By Kris Vallotton

16 Nov, 2021

Sometimes life feels like we are all playing our own instrument in the ensemble of an orchestra; each one of us have our own tune and tone, but somehow we play to a synchronized beat in connection to the grand Conductor of it all… When suddenly the Lord decides He wants to conduct the trumpets to play a little bit louder or the strings to string a little bit slower. Suddenly a sheet of music that we are all using to play gets tossed to the side as we sit on the edge of our seat waiting for the Conductor to give us our next instruction so we stay on beat. The song that we had practiced, we knew well, and had mastered becomes a whole new melody that begins to unfold into a breathtaking symphony. Have you ever had the Lord ask you to do something that felt impossible? The kind of ask that would seemingly change everything? Maybe it was to sell everything and move to a new city, or give up your current career to go into full-time ministry. These moments can feel like the trumpet just blew way too loud or the strings inappropriately slowed down, but in fact the Lord is in the midst of creating a whole new symphony and it is time to pick up and start playing to the melody. For years I held a dream in my heart to be in ministry but was living the life of a small-town businessman with no end in sight. We had four businesses in three locations and 40 employees that depended on us, and a home we had raised our family in for over 20 years; the task to make a change was not small. But, with a word from the Lord and a confirmation given to Kathy, we began our journey to pastor at Bethel Church in Redding, Ca. It was one of those moments where suddenly the Lord was divinely orchestrating our lives even when we couldn’t see how it would become something that would beautifully unfold. The journey into full-time ministry was not easy, but the preparation in previous seasons prepared us for the process to the “promised” land. In this week’s episode of Cultural Catalysts, Kathy and I conclude the series of retelling the story of where it all began by talking about our journey into full-time ministry.

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