaccine administration. A total of 240 deaths (73.9%) were independently adjudicated as directly due to or significantly contributed to by COVID-19 vaccination ...

Among adjudicators, there was complete independent agreement (all three physicians) of vaccination causing or contributing to death in 203 cases (62.5%). The one necropsy case was judged to be linked to vaccination with complete agreement ...

The consistency seen among cases in this review with known COVID-19 vaccine adverse events, their mechanisms, and related excess death, coupled with autopsy confirmation and physician-led death adjudication, suggests there is a high likelihood of a causal link between COVID-19 vaccines and death in most cases.”

Dr. McCollough has literally hundreds of peer-reviewed papers. He knows his stuff.

The study showed that the most common cause of death or contributing factor after the vaccination was the vaccination. But we can't talk about that.

The vaccine and "Turbo-Cancers"

According to Dr. Mercola, "Belgian researchers have report that two doses of the Pfizer mRNA COVID jab induced lethal “turbo cancers” in a mouse. Two days after receiving its second dose, one of the 14 injected mice (7%) died suddenly. No clinical signs of illness were present before its abrupt death."

Upon post-mortem examination, the mouse was found to have lymphoma in several organs, including the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen and lungs. From the study[4]

“Two days following booster vaccination (i.e., 16 days after prime), at only 14 weeks of age, our animal suffered spontaneous death with marked organomegaly and diffuse malignant infiltration of multiple extranodal organs (heart, lung, liver, kidney, spleen) by lymphoid neoplasm.

Immunohistochemical examination revealed organ sections positive for CD19, terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase, and c-MYC, compatible with a B-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma immunophenotyped ...

Given the paucity of data on the long-term safety of the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines, it is vital that clinicians and scientists report any adverse event to establish potential correlations.

Our case adds to previous clinical reports on malignant lymphoma development following novel SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination. Interestingly, we are the first to report a B-LBL subtype ...

Although strong evidence proving or refuting a causal relationship between SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination and lymphoma development or progression is lacking, vigilance is required, with conscientious reporting of similar cases and a further investigation of the mechanisms of action that could explain the aforementioned association.”

So what to do if you've already had the jab?

Well, according to Dr. Mercola,

Your health may still be impacted long-term, so don’t take any more shots.

When it comes to treatment, it seems like many of the treatments that worked against severe COVID-19 infection also help ameliorate adverse effects from the jab. This makes sense, as the toxic, most damaging part of the virus is the spike protein, and that’s what your whole body is producing if you got the jab.

As mentioned earlier, eliminating the spike protein is a primary task to prevent and/or address post-jab injuries. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine bind to and facilitate the removal of spike protein. According to McCullough, nattokinase, bromelain and curcumin also help degrade the spike protein.[5]

Consider a "detox" with nattokinase, bromelain and curcumin.

Dr. McCollough and his colleagues have actually developed what is probably the best "detox" formula for those who have been exposed to the spike proteins, whether from the virus or the vax.

Dr. Peter McCollough and his associates have put together a "detox" formula with the proper proportions of all the best defenses against the spike proteins - nattokinase, bromelain and curcumin.


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Donald Trump should be thrilled the Pfizer violated its contract

Trump Should Be Happy That Pfizer Violated Its Contract

Trump should be happy that Pfizer violated its contract by fraud.

For some, that sounds ridiculous. For many of us, it's pretty obvious that Pfizer violated its contract by committing fraud in trying to pass these vaccines off to the department of defense.

Naomi Wolf uncovered this truth recently. Pfizer was supposed to deliver its results to the department of defense by a supposed "drop dead date" but purposely held off for 3 weeks, in an apparent attempt to delay a "solution" for the Covid crisis, and thereby throwing the 2020 election to Biden.

Ben Armstrong makes some good points about this on his show

Ben Armstrong nailed it. First time I've heard him but he's pretty good with this one, for sure.

He hits on some good points. Trump is arrogant. So arrogant, in fact, he might not be able to admit this to himself or not. But his best bet and his best chance of winning in 2024 might be for him to recognize and admit he was duped in the run-up to the 2020 election.

If he can admit to his followers that he got sucked in to lies from the likes of Fauci and that the vaccine turned out to be a disaster, it would certainly a lot further ahead.

Pfizer violated its contract with the DOD to throw the election.

Naomi Wolf uncovered this stuff and he talks about it in the video.

Take a look.

Pray for Trump. If he can ever see this and admit it, it will get him a "world apart" ahead in the 2024 election race.

Do you want to see how bad Pfizer has done against the american people?

Study shows 74% of deaths are due to the covid vaccines

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Dr. Scott Jensen discusses disappearing journal articles on the Covid narrative

Dr Scott Jensen: Medical Journal Articles About Covid Are Disappearing And No One Is Talking About it

Dr. Scott Jensen says medical journal articles are disappearing, and no one is talking about it.

It should come as no surprise that there are some nefarious things happening with regard to the ugly history of the failed Covid vaccine program.

Now that it's off the radar, because Covid seems to have largely passed (except for those still getting the vaccines) this kind of thing can happen a little more easily.

Most people are just glad Covid is "over." But the problem is that no one is being held accountable for the aftermath (yet).

Here's a little snippet from the video commentary posted below.

Hundreds of Medical Journal Articles are disappearing and no one is talking about it. Jazz Shaw - the medical field is erasing its own covid era history

Pfizer and the rest of the big pharma companies assured the government that everything was just fine with the vaccines, because they had been doing super serious testing.

And the government dutifully reported the cheerful news to us, while using all of that data to impose lockdowns, mask mandates and immunity passport systems.

And now, according to one group that tracks publications in scientific journals, a lot of the original research and test results are mysteriously disappearing.

