Authors and songwriters sometimes experience writer’s block. There are times and seasons when you approach your craft with a desire to say something new, but nothing comes. You stare at the page or play some familiar chords and hope that some inspiration will happen.


When I was younger, songs were the medium that made most sense. Through my adult life that same longing is satisfied when I write sermons and interview people on my podcast. And I still write songs once in a while.


If you’ve never created in this way, there is a longing to tell the truth in an artistic way. Sometimes, we are driven by a desire to clarify, beautify or rectify. I’ve often found that the impulse starts as a particular haunted sense of a message waiting to be uttered. When that sense is not there, I want it to come to me again.


There is an accompanying feeling that tells us that we are incomplete and need to communicate once again. Is there is something else that we need to creatively say?


Writer’s block can also happen in our spiritual formation. We do not know what to pray and struggle to respond in a meaningful way to others.


Is it possible that these periods of inner silence have something to teach us? What do you do with the times when you are unable to express what needs to be said?




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