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Early tradition says that John was banished to Patmos by the Roman authorities. This tradition is credible because banishment was a common punishment used during the Imperial period for a number of offenses. Among such offenses were the practices of magic and astrology. Prophecy was viewed by the Romans as belonging to the same category, whether Pagan, Jewish, or Christian. Prophecy with political implications, like that expressed by John in the book of Revelation, would have been perceived as a threat to Roman political power and order


John was a political exile of Rome banished to live on the Island of Patmos. Here he would not be able to roam freely from city to city encouraging the Jesus followers. And yet, from his prison island he would write the vision and message that Jesus would give him.


To the one who has lost privilege, contact and been labelled as a disruptor John teaches us the Jesus Way. The Revelation begins with John being described as ‘In the Spirit on the Lord’s Day’.

Instead of finding someone to complain to about the unfairness of his exile, John maintains his practice of worship on the Lord’s Day. In fellowship with the Holy Spirit, Jesus shows up and fills John with a greater vision and message than he had previously experienced. He would write the words of the Lord and they would be carried to the churches across the water.


It is a good thing for you to learn how to be corrected by Jesus. John learned this and it opened the door for greater understanding and insight into the things of God, previously unseen.


We can learn from our correction and experience a greater revelation of Jesus Christ. What can you expect when God gives you revelation?


1.     God wants to be revealed to us in a greater measure. John knew the Suffering Servant but needed to see the Coming King on a white horse.

2.     Obedience opens our eyes to a better way. God would use John to speak a message of correction to the churches of Asia Minor.

3.     God sometimes gives clarity cloaked in symbolic messaging. You may not know exactly what the Beast with four heads is, but you will know how God is going to be revealed in his people.

4.     Revelation points to God’s presence in our midst.

5.     Revelation points us to eternal life.



Proverbs 3:

11 My Son, Do Not Hate The Lord’s Training.
    Do Not Object When He Corrects You.
12 The Lord Trains Those He Loves.
    He Is Like A Father Who Trains The Son He Is Pleased With.



God loves you and wants to teach you how to live like a son, not a slave.


God wants to love you like a daughter, not a servant.


When you know you are loved, you can open your heart to learn.


What has God been teaching you through trials and difficulty? It is all part of the training.



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