More than three hundred papers and scientific articles have vanished in the past year.

We knew during the pandemic that several specific instances occurred where high quality journals such as the lancet, NEJM, published articles that a short time later required a retraction or revision. And I think you and I know why.

Give a listen here. It's a five minute video but it makes you aware of the depth of the problem and makes you think about how you need to start capturing some of this stuff when you see it online - before it just "goes away."

Dr Jensen is pointing out something that wouldn't surprise many of us - if we knew about it.

I remember reading the hit piece in the Lancet a few years ago when they came out with a paper pretty quickly after President Trump spoke of hydroxychloroquine and how it could help with Covid.

While I'm not a doctor, I know how to cross-reference data and use a medical dictionary to work through medical papers when they're a little over my head.

My opinion, when that first came out, and after an hour of solid research, was that it was a hit piece.

They couldn't get the EUA for the vaccines if hydroxychloroquine might actually work for Covid. So they had to "take it out."

And, sure enough, about 6 weeks later, they ran a retraction on the article. But by then, the damage was done and the media used that article to malign both hydroxychloroquine and the president that was promoting it.

Retractions are never front page news.

But does anyone remember this little doozy?

Don't forget to save often. Lest we forget.

Those who don't remember history are doomed to repeat it.

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A Handful of Companies Control the Global Propaganda

Reprinted from NOQ report.

In her book “One Idea to Rule Them All, Reverse Engineering American Propaganda,” Michelle Stiles reveals how the American public (and indeed the global population at large) have been indoctrinated and conned by public relations (PR) companies that run the globalist cabal’s propaganda campaigns. I will be interviewing Michele shortly for this book.

The PR agency creates a global media plan for a given client. It decides the articles to be written and where they’re to appear. It then decides where ads will run and when. So, while drug companies appear to have a rather direct influence over media, it’s really the PR firms that wield the greatest control, especially when it comes to the organization of it all.

They make sure the same message is distributed in many different places in a cohesively timed fashion. As such, PR companies are a central cog in the global propaganda machine and need to be understood as such.

On a side note, there are two designations for PR companies: public relations firms and ad agency holding companies. Ad agency holding companies do public relations but are primarily ad agency based.

A Russian Nesting Doll Model of the World

As detailed in “Who Owns the World?” a handful of private investment companies dominate every aspect of our lives and own everything we spend our money on, from food and beverages to clothing, travel, housing and just about everything else you can think of.

While there appear to be hundreds of competing brands on the market, like Russian nesting dolls, larger parent companies own multiple smaller brands. In reality, all packaged food brands, for example, are owned by a dozen or so larger parent companies.

These parent companies, in turn, are owned by shareholders, and the largest shareholders are the same in all of them: Vanguard and Blackrock. These institutional investors also own each other. They’re shareholders in each other’s companies, which erodes the concept of competition and strengthens the global monopoly even further.

Four Ad Holding Companies Dominate the Media Landscape

The four largest ad holding companies in the world are currently the Publicis Groupe, WPP, the Omnicom Group and the Interpublic Group, and Stiles notes, all are “deeply interlocked with the corporate media, the military-industrial complex, and the policy elites.”

Each agency, in turn, has smaller subsidiaries and affiliates, again giving us the illusion that there are far more players than there really are. And, as with everything else, Vanguard and/or BlackRock are among the top 10 shareholders in these top four ad agency holding companies. They also own major media companies, and the largest drug companies.

For clarity, in her book, Stiles lists the top three as WPP, Omnicom and Interpublic, but as of November 2021, Publicis surpassed WPP in terms of market value, nabbing the No. 1 spot as the world’s largest ad holding company.1 WPP still has a larger annual revenue, though. That said, all four boast multibillion-dollar annual revenues. In 2022:

  • London-based WPP, which has agencies in 112 countries, made $17.847 billion.2 Noteworthy clients include Amazon, Microsoft, NBC, Healthline, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Pfizer.
  • Publicis made $14.957 billion3 serving clients within the technology, pharmaceutical and banking industries.
  • New York City-based Omnicom made $14.289 billion4 from its 200+ agencies, which service more than 5,000 corporate brands, universities, nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).
  • The Interpublic Group’s revenue was $10.928 billion,5 and its clientele include the U.S. Army, ABC, Columbia Records, Unilever, U.S. Bank, Facebook and ExxonMobil, just to name a few.

According to Stiles, an estimated two-thirds to 80% of the content broadcast and published by corporate media comes from public relations firms. In other words, most so-called mainstream media “news” is propaganda.

Remarkably, when you add the revenues of these top four ad holding companies together, it’s still below $60 billion, which seems a modest price to control up to 80% of the global mainstream media landscape. Clearly, it’s money well-spent, from the globalist’s perspective.

The Transnational Capitalist Class

As noted by Stiles, the term academia uses to describe this globalist cabal is “The Transnational Capitalist Class” or TCC. “They are 1% of the world’s wealthiest people who provide the ideological justification driving desired actions to be implemented worldwide in pursuit of their shared interests through transnational governmental organizations,” she writes.

She goes on to cite sociologist Peter Phillips’ book, “Giants: The Global Power Elite,” in which Phillips details:

“… the vast web of interconnectedness of the 17 giant investment firms managing in excess of $43 trillion in capital, who are themselves cross-invested with each other, the near giants … and have ownership stakes in the top 1,500 corporations spanning the globe, giving them enormous power in corporate board rooms across the planet.

