Can Covid Catastrophists Stoop Any Lower?

Who’d have guessed that there would be two startling revelations about the great covid over-reach in the space of about a week, upholding claims previously dismissed as conspiracy theories and misinformation? First, a  peer-reviewed scientific study linked covid vaccines to a range of serious health disorders, and then the Queensland Supreme Court ruled that the […]

Principia Scientifica is an interesting site with some good finds. It generally passes Cogny's "smell test." Read more here: https://thecognitiveman.com/feed/can-covid-catastrophists-stoop-any-lower/

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Hogwash: The Israeli Boars Conspiracy


In a recent profile of the Israeli settlement of Homesh and the tensions between its Jewish residents and their Palestinian neighbors, The New York Times’ Steven Erlanger uncritically echoes the claim that some settlers are using boars to uproot local Palestinian agriculture.

Partway through this piece, Erlanger writes, “They [settlers] chop down olive trees, roll flaming tires down the hills to burn crops and even send boars to dig up Palestinian seedlings and fruit trees, the locals say.”

In the next paragraph, he expands on this claim, relating how a local Palestinian man has bought dogs to keep these boars away from his land.

This is not the first time that Israelis have been accused of setting wild boars loose in order to attack Palestinians and destroy their property.

However, in the over-15 years that this libel has made the rounds of both Palestinian and foreign media outlets, it has proven to be only an incendiary cudgel used against the Jewish residents of the West Bank and not a legitimate news story.

As far back as February 2007, the Elder of Ziyon blog reported the Palestinian claim that Israeli settlers were using trained wild boars to terrorize local Palestinian communities and to tear up their agricultural fields.

This claim was repeated in April and June 2007 as well as February and May 2008.

However, the claim that Israelis were using trained wild boars against local Palestinian communities gained steam in 2012, when it was reported that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had previously stated that Israelis were training wild boars to uproot Palestinian trees and to “spread corruption on the face of the earth.”

In 2014, Abbas reiterated this baseless claim at a conference in Ramallah.

Since then, this libel has routinely popped up in Palestinian publications as well as news outlets aimed at foreign audiences.

As the blog Israellycool has previously noted, when it comes to blaming Israelis for wild boar attacks in Palestinian areas, there are a wide variety of conspiracies about how Israel is to blame.

These contradictory conspiracies include the allegations that Israelis are setting these pigs against Palestinian communities, that Israeli security fences are protecting Jewish communities while allowing for Palestinian areas to be ravaged, that Israelis are allowed to shoot wild boars while Palestinians are not, and that Israeli construction has forced these animals to venture into Palestinians towns and cities.

If this claim about Israel-trained fighter pigs seems fantastical, it’s because it is.

As HonestReporting noted last year (when we critiqued a UK education magazine for publishing similar absurd claims), there is no evidence that wild boar attacks in Palestinian areas of the West Bank are attributable to a nefarious Israeli plot.

In recent years, due to a variety of factors, there has been an uptick in boar sightings in both Jewish and Palestinian communities in the West Bank as well as parts of pre-1967 Israel. In fact, the rise in boar appearances inspired a 2021 New York Times profile on the boars of Haifa.

Parallel to the rise in boar sightings has been the rise in boar attacks, with both Jewish Israelis and Palestinians falling victim to the pigs’ aggression and viciousness.

Even Yesh Din and B’Tselem, two Israeli organizations that focus on alleged human rights abuses in the West Bank, have found there to be “no evidence” of any boar attacks in Palestinian communities being attributable to a Jewish conspiracy.

Related Reading: Mooove Over, Wild Boars: Spy Cows Are the Latest Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theory

This boar conspiracy is but another point in a long line of Israel-related animal conspiracy theories.

While they might seem ridiculous, some of the theories include:

  • The claim that Israel trained dolphins to serve as spies or assassins.
  • The claim that a vulture was trained by the Mossad to conduct reconnaissance.
  • The claim that Israel was using rats to drive out Palestinians from their eastern Jerusalem homes.
  • The claim that the Mossad was responsible for a slew of shark attacks in the Red Sea off the coast of the Sinai Desert.

Much like these other conspiracies, the claim that boar attacks in the West Bank are attributable to an Israeli plot is hogwash and should not be spread by The New York Times or other reputable news organizations.

