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Sometimes Saying You Don’t Know Is The Best Ministry

I remember, years ago, when I was working in a factory with a group of guys who knew I was a Christian and who knew that I was pretty vocal about it. At the time, the gospel was pretty simple for me. You have to make a choice. Jesus died for your sins. You have to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. (I still believe this, by the way.)

But at the time, there were a number of people in the group, of all persuasions. “Harry” was a guy that had a very tough skin, and a very hard background. He was the typical “biker gang” type of guy, who would make threats to hang people up and slice them open to watch them bleed out if you crossed him the wrong way. He watched me with curiosity, and we often compared stories and ideas about life. I don’t recall that I was ever afraid of him or anything. But it was obvious he didn’t really like me, or what I stood for.

“Gary” was another guy in the group. He was a nice guy – very gentle-spirited and always friendly. You’d never know, judging by his demeanor, that he ever had a care in the world. He always smiled, always had a kind word for people. It was interesting to watch the interaction between the guys in our work group. I noticed that Bob and Harry seemed to get along alright, though they would have been very much opposed philosophically. In fact, it was interesting to see that, although Gary and I would have agreed with each other about the bible, Harry seemed to like him when he didn’t like me.

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