One-World Government: Are They Really Aiming For One?

Ok. I will get right to the point here. Do I think “they” are aiming for a one-world government?

You bet your life I do.

I will be getting back to this one shortly. For right now, I wanted to put this in to give people a radar fix on where I’m coming from.

I get the whole “conspiracy theory” mindset. And as much as I might disagree with some of the more “hardcore” folks out there about things like whether or not the earth is flat (it’s not; sorry) I DO agree that there is a “they” and that “they” want to control us.

It’s just not so…. simple.

The biggest problem I have with most of the one-world government conspiracy theories and theorists out there is that they seem to have this mindset that there is this handful of 10 to 12 guys at the top (I believe this is true) that have this military-like, precise control of all these folks in some vast hierarchy that they manipulate at will 18 layers deep. They don’t.

Sorry. But the reality is, they just don’t work this way.

One-World Government is about power and control.

You’ve heard the expression, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I believe with all my heart that, in all-too-many cases, this is a reality that corrupts so much of the world we live in.

I’m just not big on the whole “Itanimulli-Illuminati” type of thing.

I actually posted this today as a link to my page on “itanimulli-illuminati” page because I came to find out that once I knocked the idea that there is something of substance in typing it backwards, that I was losing a lot of people who see the conspiracy angle.

I don’t want people to think I’m not aware of these things. I am.

I just think there is such a problem with a bad signal-to-noise ratio in the whole world of conspiracy theory and bad critical thinking about it.

If you probe around my site, you’ll see that I agree with you perhaps more than you’re aware. But I think careful, cognitive thought is important so we communicate effectively with the people in the world around us who need Jesus.

I will be getting back to this shortly. I promise. For now, I’m just letting you know where I stand as a frame of reference for some of my other articles.

If you’re here, you probably got here by a link elsewhere on my site. I am just giving you this nugget here so I don’t lose your confidence elsewhere.

Thanks. More coming soon.

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