By Kris Vallotton

09 Nov, 2021

I am often asked: “Has the supernatural always been normal in your life?” It has not always been “normal” — I remember the days that the miraculous was unfamiliar, yet so evident in our lives. We did not fully understand it, but we were experiencing it and we didn’t want it to end. When we moved to the small mountain town of Weaverville, California, I was in desperate need of a miracle. For years I had been in an intense emotional and mental battle; struggling to perform daily tasks without a full-blown nervous breakdown. Then one night in the midst of a panic attack I turned on the radio in hopes to distract my mind and I encountered God through a pastor ministering on the radio. He said, “Not all your thoughts are your own; you think you are crazy, but it’s actually a demonic spirit.” I asked God what to do in this moment and He said, “Tell the spirit of fear and insanity to leave you right now.” Instantly a clear mind returned. This was one of the most powerful and transformative moments of my life. About 5 years after this encounter I began sharing my story — I realized how hungry people were to be free from the torment they were under and we always remained hungry to see more of the glory of God in our lives. In these early days of exploration and experiencing the supernatural in our lives, Bill Johnson was our pastor; he was the first person to teach us about the supernatural. I can still remember the first time I heard him tell us about receiving words of knowledge — a concept that once felt rare and revelatory has become normal and natural in our lives. Let me be clear; though these moments are “normal” they still feel incredibly extraordinary. When Heaven touches earth there is something in us that responds to the glory of God. In this week’s episode of Cultural Catalysts, Kathy and I talk about the days when the supernatural became normal in our lives.

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