Sometimes temptation comes because you are looking for it and sometimes it shows up unexpectedly and surprises you. If meditation is what you put into your mind and play on repeat, premeditation is the forethought that goes into how you hope to respond if the opportunity arises.


I think most of us have a sinking feeling in our gut when we hear about one more victim in the #metoomovement. Every time someone is pressured into unwelcomed sexual activity, we are saddened, sometimes shocked and sometimes angered.


Though sexual advances from a perpetrator can occur impulsively without thought, there is often a premeditative state of having considered the desired outcome and a naïve disregard for consequence.


Listen to what happened to Joseph.



Genesis 39:

So Potiphar Left Everything He Had In Joseph’s Care; With Joseph In Charge, He Did Not Concern Himself With Anything Except The Food He Ate.

Now Joseph Was Well-Built And Handsome, And After A While His Master’s Wife Took Notice Of Joseph And Said, “Come To Bed With Me!”

But He Refused. “With Me In Charge,” He Told Her, “My Master Does Not Concern Himself With Anything In The House; Everything He Owns He Has Entrusted To My Care. No One Is Greater In This House Than I Am. My Master Has Withheld Nothing From Me Except You, Because You Are His Wife. How Then Could I Do Such A Wicked Thing And Sin Against God?” 10 And Though She Spoke To Joseph Day After Day, He Refused To Go To Bed With Her Or Even Be With Her.


11 One Day He Went Into The House To Attend To His Duties, And None Of The Household Servants Was Inside. 12 She Caught Him By His Cloak And Said, “Come To Bed With Me!” But He Left His Cloak In Her Hand And Ran Out Of The House.

13 When She Saw That He Had Left His Cloak In Her Hand And Had Run Out Of The House, 14 She Called Her Household Servants. “Look,” She Said To Them, “This Hebrew Has Been Brought To Us To Make Sport Of Us! He Came In Here To Sleep With Me, But I Screamed. 15 When He Heard Me Scream For Help, He Left His Cloak Beside Me And Ran Out Of The House.”

16 She Kept His Cloak Beside Her Until His Master Came Home. 17 Then She Told Him This Story: “That Hebrew Slave You Brought Us Came To Me To Make Sport Of Me. 18 But As Soon As I Screamed For Help, He Left His Cloak Beside Me And Ran Out Of The House.”

19 When His Master Heard The Story His Wife Told Him, Saying, “This Is How Your Slave Treated Me,” He Burned With Anger. 20 Joseph’s Master Took Him And Put Him In Prison, The Place Where The King’s Prisoners Were Confined.

But While Joseph Was There In The Prison, 21 The Lord Was With Him; He Showed Him Kindness And Granted Him Favor In The Eyes Of The Prison Warden. 22 So The Warden Put Joseph In Charge Of All Those Held In The Prison, And He Was Made Responsible For All That Was Done There. 23 The Warden Paid No Attention To Anything Under Joseph’s Care, Because The Lord Was With Joseph And Gave Him Success In Whatever He Did.




Joseph was in a reoccurring situation of sexual harassment ending in a false accusation against him. He did the right thing but still had to go to prison because of a woman’s lie.


When placed in a similar situation of entrapment, some might reason that doing the wrong thing would be easier. Someone may know it’s wrong to commit adultery, but secretly indulge in an affair. Their mind may be telling them this shouldn’t happen, but their imagination is saying something else.


What is it about Joseph that gave him laser sharp focus to do the right thing?



1.     Loyalty – He took his responsibilities seriously and had great appreciation for the one he served. Being trusted and appreciated meant the world to Joseph and he would not want to be disloyal.


2.     Confrontation – He confronted the tempter asking her why he would even consider doing something so wicked and sin against God?


3.     A Mind Made Up – He had a daily habit of refusing her advances. He had a sober mind about the cost of failure, and he was not prepared to throw his life away.



The tragic reality is that Joseph’s righteousness only increased her efforts to have him. When she reached the point of recognizing that he would not play her game, she turned on him. She accuses him of the very thing that she was doing to him.


But here’s the thing about having a loyal mind… even when it costs you dearly to do the right thing, God does not forget you. You may have to endure, but your heart can remain in God.  He has a way of creating a pathway of goodness through undeserved consequence.



Joseph’s laser focus on doing right led to him getting privilege in jail and a readiness for how God was going to use him again. If you are in trouble right now, you need to make up your mind to be loyal to God and to confront that which will destroy you. In saying yes to God, Joseph said no to the  temptress.



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