Leaders of these firms meet together at various policy-making conferences throughout the year to network, strategize and finalize recommendations in the form of reports and whitepapers that heavily influence worldwide geopolitics …

If you still live in the dark ages thinking there is no intertwined global elite controlling and overpowering the sovereignty of nation-states and dominating the ideological landscape, take the time and read Phillip’s book. It’s a reality check as bracing as a cold shower …

Philips profiles 389 of the world’s most powerful players in capitalism … It’s a very small ecosystem of entwined connections, financial overlap, elite prestige and message control which they inhabit …

There are integrations, cross integrations, partnerships, overlap of leadership and constant networking among the 1%. This is evident. So far, an obvious but overlooked question is: If a deeply complex geo-political and ideological web has already been established, who are the weavers and what are they up to? Who is responsible for the organization on such a grand scale?

People who study these types of things have many names for the weavers: ‘The Deep State,’ ‘The 1%,’ ‘The Elites,’ ‘GloboCap,’ ‘The Powers That Be,’ or simply ‘Globalists.’ It is likely that the true leaders will always remain hidden, and the leaders profiled in Phillips’ book are more or less figureheads fronting for controllers behind the scenes.

Remember, wolves don’t go announcing themselves to the general public. If things go awry, their anonymity protects them. In the end, knowledge of the names is not as important as understanding the systematic game of ‘winner take all’ that they are playing.”

But for all their private meetings, the globalists would not have been able to build this hidden monopoly where they own everything, were it not for their control of the media.

They hid their control of the media pretty well for a long time, but during COVID, the lockstep word-for-word regurgitation of nonsense and easily-confirmed lies revealed there was, without doubt, a top-down organization to the madness.

Here, Publicis appears to be a top candidate as the primary string-puller, seeing how it’s partnered with the World Economic Forum, which is leading the call for a “reset” of the global economy and a complete overhaul of our way of life.

US Government Spends Billions on Propaganda

While private interests are at the center of the globalist cabal or Deep State, it’s a mistake to think that governments aren’t participating in their plans — or their propaganda.

As reported by Stiles, between 2007 and 2015, the U.S. federal government spent more than $4 billion on public relations services, plus another $2.2 billion for polling, research, and market consulting services. Why does a government “of the people, by the people, for the people” need all this PR? In short: to indoctrinate the public with the globalists’ narratives and points of view.

“Building trust takes time because character is only revealed through action,” Stiles notes, and this is well-known to con artists and propagandists alike. Without a certain level of trust, a con won’t work, and we are now discovering that the globalist cabal has spent decades orchestrating a con so big many still cannot believe it. They’ve infiltrated academia, science and just about every branch of government, and not just in the United States.

In a functioning system, mainstream media would have alerted us to the game plan and exposed the liars and the frauds along the way. But they didn’t, and the reason they didn’t is because mainstream media are no longer free to report truth. It’s been captured by the globalist propaganda machine and its primary function is to broadcast the narratives created by PR companies on the cabal’s behalf.

“Propaganda is a rich man’s sport,” Stiles writes. “Imagine with piles of money you can purchase ‘trust,’ enabling you to monopolize ideas. Your ideas at the top of the food chain ensure continued market dominance and financial leverage over a manipulated citizenry.

You are going to do this in various ways; creating foundations that will ‘donate’ large sums of money to organizations you would like to influence, sponsoring organizations that influence national and global leaders and by creating nonprofit organizations that can promote your message while appearing independent.

This takes decades, but you’re a patient person. After all, global ideological dominance shouldn’t happen overnight. When sufficient entities exist or have been captured — the average citizen is subject to the finest pseudo-reality that money can buy.

It’s a diabolical achievement — the corruption and take-over of the ideological free market. Your ideas saturate the landscape, and your helpless victims struggle to triangulate ‘truth,’ trapped in a literal spider’s web of interconnected and well-financed authoritative voices and entities.”

The Creation of an Idea Syndicate

Stiles goes through the various ways in which the globalists technocrats and transhumanists managed to create an “idea syndicate” where their ideas always get top billing. One way has been through the capturing of societal influencers through the lures of “grants and the promise of appointments, publications and prestige.”

This strategy has resulted in people of low integrity and morals taking center stage — most are basically people willing to sell out — while simultaneously throttling the influence of independent thinkers who cannot be bought.

Another highly effective strategy is to “control the realm of ideas by lavishly funding certain themes and narratives while selectively starving others slated for extinction,” Stiles writes. This is routinely done through charitable foundations. Through “charity,” the cabal can fund the ideas that the TCC endorses while simultaneously starving out opposing ideas and ideals. As noted by Stiles:

“The true threat of the foundations lies ‘in their ability to provide war chests in the battle of ideas,’ picking winners and losers and corrupting the free-flowing ideological landscape …

Those ideas that are nonconformist, unconventional or simply do not comport with the dominant ideology espoused by the foundation trustees would be left to wither on the vine, having little reach or power to influence.

Much of what is called ‘truth’ today is supported by ‘research.’ ‘The research says’ is the essence of supposed objectivity and the backbone of a superior argument leaving the fellow without research in the dust. The logic is as follows: All worthy ideas get funding for research; your ideas have no supporting research; therefore, your ideas are inferior.

As you can easily see, all ideas do not have equal opportunity to advance if the control lever of funding is biased. With this scheme in place, entire intellectual flotillas of specialized science could be created and used to commandeer social policy, legislation, and judicial rulings by directing the money spigots flowing into academia …

Foundation control of monies to academia can be thought of as a chokehold on the seedbed or ideological germination centers targeting idea creators and their livelihood.”

The third way to create an idea syndicate is through front groups — third-party organizations that claim to be independent but are really agents of and for a particular agenda.

