Doctors Warn About Stillbirths In Vaccinated Mothers In Canada! 13 Stillbirths In 24H In British Columbia!

Dr. Daniel Nagase, and Dr. Mel Bruchet, ring the alarm on the alarmingly high rates of disasters that governments and the MSM don’t want to share.
Doulas that work in women’s and children’s hospitals raised the voice about the alarming rate of stillbirths in British Columbia, Canada!

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The doulas had 13 stillbirths only in one day. There is another terrifying statistic from Waterloo, Ontario.
According to Dr. Nagase’s analysis, from January to July, there were 86 stillbirths, and the typical number of these cases is 5-6 per year. However, since the vaccine rollout, there have been 14 to 15 stillbirths per month in Waterloo.
Dr. Nagase shared that he has confirmed from the Waterloo, Ontario report that the stillbirths occurred only with vaccinated mothers.

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86 stillbirths in 6 months in fully vaccinated mothers in Waterloo, Ontario13 stillbirths in 24 hours in B.C.#TAC #Takeactioncanada via @BLNewsMedia
— (@Takeactioncan) November 23, 2021

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Dr. Nagase and Dr. Bruchet went to the North Vancouver RCMP Office with the citizens to file complaints about the policies enacted by the health minister. Citizens had a rally at the RCMP Office and Lions Gate Hospital to inform and warn the rest of the people of the dangers of the experimental shots the MSM didn’t want to share.

Cardiologist told non-vaxxed “I won’t cry at your funeral,” dead 2 weeks after 3rd Jab

Published on November 13, 2021Written by

A 52-year-old cardiologist, hospital director and hockey coach is dead after spending much of 2021 belittling the non-vaxxed.

Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial received his first mRNA injection on January 16, according to his Facebook page. It’s unclear whether it was Pfizer or Moderna. It also doesn’t matter. But those were the only two injections authorized for use in Canada at the time. The AstraZeneca viral vector DNA injections received authorization in late February. Canada authorized Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) shortly thereafter.
Dr. Lutchmedial did not post about his second injection anywhere across his three social media platforms. But he did speak of his disdain for the non-vaxxed, and disseminated dangerous disinformation supporting the global depopulation agenda.
He said on July 10 that the non-vaxxed are selfish and that he “won’t cry at their funeral”
Dr. Lutchmedial tweeted on August 15 that more Americans would get the injections if they were called “antibody guns.”
He promoted mRNA injections for 12-year-olds and made the false, very dangerous claim that the shots are “undeniably safe.”
Dr. Lutchmedial then promoted the new RTS,S (Mosquirix) malaria “vaccine” that was quietly authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO) last month. Malaria mostly affects sub-Saharan Africans and East Indians.
Indians and sub-Saharan Africans have largely shunned the entire COVID-19 agenda. That’s part of the reason so many African premiers have “mysteriously died” in the last 18 months and been replaced by figureheads. But the powers-that-be needed to launch Plan B to wipe out the “third world” since it’s mostly Western countries loyally and eagerly eating up the COVID-19 injections.
The COVID Blog will publish more  on these “recombitant subunit, protein-based malaria vaccines” in due course. Here’s all you need to know about them now.

Dr. Lutchmedial spread more disinformation two days later, implying that there is no such thing as natural immunity to COVID-19.
There are at least 106 studies showing that natural immunity not only exists, but is more effective than mRNA and viral vector DNA injections.
Dr. Lutchmedial then advocated violence against so-called anti-vaxxers that same day, saying he wants to “punch those people in the face.”
Booster shot and death
Whether you call it ironic, prophetic or something else, Dr. Lutchmedial said via Facebook on March 5, “99.999999 percent of all the decisions and actions we make during our lives means absolutely nothing when we die.” The post was in response to the death of Walter Gretzky, father of NHL great Wayne Gretzky.
Dr. Lutchmedial received his third injection, aka “booster,” on October 24. He attempted a play on words to celebrate his third shot, calling it “Vax Shot 3: Electric Flu-Galoo.” It is an apparent reference to the 1984 film “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo.” However, there is no third Breakin’ movie. Dr. Lutchmedial said he expected to feel sick after the shot because “my immune system is ramped up!”
His last Facebook post was published on November 7 at 3:10 p.m. local time. It was about visiting friends and family (his kids) at the University of Guelph in Ontario. Dr. Lutchmedial “died in his sleep” on November 8, according to CBC News.
He worked at the New Brunswick Heart Centre for more than 20 years. Dr. Lutchmedia was part of a team to perform the first MitraClip procedure in Eastern Canada. It repairs the heart’s mitral valve without open-heart surgery.
Dr. Jean-François Légaré told CBC News that Dr. Lutchmedial was “kind and understanding.” His death was “sudden, unexpected for all of us.” Dr. Légaré continued:
“This is the kind of person that really had a very, very, very good soul and a person that really was able to bring people together and not be competitive.”
No funeral arrangements are set as of publishing.
Another booster, virtue signaling death
We’ve creatd two new categories on the blog: Virtue Signaling and Booster Deaths & Reactions. That will make it easier for our end-of-year report, and for visitors to get a full grasp as to what’s happening in the world. For instance, the average post-booster death reported here is now about 10 days. Unfortunately Dr. Lutchmedial is listed in three categories when you add Vaccine Deaths.
This entire story is disturbing on just about every level. This man was a well-respected doctor, acting like a petulant teenager on social media. It seems everyone outside the United States has something to say about our right to bear arms. Granted the vaxxed and liberals are controlled pawns and pose no threat to tyranny. But the reason the United States is unlikely to become Australia anytime soon is because many Americans are armed. We’ve seen what these injections do. Frankly a more honorable death is by bullet than by BioNTech.
This guy was a “well-respected” doctor. And look at the way he acted in a very public sphere. Only fools enter these people’s lairs in 2021. Run for your life unless the medical professional is vehemently and unequivocally against the injections.
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