When you lose your voice, you will find other things to do and other ways to communicate non-verbally. Zechariah was muted, but his heart turned to the promise of a son that would prepare the way for the Messiah. The promise caused him to renew his efforts at lovemaking with Elizabeth. He was unable to tell her why, but she must have noticed a perkiness that may have faded with age. I wonder if his muteness also made him more aware of her communication and how he needed her?



Luke 1:

24 Soon Afterward His Wife, Elizabeth, Became Pregnant And Went Into Seclusion For The Next Five Months. 25 With Joy She Exclaimed, “See How Kind It Is Of God To Gaze Upon Me And Take Away The Disgrace Of My Barrenness!”



God was able to do something that Zechariah could not do for her. Zechariah could love her, but he could not take away her barrenness. Still, God needed her loving husband to be part of this miracle.


When we lose our voice, our ability to work or any other privilege we need to remain faithful to God. We do not know how God will give and take away from us, but we know that some good is always afoot in our losses and limitations.




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