Do you know the meaning of your name? Etymology and Onomastics are two fields of study that explore where names originate and what they mean. With a little online research, I discovered the meaning of my name, Kevin Donald Rogers. Kevin means gentle. Donald means world mighty, and Rogers means renowned spear.


So, I am literally the famous, gentle spear. Maybe that means I might poke you, but I will be gentle.


Anyway, that is fun to discover and who knows if we actually live up to our name or not?


What is certain, is that names are important and always have been.


Naming is one of the great privileges given to Adam in the Garden of Eden, the power to define the world in certain terms, to label reality and determine people’s perceptions of it. To ask what your own name is, is really to ask: ‘Who am I,’ or indeed: ‘Who will I become?’[1]


An essential part of your nature is found in your ability to define, articulate, and describe the world that you are part of. Not only do you participate in the naming of others, such as when you have children, but you yourself are named by others.


We are named so that we can be uniquely identified and remembered as such.


For some, there is a fragmentation and tension between how others have identified you and your sense of incompleteness with their definition. There is a profound unhappiness about how you have been perceived by those that have named you. This is at the heart of identity politics and the desire to be renamed.



Perhaps no-one that has suffered in their core identity will be fully realized until they are fully named by God within an eternal relationship.


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