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Photo Credit for the Background: Issam Rimawi/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Honest Reporting is a website that seeks to bring balance to the left slant in the major news media.

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Are ‘conspiracy theories’ about 5G coming true?

Smart devices are bringing new EMF exposures into people’s daily lives at an increasing rate

Principia Scientifica is an interesting site with some good finds. It generally passes Cogny's "smell test." Read more here: https://thecognitiveman.com/feed/are-conspiracy-theories-about-5g-coming-true/

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TNT Radio’s Sky Dragon Slaying w/ Carl Herman on Conspiracy Theories!

Saturday 3rd February 2024: TNT Radio’s Sky Dragon Slaying welcomes back our good friend, Carl Herman, for his take on topical current affairs. Carl is a National Board Certified teacher of the US Government, Economics, and History and a keen researcher and analyst of conspiracy theories.

Principia Scientifica is an interesting site with some good finds. It generally passes Cogny's "smell test." Read more here: https://thecognitiveman.com/feed/tnt-radios-sky-dragon-slaying-w-carl-herman-on-conspiracy-theories/

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Enter Light

A shining star, lambs,
shepherds, mystic travellers, government conspiracy, angels, and you. What hope
has the world ever had to experience lasting peace, goodness, and constant


Jesus is the One who has come
to end the reign of terror and the death grip that strangles the world. No
longer let sin and sorrows reign, nor thorns infest the ground. He comes to
make God’s blessings flow far as the curse is found.


Have you received the hope
and truth found in Jesus?


The Holy Spirit wants to fill
you with light, in every dark alley of your mind. In the light of Christ, we
can see what God sees in us. 


1 John 1:

This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that
God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. If we say we
have fellowship with him while we walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice
the truth. But if we walk in the light, as he is in the
light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son
cleanses us from all sin.



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Palestinian Detainee Images Spark Furor and Misinformation in Mainstream & Social Media


Over the past few days, several photos and videos have emerged of Palestinian men (many of them stripped to their underwear) being detained by Israeli soldiers in various parts of northern Gaza.

In both the mainstream media and social media, these images have elicited a fair amount of attention, with some criticizing the IDF’s measures and others engaging in the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories.

What Is Happening in These Images?

These images depict military-age men being detained in the northern Gaza Strip.

After intensive fighting between Israeli soldiers and Hamas terrorists, these men exited nearby buildings and tunnel shafts en masse, surrendering to Israeli forces.

The men were then detained with restraints and, in some cases, blindfolds, and taken to processing areas where it was determined by Israeli security officials whether they were members of Hamas or civilians. If they were civilians, they were then released from Israeli custody.

The reason that so many have been photographed in various states of undress is due to the fear that they may be hiding explosives and weapons under their clothing and waiting to ambush Israeli soldiers.

This fear is not unfounded as Hamas is known for its past use of suicide bombers and there have been recorded incidents of terrorists feigning surrender only to attack security forces once they get closer (as occurred with “surrendering” ISIS terrorists in Iraq in 2017).

Also, since it has been over a month since Israel initially warned residents of northern Gaza to evacuate to the south, it is understandable for Israeli forces to be suspicious of any male emerging from hideouts in Hamas enclaves in the north and to treat them as a potential threat until it can be determined otherwise.

As Israeli spokesperson Eylon Levy made clear in a recent interview on CNN, this is the result of Hamas’ choice to embed itself within a civilian population and to have its members fight against Israeli soldiers while wearing civilian clothing with no markers identifying them as combatants (a clear violation of international law).

Despite the necessity of having detainees remove their clothing to ensure that they are not armed or boobytrapped, the images of Israeli soldiers surrounding near-naked Palestinian detainees have caused quite a stir in both the mainstream media and on social media.

As Ryan McBeth, a US Army veteran and intelligence analyst with a large following on social media, said in a recent video on this subject, “Israel does this because it is the most efficient way of making sure that nobody has a suicide vest. However, the optics of it are less than stellar.”

How Did the Media Report on the Palestinian Detainee Images?

In the days following the initial release of these photos of male Palestinian detainees in northern Gaza, several mainstream news organizations reported with varying levels of nuance and accuracy.