“With enough money, front groups can afford to scheme up designer truth hot off the assembly line to support literally any platform,” Stiles writes, adding, “Thanks to billions of dollars spent through foundations, public relations firms and the third-party technique, Americans are literally swimming in a sea of manufactured truth …”

Controlling Competing Views

So, to summarize, maintaining control over ideas and prevailing narratives involves both the monopolization of ideas and the simultaneous suppression of competing views, and PR companies and media perform both functions.

As noted by Stiles, even when media present opposing views, they do so very carefully. “Truth that has the power to unseat the illusion of democracy will have a firewall erected against it,” and media simply will not cross that firewall, no matter how “neutral” they pretend to be.

ChatGPT Weighs in on Potential Dangers of PR Firms

In closing, and just for fun, a member of my team recently asked ChatGPT to “write a story about the potential dangers of how the top three ad holding companies, which also act as public relations firms, can influence news coverage about pharmaceutical products, similar to how Bill Gates could use his foundation’s money to influence the World Health Organization and media organizations to influence the coverage of global health, and potentially benefit from his own pharmaceutical investments.”

The carefully engineered prompt for the AI allowed a response that reveals the kernel of truth that even the radicalized programmers at OpenAI could not filter out:

The post A Handful of Companies Control the Global Propaganda appeared first on NOQ Report – Conservative Christian News, Opinions, and Quotes.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in the NOQ REPORT are not necessarily those of "Cogny Mann." But it is certain that we share a lot of overlap in our philosophies and worldviews.

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My Response To A Critic Regarding Dr. Bryan Ardis

People like Dr. Bryan Ardis are a lightening rod when discussing Covid.

I get the controversy. He is, after all, not a “real doctor,” depending on your perspective. He’s “only” a chiropractor. So what does he know about immunology. Right?

I appreciate my critics, too. Even if they don’t know it.

One of my more popular posts is one I wrote last October regarding Dr. Bryan Ardis’ “recipe” for how to protect yourself from the spike protein in the vaccines.

I received a lot of questions regarding this post: how much of this or that should I take; why does he say this or that? Things like that.

And my response was always the same: I’m not a doctor. I don’t know. This is what the doctor himself said. Ask him.

But I did receive a well-intentioned rebuke from a reader. She wrote this (and if you go to the original post, you can see her comment in the comments section at the end of the post).

She said,

I am concerned about the amount of misinformation posted on this site. There is a great deal of uncertainty about Covid-19 & the best way to treat it, but it appears Bryan Ardis who is just a chiropractor, is taking advantage of the uncertainty & confusion to make money and attain notoriety. So much of what he says has no basis in fact.

See the comment at the end of THIS POST.

It’s a fair concern, depending on your point of view. Credentials mean something. And a lack of proper credentials might mean something, too. But how much weight do you put on credentials?

I ask the question because there are many times in history that it wasn’t the most “qualified” who made the important discoveries. Sometimes, it was the most diligent to dive into the facts and study them and to investigate and DO SCIENCE to get to the bottom of what the facts actually mean….

This post is essentially about my response to Katie, the critic of the other post.

This is my response (with additional comments added for clarity).

Hello Katie.

Sorry for the late response. I got busy with a number of things and then in December I actually ended up in the hospital with Covid for 6 days. So I’m just catching up.

I can appreciate your concerns though I obviously disagree with how well-founded they are. And I think this has a lot to do with the different a priori assumptions we bring to the discussion before it even happens.

For those who might not have heard the term “a priori assumptions,” it is a term from Latin and it refers to all those things we assume to be true when we discuss an issue with others. We assume it to be true because we “see” it as “self-evident.”

A Priori Assumptions

Definition of a priori

1a: DEDUCTIVErelating to or derived by reasoning from self-evident propositions— compare A POSTERIORIpresupposed by experience2: being without examination or analysis PRESUMPTIVEformed or conceived beforehand

We all make a priori assumptions. Because, well… because some things are “obvious.” (Right? Maybe? Or not?)

Anyway, I continued.

I find it funny how we as a society will typically intrinsically distrust lawyers but also intrinsically trust doctors.

I also find it interesting that most who just intrinsically trust doctors seem to do so on the basis of their education and the assumption that they have been granted a medical degree and are therefore to automatically be trusted regarding the prescriptions they write, their knowledge of (in this case) immunology and the like. In reality, a GP doesn’t get a lot of hours of education in medical school (at the pre-specialist level) regarding immunology and vaccines. They do get some but not a lot.

With regard to Dr. Ardis (chiropractor) I also think we come at this from much different perspectives. As an aside, when I was in the hospital and I was debating my vaccine status and how good or bad they are with the internist assigned to my care, he did seem to recognize (judging from his facial expressions, though he didn’t directly admit) I brought some points to the discussion he had not considered before. So there’s that.

Look. Saying Dr. Ardis is a chiropractor and is therefore not qualified to speak to these issues is kind of like what the doctors said to Florence Nightingale in her day – they were the ones with the education and she was just a nurse. But (if you’ve studied history in this little niche) it turns out that little nurse Nightingale was right and all the powerful, educated doctors were wrong.

Remember Florence Nightingale

For those of you not familiar with Florence Nightingale, you need to look into this history a bit. Because if we do not learn from history, we repeat it over and over. Because that is our nature as humans. Unfortunately…

As I understand the story (and you can PLEASE correct me if I have it wrong, but) Florence Nightingale was a nurse who bumped heads with some of the doctors of her day because she thought they weren’t practicing proper hygiene and had to fight their “higher education” to convince them of the need of proper handwashing between patients. And in the end, it turned out the nurse Florence was right and the more highly-educated doctors were wrong but they didn’t want to hear it from a nurse.

For a more comprehensive view of where she fit in to the long history of the battle over handwashing you can find an interesting article about it here. But the takeaway, as I understand it, is that Florence was more “right” than the doctors she bumped heads with over the issues of her day, even though she “didn’t have the best credentials.”

