Colossians 3:

23 Work At Everything You Do With All Your Heart. Work As If You Were Working For The Lord, Not For Human Masters. 24 Work Because You Know That You Will Finally Receive As A Reward What The Lord Wants You To Have. You Are Slaves Of The Lord Christ.



What is it that causes a person to pursue a field of work or study in contrast to those around them? Often the formative years of childhood and young adulthood give us clues as to why someone embarks on a work journey.


If you grew up with a parent in nursing, you might be inclined to consider similar education and work. You have been shaped in part by that parent and the values that they were shaped by.


I grew up with a dad who is a pastor, and although I said it was the last thing in the world that I would want to do, I eventually followed in his path. Sometimes the last thing in the world is actually the best thing although we do not recognize it at the time.


My wife has worked for her entire adult life in the care of others that have developmental challenges, mostly with an organization called Christian Horizons.

 When I consider the dozens of employees of Christian Horizons that I have personally known, I recognize that there is often a merciful heart paired to pragmatic action. While there was an obvious choice to take the job, it was never about the path to accumulating wealth or be positioned for public status. The choice and the sustaining involvement are always about the condition of the heart toward the needs of others.


There’s another influence that supersedes the advice of high school guidance counsellors and the influence of family formative values. Although we don’t always have the defining words, something in our gut tells us that the path we are on opened up to us apart from our strategic planning or choice.


Sometimes, it is God at work to bring us to a life of significant work and relationship. Sometimes God embeds truth in us that requires a decision to step into the unknown, the difficult and the quiet rewards of being in the place of unmet needs.


You may feel that God is not interested in using you, or that somehow your place in life is insignificant. If so, you are in good company with the sort of person God likes to use. If you are working at something, treat it as if God were your employer. Do it for love.



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