In The Times of London’s coverage, it’s not until the fourth paragraph that it’s mentioned that “some of the men” were reportedly “Hamas fighters who surrendered to the army.”

Then, two paragraphs later, the report states that “Israeli forces regularly strip their captives to ensure they are not carrying concealed weapons or explosives.”

In both its headline and the text of its report, The Telegraph claims that the detained men were stripped and “paraded” through a central square that was once used by Hamas, evoking images of victorious forces flaunting their captive enemies.

However, the report fails to provide evidence for any “parade” and its video evidence merely shows male Palestinian detainees sitting under the watchful eye of Israeli soldiers.

The BBC began with quotes from both the IDF spokesperson and Eylon Levy but then gave greater space to those critical of the IDF’s actions, including Palestinian envoy Husam Zomlot, who described them as “savage images” and said that “this evokes some of humanity’s darkest passages of history.”

While the removal of these detainees’ clothes is mentioned, it is referred to as “humiliating” and “horrifying,” with no reason given for why they were made to do so. Thus, the reader is left with an impression of Israeli cruelty rather than the understanding that it is necessary in an active warzone where the enemy embeds itself among the civilian population.

Likewise, NBC News used the terms “humiliating” and “humiliation” several times but not one word about why Israeli forces required them to remove their clothing upon surrendering.

NBC News also seemed intent on discrediting Israel’s counter-terrorism activities by questioning the validity of certain Israeli actions and using a statement by Hamas to refute Israel’s claim that some of those detained were “Hamas terrorist operatives.”

The New York Times gave four paragraphs to official Israeli explanations for the IDF’s activities while over three times as many were given those critical of Israel’s detainment of these Palestinian men.

The New York Times’ description of these detainees as being “tied up outdoors and stripped to their underwear” helps to create a false image of these detainees being cruelly treated like animals by the IDF instead of the reality of them being detained until it could be determined whether they were enemy combatants or not.

For its part, Sky News gave ample space to the allegations put forward by Israel and the IDF and did not color its coverage with language meant to portray Israel’s actions in a negative light.

Overall, the narrative being created by most of these news organizations is one of Israeli retribution and cruel vengeance against Palestinian detainees instead of what it actually is: a concerted effort to protect Israeli forces against attack while also trying to distinguish Hamas members from civilians in an active and fraught warzone.

[embedded content]

How Did Social Media Respond to the Palestinian Detainee Photos?

While many on social media pushed the above false narrative about Israel’s conduct in northern Gaza, others went further, spreading both misinformation and conspiracy theories about Israel’s treatment of the detainees.

Some claimed that Israel took these detainees to be hostages, others claimed that the images served as evidence for the “indiscriminate arrest and torture of all Palestinian men” while others even went so far as to claim that the detainees were taken away to be executed.

In one incident, a video of a man being instructed by Israeli soldiers to lay down a rifle on the ground was used by several social media personalities like Muhammad Shehada, Angelo Giuliano, and Max Blumenthal, to claim that it was staged by the IDF in order to serve as a “victory image.”

According to these claims, the existence of two videos of the man laying down a rifle proves that it was done a couple of times for the benefit of the cameras.

However, this claim was quickly refuted by those who proved that there are different rifles in these videos and that the man was probably chosen by the IDF to remove all rifles that were among the group of Palestinian men surrendering to the Israeli military.

Even though there were Hamas members among the Palestinian detainees and they were forced to remove their clothing to ensure that they were not concealing weapons or explosives, the images of Israeli soldiers standing over half-naked Palestinian men have engendered a storm within both the mainstream media and social media.

The storm over these photos has been wrongfully directed at Israel and the IDF instead of the true perpetrators in these images: the terrorists who hide among civilians, endangering both Palestinian civilians and Israeli soldiers.

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Honest Reporting is a website that seeks to bring balance to the left slant in the major news media.

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The Meteoric Rise of Jackson Hinkle: How Hateful Influencer Became Internet’s Biggest Hamas Fanboy

On the morning of the brutal October 7 Hamas attack on communities in Israel, social media influencer Jackson Hinkle had 417,000 followers on his X (formerly Twitter) account.

