growing iranian church

The Growing Christian Church In Iran

There is a post in “The Times” out of the U. K. that outlines a plan to send 300,000 new bibles into Iran.

It is true. Jesus is alive, is very real and very much on the move around the world. The chinese church is currently mobilizing 1,000,000 missionaries to evangelize the Muslim people in the Middle East and they are intent on seeing these people set free with the glorious love of Jesus Christ. The Chinese church has come through an extended period of growth in the midst of the hardship of persecution, and they are fearless in sharing their faith in Christ with a people group that has long been without the gospel. This Chinese church has learned to live vibrantly in the love of God after thriving under years of persecution by the communist Chinese government, and is marching to the beat of heaven’s call to lead people into the glorious liberty of faith in the Lord Jesus.

When believers in Jesus hear of such a thing, they rejoice. For those who have had an encounter with the living God, and who know our Father’s heart, it is natural to rejoice when any lost soul finds life in Jesus. For those of us who have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, we know that God shows Himself very present and very real to us in our deepest times of struggle.

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