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September, 2023

═►  The next time they try to force a lockdown (it's coming)....  Remember the success of Sweden's "no mask" policies

═►  Wish this stat moved in the other direction   Cancer cases in under 50's up 80% in last 30 years

═►  In Germany, there were so many mRNA vax injuries it broke the reporting system   German officials say "too many adverse event cases to evaluate"

═►  Well, now. He did such a "good job" with the last ones....   Bill Gates announces $168 million for new malaria vaccine

═►  Surprise. The devil wants you dead.   God does too. But for a different reason.

═►  So, they had some "AI robots" sit in the audience at a Dolphins-Chargers game.  And everybody freaked out. (Surprise...)

═►  "The Lancet" says Covid transmission is pretty much always from the symptomatic.   (vs "the asymptomatic.) Surprise again. Who knew?  🙂

═►  Megyn Kelly has some "buyer's remorse" over getting the "wax"   "I would have been fine."

═►  The "vaccine" seems to be the gift that keeps on giving    Dr. Ryan Cole on Turbo Cancers taking off after vaccination

═►  So, Pfizer gave some people a real "vaccine," and others a placebo. But then again, How else do you get a test group unless you make your own control group?

═►  So, not only is ivermectin good for covid, turns out that....  Ivermectin is great for killing cancer

═►  Have concerns about your blood glucose levels?   This might be the ticket you need to lower them.

═►  Some food for thought about humility and being willing to say "I don't know..."  Sometimes Saying "I don't know" is the best ministry you can do

═►  An interesting (and surprisingly clean and classy) article about a podcast about...   Sex Chat for Christian Wives

═►  No!!!!! Say it ain't so!!!!   CDC altered death certificates if they reported a death by Covid vax.

═►  You can beat the ravages of age on your decreasing muscle mass with this...   NAD+ helps restore age-related muscle loss.

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