Being Still Before The Lord

Be still and know


Being “Still” Is Not Doing Nothing

Being still before the Lord is not inactivity. It is refined activity. Being still is choosing to “do nothing,” but not with the idea of merely shutting your brain off and disengaging to relax or unwind; it is a purposeful disengaging from all the “busyness” of life that distracts you, so that you can be more mindful of the presence of the Lord.

And this is not about coming to God with an agenda. This is not waiting on the Lord to “get” something from Him. It is being still in His presence, allowing Him to set the agenda, simply because you recognize that, above whatever else God may do in you and through you, He has chosen to “settle in” with you – He has chosen to “tabernacle” with you – to set up His tent in your heart, so to speak (as in John 1:14) and to reside with you, very much because – wait for it – he enjoys your company.

Being Still Before The Lord Is Letting GOD Set The Conversation

Being still before the Lord is allowing Him to “set the agenda.” It is allowing God the chance to decide what the two of you will talk about. And if His agenda is simply that He wants to enjoy being with you, that should be a good enough reason for you to make time to be still before Him, in His presence – so He can enjoy your company as you enjoy HIS company.

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I hesitate to make too much of this, because I think the mistake that can be made in reading what I’m saying here is that I’m saying it’s really all about you. It’s not.

But there was the line in the movie “The Color Purple“…

Listen, God love everything you love – and a mess of stuff you don’t. But more than anything else, God love admiration.

You saying God vain? I ast.

Naw, she say. Not vain, just wanting to share a good thing.

You see, as we spend time in God’s presence, we are changed from glory to glory into His likeness. And His ultimate goal for you is that when you finally finish growing up, you will look just like Him – clean, pure, holy and able to enjoy being in His presence, free from guilt about the past, from anxieties about the future, from feelings of inadequacy, simply being able to be who he has made you to be, before Him, as He is, the two of you enjoying each other’s company.

God’s Purpose Is To Make You Like Him

There may be times when you are still before Him and He will give you a mandate, or set you on a mission or give you a task. But always keep in mind that any task He gives you, as far as it concerns you, is ultimately so that you can more completely be conformed to His image. He doesn’t need you to do “stuff.” He wants you to do stuff, because as you obey Him and as he uses you, you get to enjoy more of who He is.

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Learn to spend time with God, simply enjoying being in his presence, letting Him lead you into whatever conversations He wants to have with you, in His word, by His spirit.

As Rick Joyner says, it’s easy for God to find workers. What He is really looking for are friends.

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