Describing himself as an “American Conservative Marxist-Leninist” in perhaps the clearest indicator of his muddled and inconsistent political views, Hinkle initially rose to prominence online as a peddler of pro-Russia disinformation.

Just over two months later, the number of people following Hinkle’s conspiratorial and, more often than not, incoherent ramblings on X has mushroomed to 2.3 million.

It’s a staggering jump that is not only earning Hinkle a tidy revenue in advertising as a content creator on the Elon Musk-owned platform, but is largely thanks to Hamas and supporters of the terrorist organization.

Perhaps sensing a money-making opportunity in the days that followed the horrifying attack, Hinkle went into conspiracy overdrive and began pumping out anti-Israel and antisemitic propaganda on an almost industrial scale.

His sudden pro-Palestinian pivot bears all the hallmarks of rank opportunism, particularly the zeal with which Hinkle has latched himself onto a cause that appears to have little to no personal effect and that before October 7, you could count the number of times on one hand that Hinkle had posted about Israel or the Palestinians.

But Hinkle’s shallow concern for the Palestinians has not prevented his meteoric social media rise, which has seen him push ever more dangerous conspiracies and lies as the Israel-Hamas war continues.

While there are almost too many flagrant instances of him sharing disinformation about Israel’s battle against Hamas to count, Hinkle appears to “specialize” in sharing outright fake pieces of information, including doctored and computer-generated imagery.

For example, he recently posted an image of suspected Hamas terrorists who had been rounded up and arrested by Israel alongside an image of ISIS terrorists about to execute several jumpsuit-clad hostages, with the obvious inference that Israel is summarily executing suspected terrorists.

Jackson Hinkle X

On another occasion, Hinkle shared what he claimed was footage of Israel bombing Gaza’s Al-Sadaqa Hospital, which BBC fact-checker Olga Robinson later showed was CCTV from a hospital in Syria and was at least seven years old.

Hinkle also seems to care very little about being exposed as a liar, having posted content that can be disproved with a mere click.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz took him to task after an October 28 post by Hinkle “attempted a wholesale appropriation of Haaretz’s name and coverage to support a range of baseless conspiracy theories.”

“He opened with a breathless claim: ‘Haaretz investigation EXPOSES all the ISRAELI LIES from October 7th (just like I predicated).’,” Haaretz noted. “There was just one problem: there is no such Haaretz investigation. Indeed, Hinkle didn’t even try to corroborate his hyperbolic headline with any hyperlinks to Haaretz at all.”

Hinkle has also been outspoken in his support for Hamas, which he has refused to admit is a terrorist organization, and for the Assad regime in Syria.

During October, Hinkle posted his support for Bashar al-Assad on numerous occasions, including describing the Syrian dictator as a “hero” and denying the fact chemical weapons were used by the Syrian army on civilians.

In another bizarre post that encouraged his supporters to donate for him to “expose Zionist lies,” Hinkle uploaded a photoshopped image of himself with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and claimed they both “stand with Palestine.”

[embedded content]

The so-called “community notes” feature on X, which allows readers to add context to posts, has prevented Hinkle’s most outrageous examples of fake news from going unchallenged.

They include his calling on his millions of followers to boycott the newest Grand Theft Auto videogame on the grounds it is “Haram Zionist propaganda” — a conclusion Hinkle seemingly arrived at after coloring the logo of the company behind GTA, Rockstar Games, blue so he could suggest that it bears a resemblance to the Star of David on the Israeli flag.

Jackson Hinkle GTA on X

While Hinkle is far from alone in profiting off the Israel-Hamas war as builds a career for himself as an influencer, the fact that he is profiting off pumping out fake news is simply staggering.

Billionaire Elon Musk has promised to help tackle the proliferation of fake news and propaganda on X by demonetizing content creators who are responsible.

One such tool, he announced in October, would be preventing any posts that are fact-checked with the “community notes” feature from earning revenue — something that has apparently already prompted Hinkle to delete numerous posts.

However, such measures do not go nearly far enough.

A study released last month by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) showed that X remains a digital sink of hate speech, with the study examining posts made following the start of the Israel-Hamas war.

Its findings indicated that 96 percent of all posts that were reported for hate speech remained on the website for a week after being flagged.

