Red Algae As A Calcium Supplement

Icelandic Red Algae Review – Is It As Good As The Reviews Suggest?

Icelandic Red Algae Calcium is a plant-based calcium supplement sourced from Icelandic Red Algae

This is an interesting product. Although it's actually only been out for a couple years now, it's a product developed by Leading Edge Health - a company that has been developing cutting-edge supplements since 2001.

If brand records were the only way to rank this product in a review, "GenF20 Calcium" would get high marks simply because of the company that brought it to market.

In case you weren't aware, "Leading Edge Health" is the same company that offers plenty of other helpful products for men and women, such as "The Brain Pill." (Think "Limitless.") You can find their other organic products on sexual health, skin health, anti-aging, and general health on their website.

How does Red Algae Help You?

Red Algae Calcium is a rich, natural source for calcium and magnesium - two nutrients your body needs on a regular basis for optimal joint and bone health. Many people are unaware that you need a diet rich in calcium and magnesium.

Why do you need calcium and magnesium in your diet?

It's simple, really. If you don't have adequate amounts of these minerals in your diet, your body will try to maintain the levels of these nutrients in your system.

But if your body can't do that by supplying your bones and joints with these minerals from your diet, you parathyroid glands will produce other hormones, triggering "hyperparathyroidism." This is one of the causes of bone density problems and fractures.

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What about Glucosamine?

Glucosamine does actually help with bone health and joint pain. But a study performed at the University of Minnesota actually proved that even though glucosamine helps lessen joint pain and improve bone health, red algae was even more effective than glucosamine at relieving joint pain.

So, what is in the GenF20 Icelandic Red Calcium Supplement?

  • Calcium and Magnesium: Harvard University studies show these nutrients to be essential in a balanced diet. The calcium and magnesium in Icelandic Red Algae is an extremely "bioavailable" form - easily digestable and absorbable.
  • Vitamin K2 and D3: optimizes the body's ability to absorb the calcium in the red algae.
  • Organic VEGAN blend of flavinoids: for those who are interested in maintaining a strict vegan diet, Leading Edge has kept this in mind and made sure all the ingredients meet this strict criteria.

What else should you know about GenF20 Red Algae Supplement?

What about side effects?

Fair question. But this stuff is made of all organic ingredients. So side effects aren't likely to be an issue.

But if you're using other supplements, be aware that excessive levels of calcium or magnesium may cause:

  • Constipation
  • Weakened bone structure.
  • Kidney stones.
  • Interference in the heart and brain relationship (hypercalcemia)
  • Possible migraines

The recommended daily dose of calcium supplements is 1,200 mg and this supplement has 1,000 mg. It's the quality and bioavailability that is the big difference here.

Always consult a health care practitioner before taking a supplement.

What is unique about GenF20 Calcium?

The Red Algae Calcium is the most bioavailable of any calcium supplements. And Leading Edge Health has a reputation for outstanding consistency and quality control.

Money-back guarantee for 67 days.

Try it risk-free for 67 days.

People typically see results within two weeks. So with a 67-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee, you can try it and if you don't find the results you're looking for, you can return for your money back.

Try Icelandic Calcium with free shipping

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