Anyway, I continued.

My take on “credentials, qualifications,” and “the right to be heard.

My approach to this is not just that I look for only the most qualified in any field and exclude any opinions from those “less qualified.” My approach has always and continues to be that I look for anyone with enough education and experience in their field or related field (in this case, doctors, nurses, immunologists, and yes, chiropractors) that has enough credentials to show they are capable of rigorous study and analysis of data and then I LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE THEY BRING TO THE TABLE. I don’t automatically dismiss any opinion (whether I like it or not, or whether I agree with it or not) simply because “they are not qualified.”

If they’ve shown a level of qualification that shows me they may have enough knowledge and experience to bring facts to the table that need to be considered, I do so. In my many years of experience in my areas of expertise, I’ve had to come to the hard realization that many who are the “most qualified” are not the most informed, nor are they the most capable of addressing the issues that need to be dealt with.

So I listen to Dr. Ardis, NOT because of direct qualifications in immunology and virology (I have many I follow with those qualifications, too, who agree with him by the way). I listen to Dr. Ardis because his level of education and certification in a medical field tells me he has a base level of knowledge enough that I need to consider his input and examine the facts he brings to the discussion and evaluate what he brings based on the strength of the evidence.

And if the most qualified immunologist or virologist shows up and says he doesn’t know what he is talking about, I want to know WHY he or she says it, and what evidence (research, peer-reviewed papers, studies, etc) or direct data he or she presents to refute it. And when they do that, then I research what they say to see if it does hold up.

But I didn’t want to leave it there. Because whether Katie recognized it or not, she, too, has her own set of a priori assumptions. And maybe just a few prejudices she might not be aware of.

Anyway, I continued with this….


You’ve made some pretty strong accusations against Dr. Ardis. You speak as if you know his motives and his heart. How do you know what his motives are? Do you know him? Can you prove that, or is it just an opinion?

You also say, “so much of what he says has no basis in fact.” Can you give any specifics as to what, if any, particular things he says that have “no basis in fact?”

Let’s start there. Teach me. I’m open to learning.

I just hope you are, too.

Listen. I’ve been wrong before. And recognizing where I needed to change my mind and admitting I was biased, or prejudiced or just plain ignorant regarding topics I was talking about has gotten me a long way.

I learn much from informed people who disagree with me if they are willing to bring facts and data into the discussion that challenges my a priori assumptions.

But if you’ve already got your mind made up about people’s motives and aren’t open to reconsidering that you are maybe bringing HUGE assumptions and prejudices into your armchair judgements about why people are doing what they are doing, you might have it wrong.

And I will admit, I bring a few of my own.

Because when you talk about Dr. Ardis “being in it for the money,” I wonder if you realize that Pfizer is in it for the money, too. You have to connect the dots regarding the money about Pfizer that you think you’ve connected about Dr. Ardis. And when you do, I hope you realize that…

Pfizer is a huge advertiser on every major news media outlet out there. And if you run a news network as a business, you are smart enough to know you don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you.

Back to you, Katie. I will be waiting.

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The Baffling Incompetence at the National Institutes of Health

An Open Letter: Reflections On The NIH Interview With Franklin Graham

Dear Dr. Who

I watched (twice) your interview with Franklin Graham of Samaratin’s Purse regarding the Covid-19 vaccines and the musings between you over the safety and efficacy of the vaccines and your frustration with the apparent lack of willingness for about 90,000,000 of America’s finest to roll up their sleeves and volunteer for the jab.

I will say at the outset for you and for my readers (mostly for my readers, since I’m assuming you’ll not really be reading this) that I’m not a medical professional. Not at all.

Now, I’m a fairly smart guy and I know how to reason logically. But there are so many things about the coronavirus and these vaccines you’re pushing that I don’t know. I’m not going to propose to teach you anything here about the virus or the vaccines.

But you made a statement in that interview (a number of them, actually) starting at about the 2:35 mark that just leaves me scratching my head in disbelief.

You commented to Rev. Graham that there are about 90,000,000 Americans who are still unwilling to roll up their sleeves to get the jab and you’re having a hard time understanding why.

Pardon me, sir. But as the head of the NIH, if you think these vaccines are the cat’s pyjamas and 90 million citizens don’t want to partake, shouldn’t you be making more of an effort to find out why people are reluctant to get the jab?

Look. I get that you’re convinced you’ve got a wonderful product here. You rattle off all kinds of statistics about how safe they are and how effective they are at preventing extreme symptoms from Covid. You think the evidence is quite compelling that this vaccine is an answer to prayer.

But you seem oblivious to the fact that millions of Christians, having prayed about taking this vaccine, believe God is showing them quite clearly not to get it. And you don’t know why.

Shouldn’t you be asking them why?

But the problem (for me, at least, and I know I’m far from alone) is that all the information you gave out about your take on these vaccines has nothing to do with the medical issues that concern me and millions of others.

At about 3:56 in the video, you say it is interesting that 96% of healthcare providers have been vaccinated – that as people who have the evidence, they’ve clearly rolled up their sleeves to get the vaccine.

Question for you: of the 96% of medical professionals who have gotten the vaccine, what percentage of those have gotten it under duress – under threat of losing their jobs if they didn’t take the jab?

What percentage of these people who are health care workers got the vaccine, not because they believed in it, but were threatened to lose their jobs if they refused it or spoke out against it?

Shouldn’t you find out?

