After Mexican cartels taunt US Border Patrol, agents ‘terrified’ future escalation into ‘international incident’

Mexican drug cartels are now warring along the Texas border for control of access to the United States as the Biden administration continues to ignore the crisis – especially its human toll in many respects, according to investigative reporter Sara Carter. Carter told Fox News’ “Hannity” on Wednesday that cartels now feel they can operate … Read more

Hannity: the greatest gift Dems could give to illegal migrants is ‘free citizenship’

Sean Hannity accused the Democrat party of trying to give migrants “free citizenship” during his show Wednesday. He discussed the ongoing border crisis with Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA). First, the Louisiana senator criticized the Democrat’s messaging surrounding immigration. “In other words,” Hannity said, to sum it up, “‘Oh, here’s the greatest thing we can give … Read more

Exclusive: Trump slams Biden admin, says current polices are ‘disastrous’ for nation and economy

Jun 16, 2021 By Jenny Goldsberry Former President Donald Trump joined The Sara Carter Show podcast Tuesday, warning that the current policies under the Biden Administration are putting “America last” and will prove “disastrous” for the nation. He spoke in detail about how President Biden reversed the most effective Trump administration policies saying, almost everything … Read more

Trump slams Biden for not speaking enough about ‘out of control’ border crisis in national address

President Biden addresses the nation. Former President Trump called out President Biden for not giving more time to the border crisis in his speech Wednesday night. This comes over a month since Biden named Vice President Harris as his border czar but she hasn’t made any official statement on the situation either. Trump appeared on … Read more