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As I have been preparing for
School of the Prophets 2021, I’ve been reminded of the desire to see prophets equipped to lead in wisdom and power that birthed the school over 16 years ago. With this in mind, this past week I sat down with Lindsey Reiman — a powerful, young prophetess with a unique gift to train and equip others in the prophetic and one of our speakers at this year’s School of the Prophets — to discuss keys for walking in the call of a prophet. I hope this conversation brings clarity to the gift of prophecy, helps you steward the call on your life, and discern the prophetic words you have been given. 

In this week’s vlog, you can hear the whole conversation on stewarding and training in the prophetic with Lindsey Reiman.

How did you know you were called to be a prophet?

It truly is a wild story, but in short, one night I was at an outdoor movie in West Hollywood when I bumped into a friend of a friend. She began talking about how she was going on a trip to Thailand next month. I blurted out in response, “We should travel together!” Before I knew it I had been invited on a mission trip — let me tell you I was not a Believer and had no real context for mission trips. Yet, before I knew it I was interviewing for a mission trip and boarding a plane with 12 strangers; 11 of which happened to be graduates of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, the 12th being the Holy Spirit. Fast forward, I returned from a life-changing trip and applied to BSSM. I started BSSM and for the first time, I heard people use the words like prophet and prophecy. 

It was not until my second year of BSSM that I had a “calling encounter.” I did not walk away from this encounter and immediately know I was called to be a prophet, but it was the start of the Lord uncovering to me the call that was on my life. This led to a series of encounters, dreams, and conversations with the Lord that pointed back to my calling. I walked around with the revelation in my heart but did not know what it all really even meant. I knew God had confirmed to me I was called to be a prophet, but I had no idea what and how that would happen — even when people all around me began to acknowledge the call on my life.

(in this week’s video blog Lindsey shares the story in full detail —
click here to watch.)

How did you go from the encounters to the call? 

The encounters with the Lord did not launch me into my calling but began to teach, equip and prepare me. One day I was sitting in
Ben Armstrong’s class in BSSM when he began talking about how there is a biblical model of trees that represent leaders.

I began to realize that all the dreams and encounters I was having were pointing to the book of Daniel. The Lord connected dots and clues (which is still the way he communicates with me) until it became clear to me the call on my life was similar to the call that Daniel had. From my own encounters and journey I had a passion to help equip and activate others in the prophetic — this is what launched me into my calling and when I created the Prophetic Labs.

What are the Prophetic Labs?

The Prophetic Labs are a place where we research and develop what is possible in the prophetic. I was really intrigued by 1 Corinthians 12:9, “We know in part and prophesy in part.” This is what inspired the aspect of teams in the prophetic labs. Practically, what this looks like is multiple people blind prophesying over someone (meaning, they don’t know anything about them except their gender and age). The people on a prophesying “team” are not in the same location, often they are not even in the same state or country. Yet, the most incredible thing we see is that the teams will receive similar words or have similar themes within the words they receive for the person. 

What does it look like to investigate and interpret prophetic words?

In the beginning when I did prophetic “reports” I just wrote out three prophetic words. However, I kept feeling there was more to why the Lord had told me to create reports. One day I was just thinking about what it meant for me to write prophetic reports. I realized that within a prophetic report I was handling information. This is when I felt prompted to search “who does information reports” and the results included the CIA. I realized I was handling heavenly information or in other words spiritual intelligence. In an encounter with God, I realized that He had called me to greater depths with these reports and began to prompt me to research the methodology they use when gathering information for central intelligence reports. This is when I discovered the methodology I use now to investigate and interpret prophetic reports. I want to encourage others to do this with your own prophetic words that you have received. 

  1. Collect: gather all your heaven intelligence
  2. Analyze: pull out the keywords about identity, gift, and skills, place all the foretelling on one page.
  3. Evaluate: judge the information and bring in wise counsel to judge it with you and determine what is for later.
  4. Disseminate: adopt and receive the prophetic words in faith.

One of the most encouraging parts of my life and job is seeing others discover their calling and step into it with boldness and faith. Lindsey Reiman is an incredible example of what it looks like to steward and respond to the office of a prophet and it was an honor to be able to interview her. I hope that this conversation encourages you in your journey and brings greater revelation to the office of a prophet. 

In closing, my prayer for you this week is that the Lord begins to share a greater revelation with you and that you would begin to have Kingdom revelation and that He would increase your spiritual intelligence. 


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