You don’t speak to any of my concerns about this thing:

  • How many injuries have there been with this vaccine that you are aware of? Why is this vaccine still being held up as the best way forward, when typically 25 or 50 deaths from a shot would remove a vaccine from the running in trials?
  • Why did Moderna/Pfizer stop their trials before they were done? Why was this allowed? Do you know this is a concern among the vaccine hesitant? What do you have to say about that?
  • Why do you not speak to the concerns those of us have about the “holy war” on ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine , when even YOUR WEBSITE has an article speaking to the effectiveness of ivermectin as a treatment for Covid? Are you even aware of this page on the NIH website?
  • Are you aware that your NIH website says, “Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally,” and do you understand why we are bothered this information keeps getting buried by the mainstream media?
  • Do you have concerns that the multitude of medical professionals speaking out about the potential dangers of this vaccine are being systematically targeted and removed from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter? Do you have concerns they are being fired from their teaching posts at medical schools across the country, even though many of them have dozens of peer-reviewed papers to their credit?
  • On that note, do you even know who Florence Nightengale was and why she is an important historic figure from medical history?
  • Why do you continue to speak of this as a vaccine as opposed to an mRNA technology/gene therapy? Do you not know that the people who are concerned about getting this thing have specific concerns about that and that is the difference that causes them to hesitate? Are you aware that gene therapies have a whole higher level of testing and if so, why are you not speaking to the safety of this thing through THAT lens?
  • Would you reconsider any of your statements now, considering how the results of this in Israel are continuing to look like the worst problems in Israel are among the vaccinated as compared to the unvaccinated?
  • Are you aware of the results in Sweden from taking a non-lockdown approach and how herd immunity appears to have taken effect there without a vaccine?
  • If you are concerned about people and their health, why are you not speaking to vitamin C and D, and to zinc – as immune boosters? (Maybe you do, but why are so many hospitals refusing to even add these to the protocols?)
  • Do you even know about the concerns raised by so many doctors regarding the over-reporting of Covid as a cause of death when this is plainly not the case in so many deaths? Do you have any awareness of the payouts for reporting

Doc, I could go on and on. But the plain fact of the matter is you never spoke to the very issues that are of concern to the unvaccinated. You’re only ever preaching to the choir.

And, quite frankly, it seems you’re drastically uninformed as to the issues we need addressed before your advice will do any more than convince people like you that our concerns are unfounded.

Sigmund Frued was known to have said that “Christianity is a process whereby we teach people only to ask the questions for which we have answers.”

If you want to reach me, please hear the questions I am asking, and answer those. Otherwise, I already have heard what you’re saying and already know why it means nothing to me. But it is a sad commentary on how inadequate your approach is.

Maybe the government’s carrot-and-stick approach wouldn’t need so much stick if the carrots were what we were really hungry for. Just sayin’…..

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The Elites’ Next Depopulation Pandemic Ready for Launch

Written by Joachim Hagopian

Observing the genocidal stakes rising each and every week, as the mass psycho-killers in power deploy more of their enormous WMD arsenal at us all at once, the more their endless crimes against children and humanity get exposed.

This co-occurring high correlation is worth noting and examining further. As the elites increasingly find their backs up against the wall, understandably they grow more afraid of losing their earthly power and control.

Because their COVID “scamdemic” overreach forced them to temporarily pause and retreat a step or two back, astute observers always knew that these death cult practitioners would return with even bigger guns to inflict yet more of their manmade Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Just because COVID petered out on them, more deadlier pandemics are no doubt on the horizon, with more mandated bio-terror kill shots they will again falsely claim to be “safe and effective vaccines” and more crippling lockdowns intended to destroy even more lives.

With a piss poor 2020-21 track record issuing nonstop haphazard, inconsistent “pandemic” flip-flopping recommendations, mask or no mask, safe distancing of six feet or not, lockdown or no lockdown, by cunning design, all their prescribed interventions were inherently intended to be totally inadequate and ineffective in combatting this elusive, never isolated nor proven to even exist Covid-19 virus that always had a near 100 percent survival rate.

Throughout their debacle, the elites’ intent was to premeditatedly drive global panic in the masses to easily convince them to line up for warp speed vaccines with early assured carrot stick promises of health and life back returning back to normal as propagandized false incentives.

But really the plot all along was to premeditatedly murder off 90 to 95 percent of humanity. Since they grossly failed, despite millions of “died suddenly” fatalities worldwide continuing to pile up as time goes on, the tricked global masses are finally just now beginning to catch on, that we are all targeted in the crosshairs of their ungodly genocidal depopulation agenda.

There really is nothing new here other than the elites’ ambitious, unprecedented grand scale of mass murder. Ever since two and a quarter centuries ago, since Malthus’ long debunked overpopulation theory gone awry, Satanists want the vast majority of us currently living and breathing dead.

And just because COVID failed them, they are back again delivering their same age old murderous methodology through yet more bioweapon terrorism in efforts to kill us. After all, powerful aficionados of their depopulation eugenics have been around for a very long time.

After their so-called bat origin hoax for COVID petered out, failing miserably to fulfill their expectation of killing more of us, the Luciferians’ next trick up their demonic sleeve is to usher in their next gain-of-function weaponized pathogen, via their avian bird flu epidemic or the dreaded spread of their Marburg Virus Disease as their latest likely candidates to pick up where COVID left off.

Despite the so-called natural avian influenza H5N1 never posing a threat to mankind throughout all of human history, based on the planetary controllers’ recent historical facts, we have every reason and suspicion to believe their next “virus” will also be unnaturally manmade, with their already concocted vaccine waiting [to fly] in the [avian] wings, just like their COVID “Warp Speed” debacle.

According to Dr. Mercola, the avian bird flu vaccine will also be deliberately made to be ineffective like its COVID precursor, but far more likely it will be effectively deadlier than their last Coronavirus outing.