And it is this abject failure of supine social media magnates like Elon Musk that have allowed Hinkle and his ilk to build careers peddling falsehoods.

In eight weeks of war that has seen horrifying bloodshed and led to countless lost lives, the Jackson Hinkles of the world are profiting without any concern for the real-world implications of their lies.

This has to stop now.

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Photo credit: Matt Winkelmeyer via Getty Images

Honest Reporting is a website that seeks to bring balance to the left slant in the major news media.

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YouTube’s Gaslighting About Las Vegas Mass Murderer Stephen Paddock, Explained by Someone Who Investigated

Reprinted from NOQ report.

Recent revelations have shown that YouTube does not want anyone to know the truth about Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas mass murderer. Considering that he’s been out of the news cycle for so long, briefly reappearing after a bogus statement by the FBI, one has to wonder why YouTube is going to such pains to keep the conversation under control.

Mises Caucus took to Twitter to expose the shenanigans:

Conservative documentary maker Mindy Robinson did an in-depth review of everything that happened before, during, and after the attack. Her video is below. Here’s her post on Twitter with many of the questions YouTube doesn’t want people asking:

Why would they build algorithms to suppress everything but the official lone gunman narrative for the Las Vegas shooting, you ask? 🧐

I spent half a year reading every FBI and police report from that night, listening to every 911 call, and talking to everybody I knew that was there. Let’s see what they don’t want people talking about:

  • Who were the 3 other people registered to Paddock’s room that night other than him and the girlfriend? We only know about them because their names were redacted on police body cam footage that took multiple lawsuits and a year and a half to get. Why won’t the FBI investigate or even name these 3 people?
  • Why did 3 helicopters hovering above Mandalay Bay turn their transponders off minutes before the shooting…and didn’t put them back on until the minute it was over?
  • Why did hundreds of people report seeing and hearing other gunmen that night on the Strip long after Paddock was dead?
  • Why did the media mysteriously drop the story after only 2 weeks?
  • How did Paddock’s computer hard drive walk off the crime scene?
  • How did Paddock lock one room from the inside, and transport himself to the other side of the door to die on the floor?
  • Why do electronic door locks prove that at least 2 other people were in those rooms that night? Why was the room service ticket for two entrees?
  • Why were officers ordered to remain in the stairwell for over an hour allowing anyone in those rooms to escape? Why did they say they were waiting for SWAT…when SWAT never showed?
  • How were they unable to identify one of the gunman seen running around the Strip that night with a gun…when they had a description of his truck and his license plate number?
  • Why was MGM allowed to bribe the security guard by gifting him 2 condos for his silence? What was his explanation for running off to Mexico and only ever doing one very controlled Ellen interview?
  • Why did the corrupt Vegas Sheriff force his officers to sign NDA’s about what they saw that night?
  • Why were officers told multiple times to turn off their body cams that night?
  • Why were they running mass shooter drills all week causing confusion at the hospitals? Who ordered them?
  • Why were so many fatalities shot with perfect parallel trajectories? Why did so many people hear gunshots come from the ground behind the stage?
  • Why was Paddock’s house left “unlocked” and allowed to be ransacked while the investigation was ongoing?
  • How are there only 2-3 pics of Paddock? He previously worked for the military industrial complex and had a pilot’s license…was he a government spook?
  • Why was the girlfriend let off so easily? What about the anti-gun Australian nut Brian Hodge who did interviews knowing certain things that had not been released to the public yet?
  • Where did the millions of dollars collected by former Governor Sisolak through the Gofundme go?
  • Why are we relegated to body cam footage we had to sue for and citizen cell phone footage? Where is all the security camera footage from the casinos that night?
  • It’s also worth mentioning that the same corrupt RINO Sheriff who was hated by his own party for being anti-gun, pro-red flag, pro-force vaccination, and tried to claim Paddock was a “Trump supporter” was fully funded by dark money groups and casinos and “won” the primary against a visibly more popular America first candidate and eventually installed as Governor. He was the same guy that lied on the stand about the Bundy Ranch.

