Australia is talking about $500,000 fines for publishing misinformation online

Australia To Fine People Up To 500,000 Dollars For Posting “Disinformation” Online

It could soon become very expensive in Australia to say things that the government says are not true.

Talk about George Orwell and 1984. You think it's getting bad in Canada and the US? Check this out.

A bill currently before Australian parliment could see Australians "jailed and fined for up to half a million dollars if they put something on social media: their Facebook page or put out a tweet whatever it is, deemed harmful to minorities, harmful to the environment, harmful to people's health."

Quick Question: WHO gets to decide just what is "misinformation?"

I guess we all know the answer to that. Sorry to digress.

The US court recently saw some sense and made some serious rulings in the direction of enforcing free speech rights. Not so in Australia, though.

They're moving the other way.

Watch this. Chilling "big brother" attempts at censorship, to say the least.

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