Once again, these Satanic desperadoes fast running out of time are attempting to play us for fools yet again, hopelessly dumbed down and adversely injured from round one, suffering from such acute memory loss as to once again fall for their latest media hyped panic again, amidst their never-ending 24/7 barrage of alarmist lies.

It’s also important to add that because the manmade gain of function element has likely tweaked the latest H5N1 pathogen afflicting mammals in the wild of Europe and North America, we may be dealing with a far more virulent and deadly highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAIv) virus at this point, so all the hype of its danger may in fact be real. That’s the paradox.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, medical crusading health giant or New York Times’ “most influential spreader of Coronavirus misinformation,” depending on whether you are a truth seeker or gullible lie swallower, apparently Dr. Mercola has had his website mercola.com once again taken down by the truth-killing vultures, so on April 3rd this year the doctor tweeted:

Be prepared for more delusive pandemics!…

Already, the U.S. and other countries are stockpiling H5N1 vaccine ‘just in case.’

While some traditional vaccines are in the lineup, mRNA shots tweaked to target H5N1 are also being planned, and they probably won’t need to undergo additional testing over and beyond what was done for the COVID jabs.

Because Dr. Mercola’s life work has persistently been targeted for unrelenting censorship because no fascist totalitarian regime can ever tolerate the truth, the good doctor announced that he has sought refuge for his enormous library’s permanent keeping at the respected substack.com.

Fortunately, Dr. Mercola’s articles do get faithfully scooped up right away by numerous other worthy websites, among them the reputable theburningplatform.com that just reposted his prophetic, highly relevant, still topical article originally released in May last year that can also be found on my old go-to news site, the venerable Michel Chossudovsky’s globalresearch.ca dated May 18th, 2022, entitled “Will a Weaponized Bird Flu Become the Next Pandemic?”

Dr. Joseph Mercola maintains that the crime cabal’s 2022 bird flu pathogen emerging as a prominent dangerous threat on today’s pandemic landscape, or more apt minefield, is yet another gain-of-function research product as the H5N1 avian bird influenza.

Dr. Mercola asserts that H5N1 could have easily come from one of dozens of US Defense Department funded bioweapon labs in Ukraine, though US bioweapon laboratories reportedly number in the hundreds worldwide.

Epidemiologists maintain that this latest avian virulent strain jumped from infecting wild birds to infecting wild mammals – foxes, skunks, bears, badgers, seals, minks, pigs and dolphins from Europe to North America within this last year and a half.

If this latest “scary” virus is mutating, or more likely being mutated, as the outed former Pfizer executive inadvertently boasted to Project Veritas, then their rollout claiming it has suddenly jumped to humans cannot be far off as their “next big plandemic.”

Though a CDC March 17th, 2023 H5N1 report strongly downplays any imminent threat to humans, having devastated both wild bird and poultry populations during this last year as the world’s worst outbreak ever, particularly in Europe and North America, and its increasing spillover to wild mammals, and the near certainty that this latest virulent strain originated in another gain-of-function bioweapon lab, it’s a feasible possibility that lends credence to former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield’s recent warning.

As the latest highly probable manmade mutated pathogen arriving in the elites’ depopulation pipeline schedule, it will be sure to keep Klaus Schwab’s pledge ringing true:

Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is: never.

His new normal bringing never-ending pandemics and recurring lockdowns are essential for his Great Reset. And the promise of the bird flu influenza assures his depop schedule continues. The prospect of more death by bioweapon bird flu pathogen is gaining traction with “new legs,” albeit fibrously blood-clotted like the last COVID round.

Rest assured that the cabal’s latest H5N1 non-vaccines are already waiting to roll off the bioweapon assembly line, as Dr. Mercola alluded to, also skipping the onetime required rigorous legal testing protocol per the last COVID round’s “Emergency Authorization Use.”

According to cabal pecking order, the FDA whores, once paid off, approve everything Big Pharma sends them. The killing elites’ desperation and hubris wouldn’t have it any other way. But public confidence in the global healthcare system after the COVID jab has been forever shattered.

The genocidal elites have now made it painfully clear that they intend to continue using manmade biosecurity threats as a main ticket to reduce the global population in order to establish their one world government tyranny and control.

For decades, Covid-19 architect and eugenics perpetrator Bill Gates has been warning, or more aptly promising, more lethally dangerous pandemics to come that “will get attention this time.”

On March 30th, 2023, former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield, in an interview boldly predicted:

I believe the great pandemic is still in the future, and that’s going to be a bird flu pandemic for man.

It’s going to have significant mortality in the 10-50 percent range. It’s gonna be trouble.

Both the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Dr. Anthony Fauci consistently funded H5N1 gain-of-function research.

Among their favorite recipients $11 million later from 2008 to 2012 was University of Wisconsin Madison and University of Japan’s Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka and independently Dr. Ron Fouchier in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Separately, both of these researchers modified the deadly H5N1 virus to spread to the mammal species of ferrets, immediately drawing heat from the somewhat still sane scientific community fearing that it could eventually spillover to humans, prompting a temporary hold against further gain-of-function research.

Yet in 2013 under new US oversight rules, the mad scientists were granted greenlight again to resume their killer virus research. But after more papers were published and a series of “accidents” at federal biocontainment labs, in October 2014 a ban on gain-of-function research went into effect, but it ended in December 2017.

A number of paper trails from Washington and nearby Fort Detrick, Maryland lead to not only China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, Dr. Ralph Beric’s gain-of-function laboratory at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of Wisconsin as well as labs in the Netherlands and Ukraine, after the moratorium on gain-of-function research was established in 2014. Again, from Dr. Mercola’s H5N1 bird flu article:

The bird flu has been manipulated and tinkered with in a variety of different ways, making it both airborne (which it was not initially) and capable of cross-species infection.

