NOTE: This is a reprint of a post from the Kris Vallotton's website. Kris is a member on staff at Bethel Church in Redding, California. I share his posts here because I am always amazed at the insights the Lord gives him.

By Kris Vallotton

10 Sep, 2021

Sometimes you meet a natural born leader — one that leads the pack, takes the reins, and makes everyone feel secure and safe. Then sometimes we see the unlikely hero rise to the scene, the one that is quiet, sits in the back, and comes from a broken home. Maybe you have questioned your own ability to lead or wondered if you have what it takes. I would propose everyone is a leader; whether you are leading yourself, another person, a family, or a country. The Bible is filled with unlikely leaders; consider the life of Moses, a fugitive at birth who became the greatest lawgiver in history. Or the life of David, once an insignificant shepherd boy wandering in the field who became one of history’s most famous kings. The list is endless of people stepping into a throne that are not “fit for the crown.” There is a leader deep within you with a distinct blueprint needed for the world around you to succeed and it may not look like “sitting on a throne in a fancy red robe” but, the truth is you are already sitting in heavenly places, with access to the greatest Leader of them all. I did not always “feel” like a leader and the path I was on did not look like it would ever lead to one of significance and esteem. The home I grew up in was unstable, the foundation was broken by the loss of my father, and the beams were shattered by the abuse of my stepfathers. If the picture is not already clear, my life was not one that should have naturally led to owning multiple businesses, or leading a global movement. Rather, I was a poor young man looking for purpose and someone to show me the way. But, even in the midst of my mess I look back on the course of my life and I see the hand of God molding and shaping the leader in me.


I don't necessarily endorse all content from this site but it's always good to get different perspectives.

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