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It is no secret that much of the early church lived with the belief that Jesus would return soon. And why wouldn’t they? His miraculous ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension was recent in their history and many eyewitnesses to all the events were still alive. Why shouldn’t they interpret what Jesus said about his return and believe that it would be imminent?


There is something unexpected about the ways of God. The long-awaited Messiah of Hebrew history came and was largely unrecognized by the ones he came to first. In fact, he was dismissed and summarily executed by his own nation.


It’s not that God doesn’t speak with clarity about his plans; it’s just that we do not always have the ears to hear accurately.


One of the reasons that we are in a series of messages from Romans chapter 12,13 and 14 is to explore the Scriptures and see if there’s something we’re missing in our understanding of how to live today.


How may the Word of God prick our conscience about the ways of God during these tumultuous times? We can certainly point to many Scriptures that indicate the signs of the Lord’s return and we may or may not be right in saying that he is coming back any second. While we would like to have certainty about that, we may be not hearing the true nature of the Apocalypse.


That word ‘apocalypse’ means to pull back the curtain and unveil what’s in front of us. Israel at the time of Jesus had eyes and ears of expectation for a political, conquering Messiah. They somehow missed the expectation of his suffering, death, and resurrection. The curtains were pulled back, but they weren’t looking in the right direction and missed God’s message.


In our current time of global uncertainty and erosion of trust, it’s easy to see that these are the sort of signs that precede the Lord’s return. The question is are we looking in the right direction and asking the right questions to prepare ourselves for Christ’s return.


Let’s look at our passage today and check for our blind spots.



Romans 13:

11 When you do these things, keep in mind the times we are living in. The hour has already come for you to wake up from your sleep. The full effects of our salvation are closer now than when we first believed in Christ. 12 The dark night of evil is nearly over. The day of Christ’s return is almost here. So let us get rid of the works of darkness that harm us. Let us do the works of light that protect us. 13 Let us act as we should, like people living in the daytime. Have nothing to do with wild parties, and don’t get drunk. Don’t take part in sexual sins or evil conduct. Don’t fight with each other or be jealous of anyone. 14 Instead, put on the Lord Jesus Christ as if he were your clothing. Don’t think about how to satisfy sinful desires.




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