More evidence that the current H5N1 outbreak spreading throughout North America and beyond, having devastated the US and European poultry and egg industry appears to also be manmade, according to University of Massachusetts Boston virologist Nichola Hill, telling ABC News less than two months ago:

The size, range and number of species affected by this outbreak is unprecedented … That’s not really how bird flu should behave.

The highly pathogenic avian influenza (the now notated HPAIv) as the latest virulent H5N1 viral strain has been in North America since its detection in wild birds of northeastern Canada in November 2021, but ever since according to a new US Geological Society (USGS) study, it has been rapidly spreading across the Americas.

This new strain of avian bird flu is apparently causing “zombie-like” conditions in infected animals’ behaviors, frequently possessing neurological issues that allegedly remove their fear of humans, and now it’s crossed over from wild birds to wild mammals, eerily sounding like it’s a plot straight out of a science fiction B-movie plot from the 1950s.

The first outbreak was observed in Europe in October 2021 allegedly belonging to a Eurasian lineage. It has allegedly afflicted and engulfed the poultry industry bigtime, both the backyard flocks as well as the industrialized large poultry warehouses.

As of early December 2022, now four months ago, 52.7 million poultry birds were culled in the US while in 2022 Canada hit the 7 million mark. In Europe the culled numbers are off the charts as of October last year 47.7 million birds were put down in the preceding 12 months.

So the totals in just North America and Europe alone are well over 100 million. Meanwhile in North America, H5N1 has jumped and currently spreading to the red fox from Eurasian river otters, lynxes, polecats and stone martens to countries throughout Europe and beyond.

Journalist Lance D. Johnson penned a Natural News article dated March 28th:

In May 2022, US and Canadian epidemiologists isolated the highly pathogenic avian influenza HfN1 in wild mammals. Were gain-of-function virology experiments involved in the sudden mammalian transmissibility of the bird flu?

According to immunohistochemical analysis, the HPAIv virus invades neuron cell bodies to replicate in infected animals’ brains, suffering from seizures, ataxia, blindness, vocalization, nystagmus, grimace, and tremors.

They end up with zombified behavior displaying no instinctive fear of humans. The neurological symptoms result from the virus passing through the blood brain barrier casing severe inflammation of the cortex and other regions of the brain. The study’s authors state:

Given the broad scope and ongoing nature of the outbreak, these cases likely represent only a small percentage of the total number and species of mammals infected with the currently circulating strain of HPAIv in the United States.

It’s been virtually confirmed that’s how the coronavirus pandemic started, from a test tube in one of the hundreds of Lloyd Austin DoD funded bioweapon labs around the globe, employing compartmentalized, largely amoral mad scientists to come up with the next “killer threat,” repeatedly promised by genocidal pandemic architect extraordinaires Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, by Lucifer’s design, this latest potential killer appears no different, following the same follow-the-money, manmade pathogen pathway.

From April 1st to July 21st, 2022, H5N1 was isolated in 67 different animals spanning 10 states from Alaska to New York. The USGS study found 50 red foxes, six striped skunks, four raccoons, two bobcats, two Virginia opossums, one coyote, one fisher, and one grey fox, and a partridge in a pear tree all carrying HPAIv as their latest devilish test tube concoction.

The study’s scientists conclude that the mammals caught the virus from preying on infected wild birds, although they cannot rule out horizontal transmission within the mammal species as cats and ferrets have been known for this.

Also, transmission from mother to offspring is also possible. All this could be the prelude to the real-life manmade zombie apocalypse straight out of science fiction turned nightmarish nonfiction, thanks to the usual eugenic suspects.

On March 8th, 2023 before the House Oversight Committee, former CDC Director from 2018 to 2021, Dr. Robert Redfield voiced his opinion that a moratorium should be permanently placed on all gain-of-function research, also claiming he was kept out of all discussions on the origins of Covid-19 because he always suspected a lab leak.

Then, on Monday March 20th, 2023 on The Hill’s Rising program, Dr. Robert Redfield warned that through gain-of-function research, “a great pandemic is coming.” Here are Redfield’s alleged doomsday prophecy spoken on March 20th, 2023:

I do believe the next pandemic, and we’re going to have another pandemic and I think it’s going to be the great pandemic, I consider COVID a minor pandemic, the great pandemic’s going to come.

And normally, it would come from spillover…bird flu that learns how to transmit to humans and then go to human-to-human. But I think the species barriers are very real.

But it’s much more probable that it will happen because of gain-of-function research in a laboratory and then escape and then we’re going to have a pandemic…which will be much more brutal to the world than COVID was…

I told you that the great pandemic is coming. I think it’s going to come, not from spillover, it’s going to come from gain-of-function research or intentional bioterrorism.

It’s going to be a bird flu virus that is manipulated to be able to transmit human-to-human, very similar to what we saw with COVID.

No doubt gatekeeping useful idiots are hired to regularly spread panic and fear. Perhaps Dr. Redfield’s conscience may be a motivator revealing his unsettling recent disclosures. Or he could also be trying to save his own butt, spilling the beans on the diabolical cabal he served and perhaps is still serving as a fearmonger. 

Call it Satanic predictive programming or Redfield trying to partially shave time off his future in the klink, or a genuine insider’s warning of what is grimly coming our way.

Bottom line, the mammal-to-mammal spreading of this reportedly highly transmissible strain has never occurred before. It’s definitely gain-of-function rearing its ugly head yet again.

With the proven track record of manmade pathogens being developed and tweaked in a bioweapon lab specifically to harm humans fully documented now, pretending that this latest alleged growing threat is just nature organically mutating on its own is virtually impossible.

This is taken from a long document. Read the rest here jameshfetzer.org

Header image: New Scientist

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