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About the "inspiration feed..."

Please note, as you comb through these articles, that I (Cogny Mann) don't necessarily agree with everything you might find in the articles in these posts. In fact, I think it's fair to say that I'm pretty sure I disagree with some things said by everybody I repost in here. In fact, some of them are mine and I don't know I'd agree now with everything I said when I first wrote it. But have a look.

Actually, I wrote some of this stuff and don't know if I even agree with me anymore on some of this stuff. But anyway....

Peruse these articles and ask God to speak to you through them. These people are loved by God and feel called to write even if they don't agree with me. And I'm open to the possibility that maybe they are right and I am wrong. Maybe you should be, too. "As iron sharpens iron..."


Book Review – Divorce And The Bible – Colin Hamer

I want first to say that Colin Hamer`s book, “Divorce and the Bible” is a book I highly recommend, even though I don`t agree with all of the conclusions in the book.  It’s not the first time I’ve recommended books I don’t agree with completely. It seems that a book can be [...]


Gender Identity And Redemption

I don’t identify in any way as homosexual, trans-sexual, gender-fluid or any other thing than heterosexual. I’m happily married. And I can be honest enough to admit I don’t understand much, either of the identity or of the issues that go along with the trans-sexual- or homosexual-identifying members of our [...]


Divorce and Remarriage, Legalism and Grace

If you want to explore a topic that is controversial on many levels within the Christian church, just bring up the topic of divorce and remarriage in the bible and what God allows and doesn't allow. Having been through this experience firsthand, I will tell you that I've studied the [...]


Jonathan Welton’s Open Letter To Bree Olson

Francis Frangipane, in his book, “The Three Battlegrounds,” says, “the devil traffics in unconfessed sin.” This is so true. We will sometimes carry things for years as our own struggles, living forever in cycles of guilt, shame, confession, forgiveness, stumbling, guilt, shame… and yet, until we are brutally honest about [...]


We Have Been Comfortable For So Long

“If the world hated me, it will hate you, too.” (John 15:18) Our 21st century, North American culture is a veritable “freedom utopia” for Christians, at least as far as it compares to the rest of the world. (So far, anyway. It appears that voters in the US signed themselves [...]


Normalizing Every Sexual Taste Is Not Normal

Jonathan Merritt is an eloquent writer, to be sure. He has written for many sites, including USA Today, The Atlantic, and National Journal. His arguments tend to be persuasive. But what is troubling in his criticism of much of the evangelical church on this sticky issue of the normalization of”gay marriage” is [...]


Church For The Big-Screen TV

There might be something wrong with pastors in America. But you could be doing some things that don’t help. And maybe, you could do something to make a difference. In a recent post by Mario Maurillo Ministries about why American Preachers will not unify against the anti-God White House there were some [...]


What Is The True Meaning Of Communion

Most Christians have feelings and ideas about communion and what it means when we participate in communion. But do we fully grasp what it implies when we partake? What is the true meaning of communion? In the first epistle to the Corinthian Church, the apostle Paul made a very serious [...]


How To Overcome Besetting Sin

How do you get victory over besetting sins – a sinful habit or way of thinking? Many people know the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat over some particular struggle with sin; they feel good about themselves when they get it right; they beat themselves up over it [...]


When Trusting God Has To Be Enough

There are times in life where trusting God is difficult, because we do not always understand what God is doing. There is a part in every one of us that recognizes what it is to see justice, and that part of us sometimes causes us to be angry when we [...]


The Ship That Won’t Sink

You Know In Your Head But It Still Doesn’t Make Sense Recently, having dinner one day while on a cruise ship, I heard conversation going on at a nearby table. “I don’t understand how this boat can float. I just can’t wrap my head around it. I get the physics [...]


Fifty Shades of Grey

We All Know About Fifty Shades Of Grey. Maybe you haven’t thought about it like this before. It is Sunday morning. Pastor Jones stands in the pulpit, his heart burning with a message about how important it is to be passionate about our relationship with God, and how much we [...]


The Devil Wants You Dead

The Devil Wants You Dead. And God does, too. They just want it for different reasons. The devil wants you dead because he hates you and wants to destroy you. He hates that God loves you and that God wants you to reflect His glory in the earth and for you [...]


God Speaks From Time To Time

There are some things that happen and they stick with you. I remember a moment very clearly that was one of those “stick with you” moments. Actually, it was fairly recently, and I hope it sticks with me forever, for the urgency it created in my soul at that moment. [...]


The Greatest Thing God Wants

Francis Frangipane speaks (in an interview during a podcast) of a time where he was so down in his life, so discouraged at the way his life was going. He was raising 5 children and a foster child, discouraged that he wasn’t sensing a clear direction for his place in [...]


Sometimes Saying You Don’t Know Is The Best Ministry

I remember, years ago, when I was working in a factory with a group of guys who knew I was a Christian and who knew that I was pretty vocal about it. At the time, the gospel was pretty simple for me. You have to make a choice. Jesus died [...]


Being Still Before The Lord

Being “Still” Is Not Doing Nothing Being still before the Lord is not inactivity. It is refined activity. Being still is choosing to “do nothing,” but not with the idea of merely shutting your brain off and disengaging to relax or unwind; it is a purposeful disengaging from all the [...]


Why Do I Not Hear God

People often ask me, “why do I not hear God?” For some time now, I’ve tried to get up early in the morning to pray. I believe, as most Christians do, that it’s important to try to spend time in the word of God and let Him speak to me [...]


The Growing Christian Church In Iran

There is a post in “The Times” out of the U. K. that outlines a plan to send 300,000 new bibles into Iran. It is true. Jesus is alive, is very real and very much on the move around the world. The chinese church is currently mobilizing 1,000,000 missionaries to [...]


Resting In God As A Pathway To Peace

There is peace to be found in the chaos Sometimes, in the business of life, it is all so easy to be overwhelmed by the circumstances of life. It’s not so bad sometimes; but when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, it is so easy to spin [...]


Sometimes, You Don’t Have To Say A Word

  We All Have Stories The longer you travel this road of life, the more stories you remember from the journey. I remember this one for how it demonstrates how there are many different ways that God can speak to a person about the condition of his or her soul. I used [...]


One of those things that grips you

Every once in a while I will read something in a book that will grip my attention. And when I do, I stop reading and reflect on it. I think when something jumps out at you, it just might be God trying to get your attention. All too often in prayer, [...]


It’s not always what it looks like

I remember, back in 1994, hearing a bit of a hullaballoo about the “Toronto Blessing” (a revival that is purported to have broken out at the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church in 1994, now known as “Catch The Fire“). It is one of those stories that, depending on your persuasion, leaves [...]

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