MEDIA BLACKOUT: The Latest Mass Shooting In Minnesota That No One Heard About

On Saturday, October 9th, a bar in the capital city of Saint Paul was the scene of chaos, fear, and death. Two gunmen began exchanging gunfire, leaving one innocent female patron dead and over a dozen wounded. It has received scant coverage in Saint Paul and none outside of the metro area. I doubt most […]
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Whistleblower: LA Port Worker: Shortages Are FAKE!

If you follow this narration, you know that the shelves in the stores are almost empty and that the people are concerned about supply chain and good shortages.
Leaders are warning about this issue and blame the C-19 lockdowns for everything, especially the weak economics. However, they shared that the shortages are going to be worse during the winter.
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In spring, the increase in lumber prices raised the cost of putting up a new home, so now the average reached $30,000.
Prices have gone down since May’s peak. National Association of Homebuilders warned WH occupant Biden that prices will rise this fall and in spring 2022.
Now we struggle with a shortage in everything. The Atlantic magazine named it ‘’The Everything Shortage’’. There are cars shortages because of the computer chip’s deficiency for them, resulting from semiconductors’ shortage.

People can’t repair their cars due to the months-long backlog for separate parts.
No one exports more food than America, but Americans struggle with food shortages in supermarkets.Furthermore, even if you have enough goods, there aren’t containers to ship them in. The cargo container holding 35,000 books has cost $2,500 for a shipment, and now, that price has risen to $25,000.
All the Alex Jones ads for doomsday prepper kit now have got sense. Those preppers will mock us during the winter, and they will feast on their 80-gallon barrels of dried beans.
This is a global crisis. In the UK, the government warns the citizens of gas shortages. There’s a massive demand for shipping containers to the US in China that ships are returning from America early, without loading up with US goods.
The US leaders worsen the supply crisis with the insane vaccine mandates. The truck drivers, longshoremen, pilots, mechanics, and many other crucial persons for this crisis retire early or quit their jobs due to the vaccine mandates. The Minnesota Trucking Association shared that the US has a shortage of 60,000 truck drivers.
The whistleblower works at the Port of LA, the absolute nerve center for the supply crisis. He stated that hundreds of ships poling up outside the port, unable to be processed and unloaded in a timely manner.
The whistleblower is so concerned about his job and asks for his identity to remain a secret.According to him, the shortages are intentional. Someone, the very influential person, decided to keep things running slowly.
The LA port whistleblower wrote to the Stew Peters Show to warn the people about what is coming next!Be careful, and spend your money wisely.
Watch the video below:

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Bought Protesters! After Derek Chauvin Trial, Free Money Giveaway! VIDEO PROOF!

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