when trusting God has to be enough

When Trusting God Has To Be Enough

There are times in life where trusting God is difficult, because we do not always understand what God is doing. There is a part in every one of us that recognizes what it is to see justice, and that part of us sometimes causes us to be angry when we see that someone is getting away with something that we know is not right or not fair. Sometimes we can get frustrated with God when we see the innocent suffering, or when we see the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

Richard Wurmbrand, in his book, “100 Prison Meditations” tells of a Hebrew legend about Moses sitting near a well at one time, meditating. A man, walking past, stopped to drink from the well and, as he did, his money belt fell into the sand. This man left, unaware of his loss. A little while later, a second man passed by the well. He saw the money belt and took it, and walked off without being noticed. Later on, yet a third man stopped to get a drink from the well and laid down to take a rest.

Now the first man, realizing that he lost his money belt, thought he may have left it at the well. So he returned there, after the second man who took it was long gone, and the third man was now there, asleep. The first man demanded his money back from this third man, who knew nothing about the money at all.

A fight broke out, with the first man accusing the third man of stealing his money, and eventually, with the first man killing the third man because he thought the guy was a thief, while the second man, who really was the thief, was now long gone.

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God speaks

God Speaks From Time To Time

There are some things that happen and they stick with you. I remember a moment very clearly that was one of those “stick with you” moments. Actually, it was fairly recently, and I hope it sticks with me forever, for the urgency it created in my soul at that moment.

I was listening to an audio version of a bible commentary on Romans, Chapter 9, written some time ago by a gentleman by the name of Andre Dellerba. And the point he made struck me in the moment as very profound.

God Speaks At Pivotal Points In Our Lives

What he said was that God speaks to us, occasionally, at pivotal moments in the history of our lives, and we are accountable for the decisions we make in those moments of time. Now, I know that the Holy spirit is constantly dealing with us as believers. There are times we hear Him nudging us in one direction or another – times when he convicts us of sin, or prompts us to contact that friend or relative that we just don’t enjoy spending time with, but they need us to do it.

Now, when Dellerba was discussing this issue of God speaking at pivotal times in our lives, he was speaking particularly about unbelievers, and how God will nudge them at particular points in their lives. His point was that God does not strive forever with man; and that as people harden their hearts to the promptings of the Spirit, God does not strive with people forever. God moves in specific moments and circumstances, and God will hold people accountable for how they respond to God in those moments when He speaks.

There Is A Price For Quenching The Spirit

As I was listening to this podcast, it struck me that there are times when God has spoken to me about issues in my life, and I chose to ignore those promptings of His Spirit. And I have to honestly say that in those moments in my life, where I knew that God was prompting me about a need to be obedient, and I chose to quench the Spirit about those issues where He was speaking to me, I’ve since had hard work to do in those areas in my life. I’ve had to turn over the fallow ground that resulted from my ignoring Him and choosing not to obey Him.

There is an even greater problem for the believer in ignoring those promptings of the Spirit that for the unbeliever, because the believer has an even greater witness. The believer has tasted, and has seen that the Lord is good. We walk not merely out of head knowledge or out of fear, but by the reality and the fellowship of the Spirit. The unbeliever, He prompts from the outside; for the believer, He is living inside, choosing to dwell with us, where He can be grieved in His very own home (John 1:14).

Do not forget that God’s purpose in saving us is not merely to get us out of hell. God’s ultimate purpose in saving us is to get the “hell” out of us. If we continue to ignore the promptings of His spirit, we can become ineffective and unproductive in our knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2 Pet. 1:8). And if we do, what a waste we make of the purposes for which Christ died to save us.

The level to which we rise in our walk with Him when no one is watching us is the level to which He will be able to promote us and use us in the world. Strive always to walk in the awareness that the God of the universe walks with you, moment by moment and step by step. Strive to please Him, even when no one is watching.

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Be still and know

Being Still Before The Lord

Being “Still” Is Not Doing Nothing

Being still before the Lord is not inactivity. It is refined activity. Being still is choosing to “do nothing,” but not with the idea of merely shutting your brain off and disengaging to relax or unwind; it is a purposeful disengaging from all the “busyness” of life that distracts you, so that you can be more mindful of the presence of the Lord.

And this is not about coming to God with an agenda. This is not waiting on the Lord to “get” something from Him. It is being still in His presence, allowing Him to set the agenda, simply because you recognize that, above whatever else God may do in you and through you, He has chosen to “settle in” with you – He has chosen to “tabernacle” with you – to set up His tent in your heart, so to speak (as in John 1:14) and to reside with you, very much because – wait for it – he enjoys your company.

Being Still Before The Lord Is Letting GOD Set The Conversation

Being still before the Lord is allowing Him to “set the agenda.” It is allowing God the chance to decide what the two of you will talk about. And if His agenda is simply that He wants to enjoy being with you, that should be a good enough reason for you to make time to be still before Him, in His presence – so He can enjoy your company as you enjoy HIS company.

I hesitate to make too much of this, because I think the mistake that can be made in reading what I’m saying here is that I’m saying it’s really all about you. It’s not.

But there was the line in the movie “The Color Purple“…

Listen, God love everything you love – and a mess of stuff you don’t. But more than anything else, God love admiration.

You saying God vain? I ast.

Naw, she say. Not vain, just wanting to share a good thing.

You see, as we spend time in God’s presence, we are changed from glory to glory into His likeness. And His ultimate goal for you is that when you finally finish growing up, you will look just like Him – clean, pure, holy and able to enjoy being in His presence, free from guilt about the past, from anxieties about the future, from feelings of inadequacy, simply being able to be who he has made you to be, before Him, as He is, the two of you enjoying each other’s company.

God’s Purpose Is To Make You Like Him

There may be times when you are still before Him and He will give you a mandate, or set you on a mission or give you a task. But always keep in mind that any task He gives you, as far as it concerns you, is ultimately so that you can more completely be conformed to His image. He doesn’t need you to do “stuff.” He wants you to do stuff, because as you obey Him and as he uses you, you get to enjoy more of who He is.

Learn to spend time with God, simply enjoying being in his presence, letting Him lead you into whatever conversations He wants to have with you, in His word, by His spirit.

As Rick Joyner says, it’s easy for God to find workers. What He is really looking for are friends.

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