The FBI covered this up…and poorly. I can’t think of a reason why unless they either screwed up, or orchestrated the whole thing…it sure wouldn’t be the first time. Is there a particular reason the government doesn’t think the public deserves answers for any of this? It’s looking like the Feds killed 58 people to do a gun grab as well as something funny with the Saudi Prince which is a whole other rabbit hole.

We want answers for this @JoeLombardoNV

This conspiracy goes both deep and wide. There are many things being covered up and a whole lot of people involved. Was/is this part of a government operation to bring forth gun control? Was it actually far more nefarious than that?

Here’s Robinson’s documentary:

The post YouTube’s Gaslighting About Las Vegas Mass Murderer Stephen Paddock, Explained by Someone Who Investigated appeared first on NOQ Report – Conservative Christian News, Opinions, and Quotes.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in the NOQ REPORT are not necessarily those of "Cogny Mann." But it is certain that we share a lot of overlap in our philosophies and worldviews.

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Can The BBC Ever Be Trusted Again After Israel-Hamas War?


In summarizing its mission as the publicly-funded broadcaster in the United Kingdom, the BBC states it must “provide impartial news and information to help people understand and engage with the world around them.”

This involves — the corporation promises — providing accurate and impartial news, current affairs and factual programming” that conforms to the highest editorial standards.

The commitment to impartiality is — or should be — what sets the BBC apart from other media organizations that nail their political colors to their mast. 

While the BBC has staunchly defended itself against criticism that it has a deep-seated bias against Israel, its critics have pointed to many examples over the years of the broadcaster’s journalists brazenly breaking the corporation’s impartiality guidelines. 

But the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war on October 7 has seen criticism of the BBC reach a climax amid accusations of an abject failure by the organization to report on the Israel-Hamas war fairly, accurately and transparently.

Spreading Misinformation 

There is an irony in the BBC’s publishing of a piece one week after Hamas terrorists invaded southern Israel that asked: “Who’s behind Israel-Gaza disinformation and hate online? 

The article, by the corporation’s so-called “disinformation and social media correspondent” Marianna Spring, reported how social media was “awash with false claims, conspiracy theories and hateful content surrounding what’s happening in Israel and Gaza.”

This, Spring warned, was resulting in successful attempts to distort and confuse the online conversation,” which “can have serious implications for the international community when it comes to investigating allegations of war crimes, providing aid and figuring out what’s happening where.”

Yet, the BBC itself has been guilty of spreading its distortions and false claims about the Israel-Hamas war online. 

One of the most damaging was undoubtedly the corporation’s reporting on the Al-Ahli Hospital explosion in Gaza, which saw the BBC print unverified (and later debunked) claims by Hamas-linked officials that hundreds of Palestinians had been killed in an Israeli airstrike at the hospital.

Even as Israel said it was investigating the blast and as facts were still emerging, the corporation doubled down on its misinformation when BBC correspondent Jon Donnison announced live on air that he thought it was most likely that Israel was to blame.

And when conclusive evidence emerged that a misinformed Islamic Jihad rocket was responsible, the BBC still sought to defend its coverage on the basis that while it made a mistake, it was a “fast-moving story,” where there were “claims and counter-claims” and where its journalists were “reporting in difficult and dangerous conditions.”

The Obsession With Balance

Balance is important when it comes to the news: outlets have a duty to report both sides of the story. 

However, the BBC has been accused of having a fetish with its attempts at balance in its reports on the current war.

But giving equal weighting to claims made by an internationally recognized terrorist group to those of a democratic state such as Israel is simply absurd. 

The absurdity of this was perfectly encapsulated in the BBC’s refusal to call Hamas what it actually is — a terrorist organization.

The BBC’s world affairs editor John Simpson even defended the decision not to call Hamas terrorists because, “terrorism is a loaded word, which people use about an outfit they disapprove of morally. It’s simply not the BBC’s job to tell people who to support and who to condemn — who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.”

While the corporation eventually walked back from its insistence that it would refer to terrorists as “militants” following a considerable backlash — announcing that in future coverage it would make clear that Hamas is a UK-proscribed terrorist organization — the fact that the BBC couldn’t decide who’s the good guy and the bad guy between Israel and Hamas speaks volumes.

