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I had the opportunity to teach on Father’s Day last week, and in honor of father’s I want to share that message with you. I believe we are in a season when the ugliness of fatherlessness is becoming the beauty of family values and legacy living through men rising to the occasion and not cowering in fear. We are being thrust into this place where we are becoming catalysts to a revolution that is transforming the family and setting our children up for success. 

There are many elements of fatherhood, but I would like to share these three with you today — protect, promote, and provide. Let me be clear, I believe women are strong and powerful as well, but I also believe that there is something in men’s DNA that calls us to protect. If someone breaks into your house, as men, we should be the first line of defense. However, we are not just protectors in the physical world, we are protectors tri-demetionally — spirit, soul, and body.

As fathers, we do not have the luxury to run from fear. I do not say that condemningly, but rather to inspire men because I believe that when you share challenges with men, they rise to the call. We need fathers to not only be aware physically, but spiritually. 

A great example of this in today’s culture is sexuality. The world perverts it, religion shames it, but did you know that the kingdom celebrates it? Just read Song of Solomon. We are supposed to be raising “kings” and “queens”, but we are too ashamed to even talk about genitals with our children without sweating bullets. The principle of first mention says that the first time you hear about a subject, that information doesn’t just become truth to you it also becomes the lens which you see that subject through in the future. This is a part of protecting our families. 

Promoting our families then looks like teaching them how to overcome their battles by allowing them to see how we face our own struggles. Let me be clear, there is an age appropriateness in these lessons, but when we invite our kids to watch how we face our struggles, they learn how to overcome their struggles because they see how we defeat ours.

It’s not by chance that we are experiencing a massive identity crisis from the most fatherless generation ever. I hope today’s podcast encourages you, men, to rise to the occasion and protect, promote, and provide for your families, may that be your future family or present. 

Scripture: Genesis 1-2, Nehemiah, Proverbs 13:22, Song of Solomon, Proverbs 22:6, 1 Samuel 16, 2 Corinthians 5:16-17, 2 Samuel 12, Proverbs 23:1


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