Jonathan Merritt on Homosexuality

Normalizing Every Sexual Taste Is Not Normal

Jonathan Merritt is an eloquent writer, to be sure. He has written for many sites, including USA Today, The Atlantic, and National Journal. His arguments tend to be persuasive. But what is troubling in his criticism of much of the evangelical church on this sticky issue of the normalization of”gay marriage” is what parts of scripture he seems not to consider when speaking to the issue.

He is bothered by a term that has become, of late, a rallying cry for some in the church regarding the stance that needs to be taken against the creeping mainstreaming of homosexuality in our culture.

Normalizing Every Sexual Taste Is Not Normal

According to Mr. Merritt, conservative Christians have found a new enemy: the verb “normalize.” He writes a lengthy critique of Albert Mohler’s forthcoming book, We Cannot Be Silent: Speaking Truth to a Culture Redefining Sex, Marriage, and the Very Meaning of Right and Wrong.”  Some of the comments he makes seem trite; perhaps that is because he needs all the fuel he can find for the fire he wants to create for this problem he wants to speak against. For instance:

The conservative leader discusses the normalization of same-sex relationships a whopping 39 times throughout the book’s 256 pages. “The normalization of homosexual relationships and the legalization of same-sex marriage” is, in Mohler’s words, “the debate of greatest intensity of our time.”

A “whopping 39 times.” I’m not sure if this seems too outlandish. After all, it’s the subject of the book. Perhaps I’m missing something here. But, then, it seems he is missing something, too. He makes a gross and unfair over-statement of the position of those who oppose same-sex “marriage.”

… where did these Christians get this idea exactly? Even if one believes that same-sex relationships do not align with God’s design for human beings, it does not necessarily follow that one must work to dispose of those who engage in it.

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