Another example of the BBC trying to offer “two sides” in a report where none exists was during the IDF’s raid on Al-Shifa Hospital, which for many years has been used as a Hamas command center. 

When the IDF provided real-time evidence of how Hamas had embedded itself within the hospital, the BBC seemed to work overtime to try and undermine and discredit as much of the IDF’s proof as possible.

Included in the many instances of its disturbing tendency to give weight to the claims of a bloodthirsty terror group, the BBC’s international editor Jeremy Bowen suggested that the caches of weaponry uncovered by Israeli soldiers inside Al-Shifa may have belonged to the hospital security team.

Turmoil Among BBC Staff

The BBC is also facing what appears to be growing anger from within its own ranks at how the corporation is covering the Israel-Hamas war.

HonestReporting recently revealed that the head of the BBC’s Global Service, Liliane Landor, was forced to address allegations from reporters based in the Middle East that the corporation is biased in favor of Israel.

Yet, rather than robustly challenge staff who threatened to walk out in protest, Landor reportedly promised to set up a special team to handle staff complaints and receive opinions on rectifying harm caused by the alleged pro-Israel bias.

Meanwhile, bosses at the BBC’s London HQ denied permission for journalists to attend a massive march against antisemitism using guidelines that prevent employees from attending demonstrations deemed “controversial.” This despite the BBC having a policy that allows staff to demonstrate in “opposition to racism [which] is a fundamental democratic principle.”

Why the Must BBC Rebuild Trust

As mentioned, allegations of an anti-Israel bias have dogged the BBC for years.

But the barrage of criticism aimed at the BBC over its coverage of the current Israel-Hamas war has shown that the corporation cannot continue burying its head in the sand where this issue is concerned.

The BBC will lose all credibility if it does not.

Found this article informative? Follow the HonestReporting page on Facebook to read more articles debunking news bias and smears, as well as others explaining Israel’s history, politics, and international affairs. Click here to learn more!

Photo credit: Abed Rahim Khatib via Flash90

Honest Reporting is a website that seeks to bring balance to the left slant in the major news media.

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BREAKING: Federal Indictment of Trump in Classified Documents Probe has been Unsealed

After hours of debate, the House voted Wednesday night to approve a bipartisan debt-ceiling deal, taking a step toward averting a default on U.S. debt. The measure passed with 314 members voting in favor and 117 members voting in opposition.  149 Republicans and 165 Democrats voted to approve the bill, while 71 Republicans and 46 Democrats voted against it.

National Review writes the measure’s passage secures “a victory for House speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who managed to keep his caucus together despite a challenge from House Freedom Caucus members intent on securing greater spending concessions from the Biden White House.”

The bill will now head to the Senate. McCarthy said the measure is the “largest spending cut that Congress has ever voted for,” but faced opposition from members of his caucus who believe the deal “didn’t go far enough in restoring pre-Covid spending levels.”

In his speech on the House floor Wednesday before the vote, McCarthy pleaded with his colleagues to support what he had bargained for with Biden:

“They demanded a clean debt limit, which really means they spend more and you pay more in taxes. House Republicans said ‘no’,” McCarthy said.“Over the past four months, we fought hard to change how Washington works. We stopped the Democrats from writing a blank check after the largest spending binge in American history… The Fiscal Responsibility Act is the biggest spending cut in American history.”

National Review reports:

The agreement suspends the nation’s $31.4 trillion debt limit through January 1, 2025, and caps spending in the 2024 and 2025 budgets.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has estimated that the deal will reduce budget deficits by about $1.5 trillion between 2023 and 2033. Director of the CBO Phillip Swagel projected that there would be reductions in discretionary outlays of $1.3 trillion over the 2024–2033 period. Mandatory spending would decrease by $10 billion, revenues would decrease by $2 billion over the same period, and the interest on the public debt would decline by $188 billion.

Biden warned of the consequences of default, saying what would follow would include an economic recession, devastated retirement accounts, and millions of jobs lost.

“I made clear from the start of negotiations that the only path forward was a bipartisan budget agreement,” explained Biden on Twitter. “No one got everything they wanted. But that’s the responsibility of governing.”

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NOTE: The opinions expressed in the Sara Carter posts are not necessarily (but probably pretty much) the opinions of Cogny Mann.

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