BBC Article Attacks Stu Peters For ‘Disinformation’

Stu Peters is an interesting guy. He has quite a following.

Now, my personal position on what he comes out with is that he sometimes seems to blend some details together, gets some facts with a little more drama than they deserve, and I think sometimes he draws the picture without all the dots in place.

But as far as the broad brush strokes go, he’s pretty much usually right on the money. And with his coverage of Covid-19, I’d say he’s blazing a trail for things we at least need to consider.

But the BBC is still mainstream and most of them are still in the tank on the covid narrative.


A willingness to discard facts and pick out only the scraps of information that support a narrative has been a winning formula for attracting thousands of listeners and viewers.

The tactic allows people like Stew Peters to create an alluring world view where everything can be doubted – even bereaved people’s accounts of their own loved ones’ deaths.

See more here if you wish; but this flavor from the article should give you an idea:

His film, called Died Suddenly, portrays a striking but false narrative – claiming that swathes of people are suddenly and suspiciously dropping dead in large numbers, and that Covid vaccines are to blame.


The film misuses images and manipulates data to paint a persuasive picture that the vaccines are very unsafe – contrary to vast amounts of scientific research.


But I think he’s got it right on this one. You can watch the “Died Suddenly” movie HERE.

Principia Scientifica is an interesting site with some good finds. It generally passes Cogny's "smell test." Read more here:

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